The Court Of Public Opinion
By Barry Chamish

Being the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination, the media was filled with revelations about the conspiracy behind the murder. But none was so impressive as the History Channel which broadcast a 12 hour marathon of new revelations. Lest anyone claim that the Kennedy assassination remains unsolved, the Discovery Channel did a superb job of presenting the solutions all the way to naming the hitman who murdered the President.
New witnesses finally speaking out included Lyndon Johnson's lawyer and his mistress, who provided eye-witness testimony that LBJ played a central role in the murder, and Lee Oswald's mistress, Judith Baker, who exposed his life just before the assassination. Oswald was a gofer for a biological warfare project aimed at murdering Castro through cancer and Ms. Baker was a scientist concocting the deadly compounds.
Impressive also was the research of Steve Rovel, who tracked down the three Corsican hitmen hired by the American mafia to do the shooting. The explosive bullet which felled Kennedy came from the rifle of a hired gun named Lucien Sarti.
The parallels to the Rabin assassination were well beyond coincidental. A simple equation sums them up: LBJ = Shimon Peres.
Kennedy intended to put an end to American involvement in Viet Nam. Rabin intended to put an end to Israeli involvement in the Oslo war process. Johnson and Peres turned to the pro-war factions to pave their roads to the top.
Amir went to the Soviet Union for five months on behalf of the Israeli secret services, the Shabak, while Oswald sojourned in the Soviet Union for the CIA. Both returned and became agents provocateur, pretending to be the opposite of what they were doing. Oswald was in the middle of a plot to murder Castro, while his public persona was that of the pro-Castro sole leader of the Fair Play For Cuba Committee, a CIA front. Amir pretended to be the social organizer of the right wing Eyal organization, a Shabak front, while he was actually working to wreck the nationalist Right from within.
And it only took forty years for the inside eye-witnesses to the Kennedy assassination to speak out. Four decades ago, the majority of Americans referred to the brave researchers as "conspiracy nuts" and the like and now we know they were right; right from the beginning.
By my estimations, the truth of the Rabin murder will be out by the tenth anniversary of the assassination in two years. However, it may well take forty years before the Jews finally absorb and accept the grand, shall we call it illuminatti, plan against Israel and the Jewish people. But it will have to come out because, as one of the Kennedy researchers observed, if you build a nation on a false foundation, just like a building constructed the same way, it will crumble.
The reaction to my previous missive was quite international. I quoted a letter from a grandmaster of American freemasonry, Albert Pike, written in 1871, outlining a plan for three world wars to be fought in the twentieth century. Numerous people wrote asking how, in 1871, Pike could have used terms like Zionism, Nazism and Fascism when they didn't exist then. The only answer is
that there was a master plan aimed ultimately at the destruction of the Jews. Some readers agreed that such a master plan exists:
From a reader in Canada:
Did you know that the bones of Albert Pike are mortared into the back wall of the House of the Temple (Scottish Rite HQ in Washington just north of the White House)?
This was confirmed for me by the archivist there. Pike was also the financial officer for the KKK in Arkansas and would regularly preside at orgies in the woods around Little Rock seated nude on a throne in the shape of a giant phallus and surrounded by a gang of prostitutes where he'd hold court, often falling into a drunken stupor after days of debauch.
From Australia:
When Pike speaks of the destruction of Zionism and Islam, this doesn't
necessarily refer to the destruction of Israel per se or Judaisim. Rather,
of the ideology of "Zionism" which first established modern day Israel.
It is this ideology which brought birth to the concept of living in Israel
and casting off the yoke of Judaism which will be destroyed. It is the left
wing mentality of living in Israel yet being like the other nations, an "Am
Hofshi" (free of the mitzvot) that will be destroyed, this is the true old
school of Zionism. Likewise Islam which all can see as an evil, blood-
thirsty, world domineering, oppressive religion which will be destroyed.
Pike never said Israel and Islam, or Judaisim and Islam, rather he said
Zionism and Islam will be annihilated.
Now the skeptics. Their objection is that the sole source for the Pike letter is Canadian army colonel Robert Guy Carr. In the late '40s, Commander Carr wrote two books exposing the New World Order plot, Red Flags Over America, and Pawns In The Game. Someone somewhere decided the material was too explosive to be read by the public, so the Canadian government confiscated every copy it could gets its hands on. That is rather drastic treatment for wrongheaded thinking. Say Carr forged the letter, that would explain away the predictions of the first two world wars, but in 1949 even Carr would have had trouble imagining a third war resulting in the mutual annihilation of Israel and Islam.
