Sex Tourism Flourishing In
Zambia - Never Mind AIDS

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Sex tourism is taking root in Livingstone, Senior chief Mukuni of the Toka-Leya people has revealed.
In an interview, chief Mukuni said most people were flocking to Livingstone for sex.
"We are a tourism capital and almost everybody is converging here. It's almost like the growth point of Zambia," he said.
"As a result we are having all kinds of people arriving in Livingstone. all sorts of things are going on including what may turn out to be sex tourism, with foreigners who come in for the service."
Chief Mukuni said the problem of sex tourism was serious.
"It's quite serious and it is quite there," he said.
He said according to the current records, Livingstone currently had the highest HIV/AIDS incidence levels which stood at 30 per cent.
"We know our target should be the youths because these are our future generation. I am not so much concerned with the older generation because they are passing on," he said.
Chief Mukuni said on his part, he had become the patron of youths in Livingstone and taken the problem of HIV/AIDS very seriously because it had permeated through all the levels.
He said youths were being informed about the dangers of HIV/AIDS through drama and hosting a beauty contests.
He said some chiefdoms had done away with cultural practices that precipitated HIV/AIDS.
"We have customs like inheriting of wives. We are not stopping that. All we are saying is that a couple must make an informed decision," he said.
"Before you allow that, let them go for testing so that if one of them is found to be positive, or negative tell them that is the position, you still want to marry, go and practice safe sex."
Chief Mukuni said another sexual practice in his area was that of widow inheritance.
He said widow inheritance was traditionally meant to take care of children.
"We still think it has some value in some rural societies so rather than stop it, play it safe," he said.
Chief Mukuni encouraged people to play safe sex even if the act was being done for cleansing purposes.
"When it comes to sexual cleansing, we are also saying we may not stop it when they want it to happen but let it be played safely. Let the woman have a condom, let the man have a condom and make sure they have that. If they can do that, they can go ahead but we are normally suggesting alternative methods of cleansing which are popular like female to female, just touching of bodies or just the use of herbs," he said.
Chief Mukuni said people had died in great numbers.
"You cannot point at any family that you say has not been affected in the last three years or been infected," he said.
Chief Mukuni said almost every family had buried twice or thrice in the last two to three years.
He said the disease had shaken people into reality.
He further said due to the pandemic's magnitude, people had accepted because initially people used to go to witch doctors




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