Man Gets 3 Years For Barroom
Remark About Bush

(St. Louis-AP) -- A federal appeals court has upheld the sentence for a man who had suggested that President Bush might be set ablaze.
Richard Humphreys appealed his three-year sentence, saying his comment was protected by free speech rights. He was convicted in 2002 of threatening to kill or harm the president.
The court found Humphreys suffers from bipolar disorder, and should serve his confinement in a federal medical center.
Humphreys says he got into a barroom discussion with a truck driver a day before Bush's March 2001 visit to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
A bartender who overheard the conversation told police that Humphreys talked about a "burning Bush" and the possibility of someone setting Bush on fire.
Alton Raines
It would be one thing to take this man aside, question him, even keep him locked down while the President was in town -- all would be reasonable precautions to protect the President "just in case" the guy might be someone who decided to do the honors of the molatov cocktail. But 3 years in prison?? For mere words??? Whenever someone pooh-pooh's your objections to the Patriot Act or the encroaching gov't police state, the case of Richard Humphreys is a perfect example to put in their face. Or the case of Sherman Austin, sentenced for one year for simply linking to a site which happened to have information on bomb making (Sherman Austin -Jailed For Net Link). These are just the initial symptoms of the fascist disease which will spread like a cancer in the years to come, destroying personal liberties and freedoms. Count the days, folks. It's just going to get worse. Oh, and for the fools who think getting a democrat in office to replace Bush will resolve the problem, you're hopelessly deluded.



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