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Wal-Mart Is Big Brother
Sticking It To the Poobahs
News Hot Enough To Fry Eggs
By Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

Realists assert that George Orwell invented Wal-Mart. Savvy investigators, on the other hand, contend the Rockefeller oil interests invented both Sam Walton-WAL-MART and Orwell, an interesting observation.
Sprung up in Arkansas, in no man's land, and now strangely spread out across the world (Rockefeller pushed them), Wal-Mart has taken over the tracking of most everyone, all on behalf of the FBI and the Red Chinese Secret Police(who supervise the production of cheap price slave-labor products for W-M).
At or near their headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas/Clinton/Bushie Land, BIG BROTHER MART has a super-secret facility, tied to every store, by satellites and other means.
So you come up to the cash register and pay cash for your purchases. You have NOT shown any credit card, debit card, office/factory i.d., driver's llicense, or any such. Big Brother/Big Sister starts remotely reading you through devices concealed in or near the cash register. The store managers, assistant managers, cashiers, and their clerks called associates, uniformly deny knowing about any of this and/or how it works.
First off, the strip in your paper money is read, to determine if the currency is real. [Are Federal Reserve notes, issued by a conspiratorial PRIVATE central bank, and masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar", REAL?]
Secondly, the device reads any magnetic or other similar strip on your person, including the RFID chip concealed in some clothing or other item you have previously bought in the store and have on your person. Your supposed turned "off" cell phone in your pocket is likewise identifying you through a built-in strip.
Furthermore, the moment you entered the store, face recognition equipment already scanned you and compared your face to a monstrous database.
Jointly with their pals/business partners, the Red Chinese Secret Police, Big Brother Mart has made a deal with FBI. Big Brother Mart will supply data on persons to the FBI, which agrees to use these worldwide stores. The deal is paid for by the U.S. taxpayers since Big Brother Mart bills the FBI for services rendered. And while they are at it, Big Brother Mart has secretly penetrated the FBI and supplies FBI secrets to the Red Chinese Secret Police who also are allowed, permitted, and condoned to operate on U.S. soil with impunity.
So, Big Brother Mart is absolutely immune from FBI/DEA investigations for reportedly handling Southwest China dope, called "China White", for example, concealed in hollow parts in imported bicycles and other items.
Sooner or later, any software/computer can be hacked into. Super types with the American CIA, have gotten into Big Brother Mart's computers, through a "trap door" installed by the maker. To harass FBI/ Big Brother Mart, the CIA planted a bug that causes an intentional occasional glitch. Across the U.S., for example, some wide-awake folks are shocked by noticing their name printed on the sales slip. How did THAT get there? They had given no credit card or such. Retired CIA "spooks" are laughing at spooking Wal-Mart.
So while they are crushing local smaller store owners, Big Brother Mart is keeping watch, making a list on everyone. Through chips, some costing less than four cents a piece, concealed in Wal-Mart goods, such as clothing and many other items, they are broadcasting subliminal advertising messages right into your subconscious. Certainly beats junk mail, junk internet, and ignored radio/tv/print ads.
So, you thought the movie "Enemy of the State" was fiction. Ha! Ha! Fooled you.
Smart guys/gals enter Wal-Mart wearing a mask, with all their pocket/purse belongings wrapped in aluminum foil or the foil from potato chip bags. Cynics go one step further. They remove from their holiday closet their aluminum halloween costume. Hey, watch out! The store manager may signal the police, thinking you are coming to do a stick-up.
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From jdamm
"Through chips, some costing less than four cents a piece, concealed in Wal-Mart goods, such as clothing and many other items, they are broadcasting subliminal advertising messages right into your subconscious."
This latter statement is a seriously flawed concept. In my world, it won't even hold up as urban legend. I have been a chip designer for 20 years. I have been immersed in radio communications for nearly 40 years. I am one of the reasons that cell phones and pagers are so tiny. I design the radio chips that go in to them. First off, for a chip to "broadcast", it needs a power source. Yes, they can be as cheap as 4 cents. The battery necessary for broadcasting any signal would need to be large, like AAA or larger, or would it not last but seconds or a few minutes if it was, oh, say, the size of a hearing aid battery. Not something so easy to conceal. And RFID does not really qualify as "broadcasting", since RFID uses a rather strong microwave signal to activate a normally passive circuit (a chip) and provide just enough energy to allow the chip to use that energy to turn itself on and send out a rather weak response signal, typically a short data stream burst of "bits" to identify itself, i.e. a unique serial number. So the notion of a chip in clothing broadcasting any kind of signal is preposterous. It all goes back to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. If the chips could do as Sherman reports, tons of other geeks would be converting them to power sources for everything imaginable. Think of it as a piece of print media be "too loud". A goofy statement. Now a ghetto blaster, that is another animal entirely. The blaster could be quite loud, yet it is not something one can microfiche down to a small size and conceal. And none of this explanation deals with the amount of memory necessary on chip to provide the information for "broadcasting subliminal advertising messages".
I do understand that you are posting Sherman's story simply as news. Yet it does have a serious enough flaw that you really ought to negotiate with him to "fix it". The rest of the story simply vindicates my present observations of the world around me. Many years ago one of my colleagues had a bumper sticker on his filing cabinet that read: "I know I am paranoid. The question is, am I paranoid enough?" Unless of course someone has implemented some secret technology in plain sight and the rest of us are in the dark lugging around cell phones 100 times the size and weight that could be happening with the "magic technology".
Hope this made sense. jd




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