Protocols Of Zion - Matters
Not Who Wrote Them

Commentary From Bruce Barton

Dear Jeff,
For a dozen years now I've been unraveling the thread to figure out who the infamous "they" are. I've developed extensive files on the Bilderberg Conference along with some of the dirty details of the United Nations among other groups. I eschew speculation and deal in verifiable facts. Crossing the "t's" and dotting the "i's" is critical for me.
Recently Rose Rabinivich posted the text of a 1952 speech which led me to read (and later order the book) The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. As a researcher it was immediately obvious to me that the text of the Protocols had a 'Rabinic" writing style to it, and when I began putting globalist names with organizations the whole picture became quite clear. There can be little doubt to the serious researcher that the Protocols (no matter who actually wrote them) are in fact a Strategic Plan intelligently written.
Since reading these writings I've compared them with the usual protest against them in all the usual places on the web. What I've found is illogical attack with little basis in facts. This only confirms further the truth of the Protocols for what they are. Additionally, when compared seriously with what some call "End Times" study (based on the Biblical prophesy) the serious researcher is given more grist for the mill. All taken together the picture is very sobering.
Please continue providing the material on Zionism! I see within the whole of Judaism a sub-set that accounts for much of the conundrum I've had regarding the actions often attributed to "the Jews" by many who don't know what Zionism is.



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