Underground Saucer Base
Outside Andrews AFB?

By Fred Lawson Gunn

In 1972 I had three close encounters with a flying saucer, with multiple witnesses including family members. The first sighting was only a few miles from Andrews Air Force Base in Camp Springs, Maryland, right in front of our house. At first I was totally convinced that these craft were not manmade. But over the years I have since uncovered evidence that they could very well have been manmade. Publicly acknowledged technology is usually at least 40 years behind reality, as we all know. I made detailed notes of our sightings, and what follows is an excerpt from the first one:
"At about 500 yards away, when the object tilted towards us and we could see the small red light on top, it was then clear to me that it was a round flattened (8-10 feet thick) disk shaped object and the small red light was directly in the center of the top. When it tilted away from us, the same was obvious and there was a small green light in the center of the bottom. The object was about 40-50 feet in diameter...The whole time it never made a sound, never emitted any type of exhaust and moved effortlessly through the sky."
My research into the aerial dynamics of the saucer led me to physicist Bob Lazar (of S4 Papoose Lake fame). Both Lazar and Paul R. Hill, the former NASA scientist, have described saucer dynamics for take off and landing in a similar fashion. Lazar speaks of three gravity amplifiers in the crafts he observed and worked on. One amplifier would be used to lift the craft off the ground, then the other two gravity generators are swung up in front of the craft creating a distortion. Essentially a downhill. And the craft "rolls" downhill for infinity. It's always chasing a little distortion. As Lazar puts it, "That's why they look goofy when they fly around at low speeds." The saucers he witnessed would tilt "forwards and backwards". One of Hill's suggested methods of saucer propulsion is a plasma field in the shape of a cone directly below the saucer. The craft would tilt "forward" to start and "backward" to stop. But then neither of these descriptions could explain in my mind the apparent flight characteristics of the saucer in my initial close encounter. If you will read the above excerpt again, you will see that as the craft came within a few hundred feet from the ground, it did not tilt "forward nor backward" as described by Lazar and Hill. Instead it tilted towards us and then away from us all the while continuing to descend. Here is another excerpt from my notes:
"The closest approach this object made was about 200 yards away. Close enough to see details...including the color which was dark metallic gray. At this distance it had stopped descending and hovered just above the tree line over a clearing in which my friends and I like to camp back there in the forest. It continued the same rotation however. It hovered for about 1 minute, permanently inscribing these details on my conscious memory. Then it descended into the clearing and I assume it landed. After I went inside the house I continued to watch out my 2nd floor window to see if it ever took off, but it never showed itself again. Not that night at least."
In further research I came across some relevant information related to saucer dynamics and my sightings. This is from John Lear, a one-time pilot for the CIA. In one speech to a Dallas UFO meeting in 1988, he made the following statement with regards to how UFOs enter and leave their bases on Earth:
"They enter and exit their underground bases through interdimensional transference, a hyperspace maneuver which accounts for the apparently nonsensical stories of UFO witnesses who report having seen UFOs going in or out of mountains."
Lear's claims may be disinformation, but the themes cross-check with an enormous number of other reports. I got to thinking that there just may be an underground base in the immediate area where I had the initial sighting and that the interdimensional "doorway" could very well have been right under where the craft was hovering, in the woods right in front of our own home! And then something just clicked for me. I recalled something else Bob Lazar said about the unusual movements of these saucer craft. He stated that "...the gravity field around the Earth is not completely constant and stable. Depending on the minerals and the density of the Earth underneath the craft, the gravity will vary somewhat and you will get odd movements of the craft." That was it! An underground base would in essence be a hollow chamber just below the "entrance way" and the craft we observed may have been compensating for the unstable gravity field with its own gravity field amplifiers. Maybe it was an unlocking mechanism. (There's no way to really know until I get to test fly one of these babies.)
Then I started putting more pieces of the puzzle together. In another sighting in that same year, a few weeks after the initial sighting, my friend and I both witnessed the same saucer (or its clone) hovering over the same trees in front of my house and then descend into the same clearing in the woods again. This time it was in the daytime and we were in front of my friend's house which was three miles northwest of my house. Another excerpt from my notes:
" We both ran towards my house, cutting through yards, jumping over fences, and when we reached the edge of the forest we lost sight of the object as it descended into the clearing. We continued running through the forest until we came to the clearing I mentioned earlier. There was nothing. No object, no beings, no indents in the soil, no footprints, nothing. We wandered around for a while and finally gave up the chase and went home to change our clothes."
Twice I had seen a saucer hover over and then descend into the same clearing in the woods, with multiple witnesses. And twice, we never saw the object ascend. It just disappeared. Of course it may have been utilizing cloaking technology, but then the clearing is only about 100 feet in circumference. We walked all over the clearing and didn't "bump" into any invisible objects. It could very well have gone underground.
When my wife and I moved to Virginia in 1996, we paid a visit to the old neighborhood in Camp Springs and I stood in the same spot in my neighbor's yard and pointed in the direction of the first close encounter. After getting my bearings, we walked straight into the woods to look for the clearing where I believed the saucer may have "landed". The clearing was still there and we walked around the area, mostly for my own nostalgic purposes. But then we both got the feeling that someone was watching us. We would keep turning around thinking someone was there, and even thought we saw some figures in our peripheral vision hiding behind some trees nearby but would never reappear. There was a very eerie feeling that I at first thought was merely the suggestion of what had happened that night so many years ago. But we both felt it and didn't feel like sticking around. We left the area and went back to the car.
I am fairly convinced that these craft we witnessed used interdimensional transference which simply means changing frequency upwards into the 4th or 5th dimension so that the saucers can traverse the earth and rock and re-materialize in our 3rd dimension in an underground base right under our home where we lived for 10 years. Right outside our Nation's Capital! It's highly unlikely that our Government doesn't know about this base, and therefore the saucers could very well be manmade.
As a matter of fact, the first saucer didn't even try to hide or cloak itself. It descended quite slowly and we observed it from about at altitude of 5,000 feet down to just over the trees which were about 40 feet high. No planes were scrambled from Andrews on that night to investigate nor during the daytime sighting. How could our radar system have missed it? There were no stealth-like designs and should have given a strong return. Another excerpt:
"There were about 7-8 stars close together in a straight row and then I noticed they were slowly descending, together, connected somehow. I forgot my conversation with my friend and continued watching these "stars". They continued descending and getting closer to us. One "star" would disappear from the front and one "star" would appear from behind as they descended, giving the impression (to me) that this was an object with some type of illumination on the outer edge and that it was turning.
This object continued to descend, at about a 40 degree angle from west to east, slowly and at a steady rate (never speeding up or slowing down), until it was about a half mile away over the forest that started just behind the houses across the street. At this point the "stars" were obviously some sort of lights about 4-5 feet around, each, and part of a singular object of about 40-50 feet around. As the object rotated, a blank space could be seen between two of the lights with a slight outline of what I took to be a door, but it could have been anything, and a small green light in the center or the 'door'."
"At its closest approach it was about 200 yards away and stopped over the tree line and just hovered while still rotating at the same speed throughout the sighting. It made no sideways motion as a helicopter sometimes does while hovering. It just effortlessly hovered. The whole time it never made a sound, never emitted any type of exhaust and moved effortlessly through the sky. After about 1 minute of hovering (over a clearing that I was familiar with in the forest) it descended below the tree line and I guess, landed. I only assume that since it was lost to view."
The failure to scramble jets or helicopters to investigate this intrusion into the immediate airspace surrounding a nuclear Air Force base, which is also the base where the President takes off and lands in Air Force One, hints at prior knowledge of these craft by the military.
Supplemental Information
While pondering the flight characteristics of the saucers my friends and I witnessed, I have recently come across information that may help to confirm my suspicions that there is (or was) an underground base for these saucers right outside of Andrews Air Force Base.
Many of the underground bases are adjacent to large underground cavities, many of which are known by both the public and the military forces. All large underground cavities affect the gravitational field strength in that area, and they all can be located through an examination of a Gravity Field Anomaly map obtained through the U.S. Geological Survey. The average field strength is about -100 to -150. The field strength over these large cavities seems to vary from -250 to -400. Relate these areas to the area of our saucer sighting in front of our house, and Voila!
Once I have the maps in hand, I'll send you an update.
Fred Gunn
San Diego




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