One Jerusalem correspondent felt the issue was important enough to phone me with information. Carr was not the sole source of the Pike letter:
Concerning the letter of Albert Pike-I read about it only from one book without mention of Carr. Its name is "Final Warning. A History of The New World Order"-by David Allen Rivera. It was published in 1994 by "Rivera Enterprises, David Allen Rivera, P.O.Box 10524, Harrisburg, Pa. 17105-0524, USA.
But the Tel Aviv-based editor of tracked down some commentary that
puts the authenticity of the Pike letter at great risk:
"Another part of this letter was discovered in 1949, which graphically outlined plans for three world wars and at least two revolutions.... For a short time, this letter, had been on display in the British Museum Library in London. Some researchers believe the second letter to be fraudulent, and had been written much later than the first part, since the word "Fascism" was not used until 1921, and the Arab/Jewish problem did not exist until after the 1917 Balfour Declaration.
I have no idea why this issue was worth still another call, but longtime friend and reader Stephen Spencer phoned from New York to inform me that he is leaning towards the forgery camp. He tracked down a long list of commentaries that outline the debate well. He stressed that the debunkers are mostly masons themselves but he does see validity in their claims. Scroll down for the full scope of the argument:
John Quincy Adams wrote three letters to Colonel William L. Stone giving details of the charges. The information contained in these letters is credited with winning John Adams (his father) the presidency. The existence of these letters was first brought to the public's attention by Commander William Guy Carr in his book, Pawns In The Game. Until recently they were in the Rittenburg Square Library in Philadelphia. They have now mysteriously vanished.
Like the 3 World Wars, this is all over the Web..
So far, I have not found a Rittenburg Square Library in Philiadelphia, or even a Rittenburg Square..
There could be some sort of name change, but this is very curious.
(btw, Cathy Burns may be a good person to check)
William Guy Carr repeats the Lies
"Carr purports to quote Pike's August 15, 1871 alleged correspondence in the British Museum Library but neglects to provide citation. [p. xvi]
(for some reason this debunking site fast-forwards to Des Griffin, skipping Carr)
Pike wrote another letter to Mazzini in August of 1871 in which he said that three world wars would prepare the world for the New World Order:
In the third world war we shall unleash the Nihilist and atheists, and shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and the most bloody turmoil. <snip> Des Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich 71-72 (1989)
3. This story came from a book "La Femme et l'enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle" which was associated with Lady Queenborough. This is the very same book that promoted the Leo Taxil Hoax.
Pawns in the Game - Chapter 16
(This information is taken from a book from a former Luciferian Illuminist, Doc Marquis. His book is "Secrets of the Illuminati" and reveals much formerly hidden detail known only to Illuminists).
The secret Pike plan to control the world foresaw the need for three world wars.]
This is 1994 .. Don Marquis was
Here is anti-Marquis by a witch group
Some discussion and links on an email thread -- note the Mazzini links
including Mazzini and the Secret Societes- The Making of a Myth (translated from Italian)
This masonic action plan revealed word for word the manner of acting in order to impose a universal dictatorship under cover of "world government." This letter, exchanged between two freemasons Lucifériens, Albert Pike and G Mazzini, is drawn from the work whose cover is located in the margin: The hidden face of the modern History - Jean Lombard pages 553 - 554, who quotes an English historian, William Guy Carr and his book entitled "Pawns in the game", 1967. To read the page of the book of Jean Lombard, click on = >
So let us enter the fray with other relevant issues. I will not swear by the authenticity of the Pike letter but insist there is more than enough evidence of evil outsiders belonging to rotten secret societies who infiltrated early Zionism helping to create a state in their image, which they are now in the process of destroying. Let us begin with an article that appeared last week on the front page of the Jerusalem Post:
GENEVA pact gives PA access to German Colony
Residents of Jerusalem's German Colony who received copies of the Geneva Initiative in their mailboxes on Sunday were surprised to learm that the plan would give Palestinians access to their own backyards.
In its section on Jerusalem, the plan says that in return for Jews being given access to the Mount Of Olives, the Palestinians will be given access to the Templar Cemetery on Emek Refaim Street.
The Templars were members of a Christian sect who were expelled from the Lutheran Church in 1858. They established a colony in Jerusalem in 1873. During World War II, many of the Templars joined the Nazi Party. The British repatriated some of them to Germany and deported the rest to Australia,
Templars founder Christoff Hoffmann is buried in the cemetery along with Templar families who regarded Jerusalem as their home for more than half a century.
