Attempts To Smear
As 'Anti-Semitic' Continue


To keep you advised about how freedom of speech and inquiry is being increasingly attacked by certain special interest groups, we thought it time to post another update report. Not a week goes by that we don't receive threats or intimidation at the hands of those would impose a fascist silence over any news or editorial commentary of which they disapprove. From email harassment to telephone threats, there is no shortage of neo Brown Shirt, book-burning freedom-hating enemies of our besieged Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and YOUR right to be informed and to entertain alternative viewpoints on ALL subjects. That, after all, is what true journalism is all about.
The issue is ZIONISM and how it has hijacked Judaism and the nation of Israel and is using them as worldwide geopolitical tools of suppression, control, massive manipulation, spying, bribery, blackmail, influence peddling and God only knows how many other things. No, Isreal is not the only nation that is engaged in such endeavors but it is certainly up near the top of the list in terms of brilliance,
sophistication, ruthlessness and results.
Zionist Israel is, in fact, now among the top five arms merchants on the planet and many of its huge sales of advanced and deadly technology are often being made to America's sworn enemies. The irony of much of the arms and technology export business in Israel is that it is being paid for and underwritten with US taxpayer money via the never-to-be-repaid 'loan guarantees' our rubber stamp Congress has given the Zionist state for many decades.
As is well-known by most scholars and students of Mideast history, Zionists have used Judaism and Jews for their own devices for centuries. As the brilliant Jewish scholar, Lenni Brenner, has documented beyond doubt, the Hitler government offered ALL Jews safe passage out of Europe in 1942 in exchange for a few million dollars. When top Jews went to the world Zionist headquarters in Switzerland and informed its leaders of the offer and requested the funds, they were turned down on the spot. The Zionists told the Jews that many Jews had to die during the war to guarantee them the leverage to force the creation of the state of Israel after the war. Zionist-Third Reich collaboration is one of the darkest of all WWII secrets.
For nearly a century, Zionism has cleverly hidden behind the brilliant tool of immediately assaulting anyone who dares criticize Zionist Israel or Zionist Jews AND Zionist Christians as being 'anti-semites.' This technique has been extremely successful...until the last few years when it began to exposed as the contrived device it is, used by Zionists to dominate critics, generate fear and shut down debate.
The majority of people who visit this site condemn such clear and transparent efforts to restrict freedom of speech, inquiry, and intellectual consideration of the facts of history. Radical Zionists are the new Brown Shirts, book-burners and censors. And they have nothing to do with millions of Jews of good faith and pure heart.
Further, and most ironic, is the term 'anti-semitic' itself and how it has been willfully misused by Zionists since WWII. Semitic peoples are most of the people in that region of the Middle East...Jews, Palestinians and Christians are ALL semitic peoples. In fact, the recent discovery by British genetic scientists proving there is virtually zero genetic difference between Semitic Israelis and Palestinians was very quickly suppressed in the British and world press. So, the next time you hear the term 'anti-semitic', remember it actually applies to many different peoples and groups in the Middles East, most specifically to Jews AND Palestinians who have lived in the area for over two millennia.
Zionism's roots stem from much further north in what is now the southern CIS (Russia). The Ashkenazy peoples, long known as a dominating, manipulative force in the region, adopted Judaism between 900-1000 AD and have been using it to astonishing achievement ever since. These are NOT Semitic Jews...and they form the core of today's Zionist Jews
All of this has been documented for centuries and there are vast numbers of articles and papers on this issue online. Here now, are a few emails from people, Jews and Christians and others, who are outraged at Zionist efforts to dominate by intimidation and threat...especially in trying to label this site as 'anti-Semitic' and 'racist', etc.
If one wants to see racism, one needs look no farther that the racist, apartheid nation of Zionist Israel and its treatment of the Palestinian people...topped off with the building of the WALL. That huge numbers of Jews have recently fled Israel is a well-kept secret. We are informed there are long lists of Israelis trying to gain passports to get out. And then there are the heroic Jews who reject Zionism completely...and one need look no farther than the Israeli Army 'Refuseniks' to find examples of noble Jews who have decided to say 'NO' to their Zionist controllers. And then there are enlightened Jewish organisations like 'Jews Against Zionism' who speak out against the status quo and seek to inform the world that not all Jews approve of the policies of the current regime in Israel.
