Manipulation Through Fear...
And It's Working

By Marjorie Tietjen

Most of us are aware that "The Powers That Be", are manipulating the population through actually creating fearful situations or even by lying that certain situations exist, when they really don't exist.
I was just watching the news and threw up my hands in disgust at the way the media is creating fear to promote specific agendas. Although it is not totally clear as to what these agendas are....many times there are several combined together, it is becoming increasingly obvious to some of us that these agendas are not for our benefit.
The flu epidemic "scare" is a prime example of this deception. Some believe and many know that vaccines are most likely the main culprit of the rapidly declining health of our nation. Children are recieving more and more shots and at younger and younger ages. They also appear to be getting sicker and sicker with this increase and combination of different shots. 30% of our nation's children have a chronic condition. This is an outrage and a tragedy! Why aren't we being told about this in the news?
Many parents and doctors are noticing that children who recieve vaccines have more allergies and are just more unhealthy overall. Vaccine manufacturers cannot prove that their vaccines are NOT causing problems such as autism, allergies, asthma, etc. In fact they are covering this up! I know this from experience with Smithkline Beecham and their Lyme Disease vaccine.
I recently spoke to a friend who is a nurse with a pediatric allergy group. She said that things are just crazy where she works. Everyone is coming into the office demanding the flu shot for their children. The media has portrayed this particular strain of flu as being a death sentence to young children. This friend was amazed at how panicky, disruptive and pushy these parents are in order to get a flu shot for their children. Supposedly there are not enough vaccines to go around (isn't this always the case lately?) and the pediatric office has to weigh each case and try to determine which child needs this "scarce" vaccine the most.
I wonder how many parents have researched the vaccine issue before allowing their children to be exposed to the whims of the pharmaceutical companies?
People....Please think about this before getting vaccinated. Do some research of your own concerning both sides of the controversey. Then you can decide for yourself what you feel is really safe or not safe. Vaccine manufacturers cannot prove to us that these vaccines are not harmful. Where are the long term studies on the effects of single vaccines? Where are the studies on the combinations and the additions of more and more vaccines being given to our nation's children? These vaccines contain pus, other diseased animal tissues, excrement, mercury and other known and unknown harmful ingredients. Also, think about this....Isn't it usually the vaccine companies that do their own research studies?
Unfortunately, it appears that we are the long term experimental studies!
Do you really believe that our government health agencies can always predict which strain of flu is coming down the pike....a year ahead of time? I never hear these agencies saying..."Well, we're not sure this year which strain of flu will be hitting us." It is always a certainty. I ask you again, how can they be so sure?
We need to begin taking our health care into our own hands. We are the ones who care the most about ourselves and our children. The vaccine manufacturers are more interested in profits than your health. Don't be frightened into rushing out to get the flu shot , for yourself or your children. Take time to check out the facts for yourself.




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