Who Benefits?
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From Hazel

One by one, the world's terror attacks bear more of the hallmarks of US Intelligence, 'Black Ops,' than of Islamic terrorism. The signs are unmistakable, the CIA backed industrio-religious crusaders are staging terror campaigns throughout the world - absolutely - positively.
The despicable US media giants were silent when undisputed proof surfaced that the CIA, NSA, British Intelligence, the US Secret Service and the FBI were all involved in the May 16th 2002 blast in a Philippine hotel room when their agent, Michael Meiring accidently blew his own legs off while constructing a bomb which was intended, if ignited as planned, to be a staged 'Al Queda' terror attack, justifying a tightened US- Philippine military alliance.
Meiring who operated under the cover of being a treasure hunter was in fact a CIA operative under the direct protection of the White House (As evidenced by his swift NSA/FBI medivac to San Diego after blowing his own legs off). The US spook spent 10 years on assignment associating with Islamic groups, Abu Sayef, MNLF, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and other Philippine based Islamic groups, supplying them with US counterfeit notes (Courtesy of US intelligence) and bomb making materials so that they may create terrorist mayhem within the Philippines, giving the US a pretext to move in and,'help,' just like in Indonesia - just like nearly everywhere else these Mafia-like thugs can plant their terror and, ãprotection,ä racket.
Meiring called his front company, Paruosia International Trading Incorporated Paruosia, in Christian fundamentalist lingo, means 'Second coming of Christ.' - These intelligence asset/crusader types can't resist revealing clues to their delusions of righteous grandeur.
What was the coverage from the CIA controlled propaganda machines, CNN, Fox and the rest regarding this explosive story of a CIA agent caught planting a terrorist bomb? - Zippo. Not a single mention of Meiring - Nothing.
Thanks to the CIA's complete infiltration of the US major media and the collusion of media editors and journalists in this crusade and thanks to the cowardly and obedient journalists who are supposed to write about the real nature of this crusade, and thanks and to a population who's minds have been so fabulously obliterated by years of programming by the mind slum that is television, the crusaders have had a free ride. After all these years infiltrating and or buying the media they have created their own consent machine, giving themselves a perpetual green light - like there's no one left to stop them...
...or so they think.
One by one, you will see staged 'Islamic Terrorist,' attacks throughout South East Asia. Up next Thailand. Since it would be patently ridiculous to claim that there are viable Islamic terrorist groups in Thailand the CIA/CNN lie being released into the LieScape is that Al Queda terrorists are using Thailand as a 'Safe Haven.'
And, of course, Indonesia and the Philippines will continue to receive the heaviest brunt of these crusaders' attacks
The crusaders know that their window of opportunity is closing fast - awareness is building throughout the world that it is in fact the dark hand of this group of US covert operators who is actually behind most every single terror attack in the world - so the Bushes know that they must terrorize now before the world's populations rise up, destroy their own complicit lying governments and take up arms against US interests around the world. But since the Bush filth and his type lack the skills to formulate a complete and total plan for global conquest, the extent of their current plan is to create as much terror and destabilization as they can and only afterwards, somehow hope to reap benifit and profit from all the apocalyptic confusion they create.
What these war criminals and war profiteers in Washington don't know is that global conquest is more complicated than Brzezinski's books outline. These retards read Brzezinski's books, get all fuelled up on viagra (their only connection to virility) and harbour serious delusions that they are god's crusaders. Another thing that Bush and his cabal of war profiteers and war criminals don't know is that they will be brought to justice for their September 11th attacks on the American people.
But for now, their organs of lies and disinformation, CNN, Fox and the rest of the lying monopoly media are busy churning out the preparatory lies necessary to precondition the US population so that when these US crusaders ignite their bombs, the lie that it was Al Queda that did it will already be inscribed in our heads.
But CIA/CNN simply cannot churn out enough convincing lies fast enough to reverse the wave of hatred both within the United States and throughout the world of these New World Order crusaders fronted by the most despised man on earth, George W. Bush. And so the crusaders are counting on the panic and mayhem generated by these CIA terror strikes to give themselves more time to formulate a plan - to figure out what to do next to cash in on their terror attacks.