The following email was sent to a number of the advertisers at We are extremely proud of the strong-willed and fair-mined people who advertise and support this site. They are all resolved to resist attempts for wipe out your right to knowledge and independent commentary. As you can see from the reply of one of our advertisers below, those special interest provocateurs shall not succeed.
Typical Threat Letter...
From: "shiff"
Subject: Your advertising on Jeff Rense's website
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003
You advertise your products on Jeff Rense's web-site ( You should know that Rense has lately been publishing blatantly anti-jewish articles, including a number by David Duke, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan. That being the case, why would I use your products?
(Note - There are no articles 'by David Duke' on! Nor are there 'anti-Jewish' articles. See our Zionism DataPage, many articles of which are written by our Jewish colleagues and political commentators. -ed)
Answers to the 'Shiff' email...
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003
Rense Advertiser - Movie Swords & Weapons
And thanks for the inquiry. I am glad that a great site like is not afraid to expose Anti-American Zionist agendas. In fact, they and Fox News were one of the few media outlets with the guts to post the story about 150+ Jewish spies who were arrested here right after 9-11. David Duke is a former State Elected Official. His membership with the KKK was decades ago. What a coincidence his recent conviction was lead by a Jewish Prosecutor under the threat of a trial by an all black jury. I have read that Jews in 1938 were quite unhappy with Nazi Germany's Boycott of their goods. It seems you are using these SS like tactics yourself. This is America. We all have a right to speak. Even the politically incorrect. Even us "Goyim."
From Clark McClelland
Jeff - The MAIN reason you are attacked by Zionist interests is that you are producing the greatest thing they fear more than anything else - - - THE TRUTH!
No other place on the Internet is as forward and HONEST as RENSE!
Keep it up, PATRIOT!
From M. Johnson
Aloha Jeff,
I can't work up much surprise over the fact that Zionist organizations have a problem with your site. They should. It's one of the few places they are regularly and rightfully exposed, and predominately by other Jews tired of their lies, viciousness and manipulation. To out the Zionists is not anti-Semitic. To reveal the truth is not anti-Semitic. To question, even condemn, Israeli policy is not anti-Semitic. To call into question Zionists loyalty to America, their embarrassing power in media and government and their effort to remap the mid East to their liking is not ant-Semitic. That these people would like to make these things crimes only proves their desperation. Good. That means you're having an effect. More power to you. You are much appreciated.
Roger Wilson
What a great stand for free speech you and your advertisers have taken! This will inspire many fence-sitters to come forward and take a stand. Maybe this will be the first shot of many heard around the world.
God Bless,
Roger Wilson
From Vince White
From a non-agreeing supporter...
I have been a loyal reader of your web site for five years. My primary interests are UFOs and related issues. I agree with many who speak on the threats to our freedom and liberties in the wake of 9-11.
What I am upset about are those who make threats, and try to intimidate you concerning your opinions on the war with Iraq, even though I strongly disagree with you! They do not understand the role free debate plays in our nation. I have appreciated hearing the other side. I am sure if our troops find evidence of chemical and biological weapons, and Saddam's many torture chambers, those findings will also be presented in a balanced manner, on your web site.
Keep the UFO material coming, for the national dailies fail miserably on this count.
A loyal reader,
From Stu
Regarding the article "Attempts to Silence continue".
I just had to write to the person stating that you are posting articles that are "blatantly anti-Jewish"... as follows:
Dear shiff
Just read your mail to an advertiser at
"You advertise your products on Jeff Rense's web-site ( You should know that Rense has lately been publishing blatantly anti-jewish articles, including a number by David Duke, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan. That being the case, why would I use your products? "
I have been reading articles posted on the Rense site for a couple of years, and have not seen one yet that is against the Jewish people - I take it that this is what you mean by "anti-Jewish".
Please....could you send me a link to such an article.. or articles?
Yours respectfully
From Jack Miller
Hello Jeff,
As you well know Jewish interest groups have successfully shut down some sites by either the means they are trying with yours or through hacking. Usually it's because who ever was being targeted backed down like good little dogs. It's refreshing to see your advertisers are not these types. I don't even worry about you backing down.