When the clause on the cemetery was raised in a forum on the Geneva Initiative, initiators of the plan would not explain why the cemetery was selected for Palestinian access. Israeli and Palestinian signatories of the deal have had a difficult time explaining it when asked about it for the past week.
Here is a hint of who was really behind Yossi Beilin's funding; Knights Templar allied with the PLO, doing what they can to keep Jews from controlling the graveyard where their leader is buried.
What do we know about the Templars? A reader from Canada pitched in with a partial answer:
The Assassins, as well as a society called The Order of Lady of Sion appeared at the same time around 1090 AD. Out of The Order of Lady of Sion came Notre Dame de Sion and five out of nine of the founders of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR came from this order. The Templars and Assassins had interlocking affairs and philosophies. They also had ongoing fights as well as commercial dealings. The Templars pronounced vows to poverty and in the meantime amassed great fortunes for the church (really themselves), and were responsible for financing the Crusades and other bloody religious wars. They were also some of the first to set up banks in Jerusalem. These were Temple Banks which occasionally were raided for their gold. This forced the Templars to develop branch banking, or, putting your money in several places so it doesn't all get taken at once. This is where the idea of a central bank and it's local branches comes from, which became the model for banking in Europe and America. The Knights Tem plar became more popular when they were exposed in the fourteenth century and banished by the king. Jacques de Moley was burned at the stake for being a homosexual and a heretic. A portion of the Templar's wealth was seized by the king and handed over to their sister society, called the Knights Hospitalers, who were a branch of the Templars responsible for medical facilities in the kingdom. There is evidence to suggest that the Templars may have carried themselves on as the Rosicrucians for the next couple of centuries. This really doesn't matter too much, though, because all of these orders or secret societies are offshoots of other ones. They are all Masonic in nature because of the nature of the information which they possess.
Where so the leaders of the Templars, Nazis and Masons gather for fun, which in their view means spreading planetary misery? Why at the meetings of the Bilderberg Group, founded in 1954 by the Nazi Prince of Holland, Bernard.
And guess who has owned the Jerusalem Post for over a decade, Conrad Black of the Bilderbergers. That ended last week when the board of thew Hollinger Corporation threw Black out for massive embezzlement. Still, if you wonder why the Jerusalem Post offers such superficial reporting, consider its past master:
Swapping school tie for tin hats
Luckily, Lord Black later found the brotherhood that he missed at school among the shadowy world of the Bilderberg group, the cabal of powerful global influentials so beloved of conspiracy theorists. "Not having very satisfactory recollections of schooldays, nor being a very enthusiastic or observant university alumnus, Bilderberg has been the closest I have known to that sort of camaraderie," he said in his 1993 autobiography, A Life in Progress.
We conclude with le piece de resistence. For the past eight or nine years, I have known the Supreme Court Of Israel headquarters in Jerusalem was built as a celebration of freemasonry. The first person I know who did extensive research on the subject was Hanan Naimanson.
Last week, Jerry Golden released his own research on the building and he did an excellent job. Hoewever when I wrote to congratulate him, I informed him I was also aware of the facts through Naimonson's research. He phoned me in a huff believing I had implied that he took Naimonson's work. That thought never crossed my mind, not even for a second. In fact, my feelings were clear: Well Done Jerry Golden.
Deeply impressed with Jerry's effort, I tested it on a few of my Jewish correspondents to gauge their reactions before I released it to my whole list. One haredi reader was insulted that I sent him messianic Christian material, while another replied asking, "Why is it the Christians do the important research and not us?"
To which I have no easy answers. Jewish and agnostic readers, view the next site while filtering its ideology out. Christian readers, it's in your language. But everyone who cares about Israel's survival, read it in your own way. This is proof that Carr was right, whether the Pike letter is authentic or not.
This the commercial part. Delete from here if you don't want it as part of the article. Just know, if I don't add it, I can't afford to keep on writing these articles.
For those wonderful people who sent me $20 a book to distribute them free to influential Israelis, last week's recipients include Rabbi Herbst of Har Nof, Rabin's aide for 14 years, now a real estate agent in Modiin and a group of Petch Tikve film students. They now are producing a film about the Rabin murder to be presented at several student film festivals this Hannuka. Watch how your contributions spread the truth throughout the land in the upcoming holiday.
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