After the totally unreported Philippines hotel bomb screw-up, the crusaders struck again in the Bali Nightclub blast.. Voxnyc was the only news service on the planet with the courage, independence and skills to identify that this bombing was yet another terror strike courtesy of US based crusaders - not Al Qaida. We mounted a massive notification campaign and sent out nearly 200,000 emails to every academic institution, politician, newspaper editor and journalist in Indonesia clarifying just exactly what really happened. And the result was a phenomenal success. Within days of our massive notification campaign, public opinion polls throughout Indonesia revealed that most Indonesians believed that the Bali blast was in fact perpetrated by the CIA and not Al Qaida.
And if there is any doubt that this little independent news service was singlehandedly responsible for exposing the truth about the Bali blast, just ask any major newspaper editor or politician in Indonesia if they remember the voxnyc article - they do. It was the only beacon of truth coming out of the west about that incident. The only flicker of light, amongst the swarming sea of lies perpetrated by the CIA based US media and their moles amongst the Indonesian media and political spectrum.
So, from now on, our focus of reporting the terror after it has occurred will shift to focusing on reporting the terror BEFORE IT HAPPENS. This shift towards 'Preemptive reporting' is absolutely critical if we are to stop these crusaders' terror attacks.
George Bush willingly fronts for the most evil force to ever hold the human species in its grip. He and the invisible murderous hand which lurks in his shadow represent the very face of evil and simply must be stopped at all costs.
The big question is, will the crusaders have enough money to infiltrate or pay off enough local Asian politicians and media owners in order to keep the truth from their own populations like they have been so fantastically successful at doing here in the United States. Will the massive CIA based media monoply which has been so successful at destroying the minds of nearly 80% of all Americans be able to reach into the minds of the Asians and destroy theirs too? Because unless the infiltration and payoffs are complete, and the destruction of the mind is total, the fact is, people who are getting attacked are going to want answers. And without infiltration, payoffs or mind wasting, there is no other way to keep the real information about who is behind the attacks, from the victims. My guess is that the pan Asian infiltration and payoff channels are not complete - so those who seek the truth still have a window of opportunity to warn the peoples of South East Asia that the US Crusaders are racing towards them with a blood thirst not seen since the Third Reich.
The message to those in the State Department, military, intelligence organizations and in the many religious and industrial think tanks and organizations who are certainly behind these attacks must be clear - We intend to warn the populations of the earth in advance of your attacks. We intend to launch preemptive news campaigns to diffuse each and every one of your attempts at striking terror in the hearts of these peaceful people. Your efforts will fail because the people of these nations will be informed PRIOR to your attacks that you are going to be the ones behind these attacks. We know that this is for sure your modus operandi and we will assure you that your plans will not succeed.
The oil crusaders' plan is to create pan global terror and through that terror somehow use the US military threat as their trump card to go in and 'help.' That's it. That is all they are capable of planning. The rest is improvisation. Their hopes at best is to figure out a way to profit from that turmoil. But because they are such colossal f**k-ups and literally f**k up EVERY SINGLE PLAN THEY HAVE EVER CONCOCTED, this one will surely fail as well - killing many thousands of innocent people in the process and causing decades of anti American sentiment throughout the world.
So, we must warn the countries of Southeast Asia that the crusaders are racing to take their crusade of terror and plunder to their peaceful nations.
The analysis of the memes originating from CNN, the Council of Foreign Relations and the other think tanks of death lead to only one conclusion - That the crusaders, emboldened by the apparent lack of any feasible resistance to their terror campaigns, plan to spread their crusade to the entire planet.
It is critical at this moment in history that some alternative news services shift to a preemptive mode. It's not hard to do, the actions of the crusaders are completely predictable. Preemption is vital to assuring the safety of the people of the world and the continuance of life on this planet. If one wishes to see a clear blueprint for the New World Order's plan for global conquest one only has to turn to CNN. For CNN is the organ whereby the crusaders transmit their necessary preparatory conditioning memes so that a sheep-like populous will be ready to march, lock step, like obedient worker ants and foot soldiers for these dying industrialist geezers, eager and ready to kill millions to keep their grip on power and further their eugenicist agenda.
Get off your knees before it's too late.




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