The truth hurts, Jeff. They operate under their form of truth (the truth being whatever benefits them at the moment) and their forever cry of victimhood. As the one email you posted attests, they also will resort to lies trying to spin it into truth. Look how well the dance in D.C. to the spinning tunes.
I imagine they have already used their greatest weapon on you. Their finger pointing accusation of anti-semitism. It's okay and just (in their minds) for them to be very guilty of anti-gentilism (made that word up). They can be, they are always the victim you know. That's what being the tellers of truth has been labeled. No matter how solid the evidence is if it's against the Jewish agenda, then it's anti-semitism. Label me all you want. If it's the truth, I shall tell it until it spreads.
You keep fighting the good fight, Jeff. You're committing NO criminal act against them. Your site tells the TRUTH from all sides of the very important issues of the day. There is something wonderful in that because you're one of the few sites who do this.
Jack Miller
From Daren Handley
Dear Jeff,
Remembering an article about the Wiesenthal Hate Sites list once posted on your website, I went to and checked to see if you had made the "Antisemitic Sites" list and you hadn't. You are not anti-any-tribe. You are a truth seeker's truth seeker, and the Ziozealots wouldn't give you publicity anyway because of your true purpose to help make us free. We Love you.
From Jeff
Dear Jeff - I salute you and your efforts. May God always protect and empower you. Is there anything a 3 year reader like myself can do to help your cause? I believe in you and that your fight is righteous and very important to all people that are seeking the truth. Its time for Americans to wake up and stop these Gestapo tactics that are being used to shut down free thought. Only tyrants fear the truth and their is no place for tyrants under our constitutional system. These forces will fail in the end. Just like the fact that you can't kill religion is an axiom so is it certain that you cannot kill the truth.
Jeff in Alaska
From Bernie Pattison
To Judith Moriarty
Hey Jude, I think you are a friend of Jeff Rense. You have often quoted him, and if you approve of him then he's OK in my book, too. Tell him for me that I think he is a decent and honourable man for the stance he has taken against the war.
(To Jeff...)
It can't be easy owning a website and continuing your philosophy in the face of the abuse you get.
I think the time is rapidly coming when people like Jeff who speak out about the evil of men like Bush, Rummie and Cheney are going to find themselves being attacked by the government, it is the next illogical step from where we are. is read very widely here, and I make sure everyone I know is up to date on it.
Good on you both for the fine people you are.
From Michael Feeney
Jeff, Whatever it takes, people like me and many others will come to your defense post haste in the event of any kind of assault upon your integrity.
If it takes $$ for legal defense, whatever, I am there. Go get 'em Jeff.
You help provide light in a world filled with many narrow-minded fools, like the fraud running this country. This also applies to the many innocents who blindly believe and follow him, though they have been mislead by propaganda.
Behind you 100%
Mike Feeney
Los Angeles, CA
From Donald
Hi...Our Fearless Leader!
Just wanted to say--- People Who Attack You Are The Terrorists.
From Alfred Lehmberg
You've got a lot of stone, friend, and (given the winds that blow to stay or affect your course to the star you see...) if you stay your present path (?) they'll be talking about - your - journalistic integrity and communicational incisiveness centuries after Cronkite is -dead-. Oh, and for the bottom fanners (?), you are not an anti-Semite. You just don't think -anyone- or -anything- should be above a justified criticism. Jews are, by demonstration, a grand and worthy people, a great people... they're just not above criticism (and will be the first to cop to it!). It's a real pity that some just refuse to see the difference. "Roll on" be damned! "Read on"! There's a lot more bang per buck! I'm proud to be associated (however tangentially!) with you! A Hate Site?
Note - Thanks to those of you who have brought the fact that the Weisenthal organization had once labeled a 'hate site' to our attention. We are proud to be so 'honored' and appreciate the publicity such slander provides for our news forum as many more will now visit to see the 'hate' news stories from thousands of outstanding journalists, scientists, and researchers from around the world...many, many of them Jewish scholars, writers and journalists of world renown.
Rather than submit articles and reports to be considered for posting (like everyone else does), some of these Zionist 'arbiters of the truth' resort to public defamation in an effort to subvert free speech, open journalism, and to impose their will and dogma on others through fear and intimidation.
Contrary to the 'monopoly press'...this site endeavors to present all sides of controversial issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy. Apparently, ANY stories critical of Zionist Israel qualifies as 'hate' to some.
