HAARP Theory And
Chemtrails - Research Goals
By Jim Phelps

It appears that on the chemtrails CCF bulletin board there is much concern about the HAARP system and its relationship to chemtrails techniques. The HAARP system is a high powered PWM transmitter and phased array antenna system. It is about experiments on the upper layers of the ionosphere. Some of the experiments look into its use as a deep penetration communications system for nuclear subs, some of the experiments look into changing the ion density and reaction rates of pollutants in the upper atmosphere, and some is aimed at understanding conduction effects in the ion layers.
Where does this all lead? Some of the more interesting directions are towards some of the work of Tesla, ie, where he suggested recovering energy from the atmosphere and some special high energy weapons. Tesla was into high voltage and atmospheric effects. It is not hard to notice what Tesla's objectives were about, collecting the Sun's energy stored in the atmosphere. He noted that the atmosphere tends to collect a lot of charge from the electrons entering the North Pole zones and Protons entering the South Pole. If one could harness this charge then one would have almost unlimited clean electric power, almost direct from the Sun. This would eliminate the problems with coal emissions poisoning the planet, solve the extreme risks associated with the nuclear power direction, and slow the use of limited oil resources. [ Interesting article here on oil: ]
Indeed, lots of the Star Wars weapons related issues connected to HAARP and chemtrails is about understanding these ion layers and harnessing these Solar power methods. Some of it is also linked to weapons work, and to seeking nonpolluting power from the Sun. This is how the barium chemtrail methods enters into the chemtrail's mix, because these set up conduction processes in the atmosphere and do things like change the Earth potential gradient and make for plates or giant electrodes that may someday be used to harness the charge liberated from the Sun's fusion energy releases.
The methods are similar to that called the MHD methods that use magnetic fields to separate ions and electrons to generate power. The Russians pioneered the MHD methods, and some of the most silent submarine designs use these propulsion methods. It makes the US Sea Wolf silent sub designs look like antiques. MHD methods are what makes the Van Allen Belt effects separate the charges impacting the Earth. The charge collected in the Earth's atmosphere is huge and more than enough to power large cities with no pollution.
There is a long standing mystery for some that involves a region is Russia called Tunguska, where a meteor ionized the atmosphere and caused a huge discharge of the charge energy stored in the Earth's atmosphere that released energies comparable to nuclear bombs. This is the weapons direction of Star Wars. The other direction is to find ways to harness this charge collection and use it to power the planet, and eliminate or highly reduce both fossil fuels and nuclear power needs. If the research can pull this off, then we have some ideal condition for using fusion energy and not polluting the planet. It makes for a highly sustainable energy solution for Earth. The problems come in how we get to this stage of sophistication.
The other alternatives energy issue is that the Cold Fusion principles work, and the only reason it is being stymied is over the Bush connections to big oil. Cold Fusion can solve lots of problems, as it is very nonpolluting. Its principle uses the colloid metal conduction effects in liquids and the metal-gas boundary region to promote fusion or what was called transmutation in the old world of alchemy. The problems are that the Bush connections are into many things from the cover up of where Mt. Sinai is in Arabia and the real issues of US evangelism, to the cover up of cold fusion, to that of the directions of Star Wars, chemtrails, and HAARP.
These are complex times where the goals of US National Security have become the enemies of the American Citizens and the friend of corporate goals. All is at risk in these highly turbulent times, and the national security system likes casualties for profit.
HAARP has many goals: 1. Testing the removal of pollutant in the upper ion regions by using heating methods, 2. Testing the effects of inducing acoustic responses into the Earth crust using the low FREQ PWM technique to control stress, 3. Testing the deep penetration communication systems based on skin depth for nuclear subs, and 4. Testing how to modify the conductivity of the upper ionization layers for power collection system used for electrical or weapons applications.
When these type studies are done under the control of high security, there are going to be a lot of problems with abuses of power. This is truly the case when the actions and goals of the Bush Adm. are examined. There is too much secrecy in these projects and the levels of abuse have become extreme.




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