Furthermore, routinely posting the articles of such extraordinary Jewish writers such as Israel's Barry Chamish, Dr. Henry Makow, Israel Shamir, Sherman Skolnick, and scores of others, evidently also represents unacceptable levels of 'hate' to some.
From Dave
Subject: Simon Weisenthal Center Lists
Rense/Sightings as "Hate Site"
Greetings. Apparently the Simon Weisenthal Center has classified your site as a 'hate site'. Absurd, isn't it? Here's the link if you want to see for yourself.
(Note again - this link was taken down shortly after the public outrage over labeling this site a 'hate site'...)
This letter was sent to the Weisenthal center
Dear friends --
I have a question which I hope you might be able to spare a moment to answer -- Apparently the web site has been listed as a "hate site" by the Simon Wiensenthal Center -- --
I am Jewish and not all that politically conservative either --
In fact, many people would stereotype me as a "Left Winger" (as it happens I'm not) -- Born and raised in NYC, I'm proud to be a product of the civil rights movement, the '60s counter culture (gravely imperfect as it was) and the anti-Viet Nam war resistance -- I am also, I thought, usually pretty alert to signs of crypto-hatemongering, much less the more blatant expressions of bigotry and discrimination -- That's why I am perplexed to learn that Sightings has been identified as a web site that fosters hate -- I have visited that site on a daily basis for the past 3 years and also receive the Jeff Rense Weekly Enews -- In all the days and months of reading their reprints and postings, I have not encountered any indication that Jeff Rense or his staff endorse or condone hate -- Sightings specializes, indeed they revel in gathering and bringing to public attention, a variety of non-mainstream, unconventional and even unpopular information, ideas and opinions --
Except on the most rarest of occasions, materials culled for posting, no matter how offbeat or aroused by outrage, are always those written in a sober, well composed, thoughtful manner -- It is precisely this provocatively maverick daring brand of news collecting that makes Sightings for me intriguing and valuable! -- -- So no surprise then, if some of the reprints they post don't always conform to my nice little view of the world -- For instance :
Once in a while, some of the reprints posted are opposed to same gender sex, (as it happens I am not )--
Once in a while, some of the reprints are anti-abortion, (as it happens I am not) --
Once in a while, some of the reprints they post, strike me as espousing opinions more extreme than what I personally believe --
Once in a while, some of their postings impress me as spineless and sappy --
Once in a while, some of their postings express ideas wildly divergent from my conception of things --
Once in a while, something they put up sounds to me as though its author lives in an alternate reality from the one I know --
Once in a while, I imagine to myself that I can guess whether or not a given reprint is by or about someone who might be a bigot --
Once in a while I suppose, I might have even been correct -- Still, no matter how vehemently I've ever disagreed with the content of a particular reprint, never have I detected anything that suggests to me that approves of much less promulgates hatefulness -- If anything, when suitable for their special journalistic style, they will on occasion courageously bring certain egregious sources of hate to the attention of their readers, usually with a disclaimer --
Generally though, they focus mostly on less flamboyant material that questions or discredits conventionally held assumptions and mores -- All of which requires genuine bravery as it is guaranteed that just like other unwanted people, places and things, the staff are bound to accumulate a wide assortment of enemies, some of whom are no doubt capable of being quite vindictive if not violent -- As you know only too well, vehemently disapproving of something is not the same as hating it -- I flatly believe UFOs exist --
Others passionately believe they do not and often seek to squash and belittle the ideas of people who think otherwise -- So if some mean spirited someone passionately thinks that we UFO types are dangerous morons and then travels far and wide sneering at and denigrating our varied heartfelt beliefs; such behavior of course, rotten as it may be for myself and like-minded folks, does not by itself constitute hate -- Yes, it can be deeply troubling, excruciatingly painful and infuriating, and even at times terribly frightening to have people drag down and trample upon the ideas and beliefs one holds most dear -- It's not nice, it's no fun, it totally stinks - but that's just life in a pluralistic society and not ipso facto hate --
I truly regard HATRED as the most deadly and destructive pollutant humans discharge into the environment -- Misidentifying something as HATRED is perhaps the second most dangerous -- I would be relieved and appreciative if someone at your center could spare a few minutes to help me understand where I am missing the hate being committed by" --
My sincerest thanks for your assistance -
Yours truly,
William Nathan Dasheff
From James Carmody
Subject Hate Crimes
Tell me, was the murder of the sailors on the USS Liberty (by Israel) a hate crime?
What if I put up a web page with links to all the USS Liberty net items (including Admiral Moorer's excellent article)? Would that constitute a hate crime?
What if I added a web page showing how much the US gives per capita to Israelis and how that money is used? Would that be a hate crime?
What if I gave wide publicity to your efforts to purge the net of anything remotely critical of Jews or Israel? Would that be a hate crime?
I think you have thrown a boomerang. Be sure to duck.
From Paul Reischmann
Subject: Hate site?
Hello Jeff!
I read your note on being labeled as a 'hate' site by
After I stopped laughing, I thought maybe they mean that your site is one that THEY hate, since your postings are the most balanced I have seen anywhere, and illustrate the 'media cartel' monopolistic jealousy.
For what it is worth, when I first started reading your postings years ago, I have found that I no longer need the 'major media'. I was a TV addict, but I have been television free for more than five years now! For those who are still addicted, the withdrawal symptoms (and there are withdrawal symptoms!) only lasts about a week or so, but the addictive TV 'habit' can be conquered.
It is long overdue that I extend my gratitude and thanks to you for your web site. Your web site scoops CNN, NBC, ABC, etc. more times than I can count.
I won't even bother to visit since I don't want them to include me as one of their web page hits.
Thanks again!
Best Regards-
Paul Reischman
From Bill McNamara
Subject: Truth
If truth is hateful, may we all be as hateful as Jeff Rense. Your page is balanced, fair and a breath of fresh air compared to mainstream biased media.
Keep up the good work.
Bill McNamara
From S. T.
Subject: Rense Hate Site
Perhaps you should start a list of "Anti-Democracy" sites and list theirs! :-)
"I see in the near future a crisis...corporations have been enthroned
and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed." -- Abraham Lincoln, Nov., 1864
From George L. Moneo
Subject: "Hate" sites on the Internet
Hi Jeff, not only are you on the ridiculous "anti-government" list, but William Thomas of chemtrails fame is there, too! What are these idiots thinking? Are we at the historical point in this country when expressing disgust with the state is equivalent to "hate"?
God help us.
Keep up the good work.
George L. Moneo
From John Ludi
Subject: Hate Site??!!!
I would just like to say that I frequent your site on a regular basis and have found it extremely useful and informative. While I feel that some of the articles here and there appear to have been written by individuals who may be a few fries short of a Happy Meal, I cannot fathom how anyone would consider your site a hate site. To see on that list next to all of the militia sites was a bit surreal to say the least.
From Beth
Subject: Sightings a Hate Site???
Maybe we should be thanking those people for putting your site up there. I was able to find a bunch of really good anti-gun control sites! Here's to being a hate site! ~Beth
PS. All those sites and no NRA? Further, how was being ready for the Y2K collapse that didn't happen being hateful??
From: Lori Goltl
I love your site. The news and stories on it are excellent. As for being included in 'hate sites'...please. Your site is the furthest thing from it. Keep up the good work. I have told many about your site, and I will continue to tell others about it.
From Steffan B
Hi, Jeff,
I'm sorry that you're being harrassed by Weisenthal, but, as they say, the only thing worse than bad publicity is no publicity. Mark Twain, upon learning that the New York critics had panned "Huck Finn" responded by thanking the critics for selling 25,000 extra copies of the book.
I'm glad you had the courage to take on the "hate group" set. I remember reading a few rather pointed essays by Dr. Chiappalone on Zionism that showed the difference between ontological zionists and Jews. You might take a look at them for subsequent postings.
I recall that you have posted some of my articles in the past, and while it was irrelevant to you at the time they were posted, it becomes more relevant now, given the attack. I have Jewish blood.
Keep on exposing the lies,
Steffan Bertsch
Thanks for bringing us your great site. I've just seen the link about It is sad that an organisation with the aim of enlightenment seems to be doing precisely the opposite by listing I can't for the life of me see why is listed - it is very evenly-biased, and carries stories from both sides of the centre of political correctness. Thank you for your site - it is a bastion of free speech and even-handedness.
Thank you,




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