Italian Chemtrail Researchers
Come To Survey US-Canada

By William Thomas

Concerned countrymen have dispatched two Italian filmmakers to document chemtrails on the other side of the Atlantic. After flying in from Rome last week, Vincent Gambino and Duccio Benvenuti interviewed the author - and were questioned in turn.
Vincent and Duccio showed recent video from their 3,500-year-old village in northern Italy. Perched
1,500 feet above the sparkling Mediterranean, residents look out daily on air traffic departing and landing to the south. While high-flying airliners sometimes scrawl brief contrails in their wake, most of the distant aircraft leave no trails at all.
But that hasn't spared the town from a constant chemtrail circus. "We wake up some days and the whole sky is filled with trails, and there is no good explanation of this," Vincent said.
Their digital footage showed extensive criss-crossing plumes spreading out to obscure Italian skies - the unmistakable sign of chemtrails. Pointing to the extensive sky grids, Vincent said simply, "Impossible."
Vincent related how a protest last year among airport workers at Fiumicino received prominent media coverage after a USAF tanker Vincent referred to as another notorious 'white plane' landed and taxied to a cordoned off section of Rome's international airport. "No one was allowed close for two or three days," Vincent recalls. Airport workers were angry at the secrecy surrounding the American air force plane, he said, because they "couldn't do their jobs."
Working closely with Nexus Italy, Vincent has been investigating chemtrails since becoming aware of them two years ago. Hoping to spur awareness and action across a nation intensely interested in information overlooked or censored by the mainstream press, the two filmmakers are producing a one-hour documentary on chemtrails for Italian audiences.
During their visit to Canada, the Italians were especially interested in the experience of Espanola. Repeatedly overflown by photo-identified U.S. Air Forcer tankers spraying lingering white plumes that made people sick over 50 square-miles in the spring and summer of 1991, this small community west of Sudbury, Ontario was the first to petition a national government to stop chemtrail spraying. "I'm convinced people here have died as a result of this spraying, including a close friend," says an activist involved in the early protests there.
Vincent said that a village north of Venice has experienced an aerial onslaught similar to Espanola's. In the Belluna valley, "people started complaining" after many took ill following heavy chemtrailing there.
A 'Parliamentary interrogation' - or investigation - into the purpose and composition of chemtrails is now being sought. The Italians also hope to raise the issue of chemtrails before the European Union. After already formally protesting HAARP, it is hoped that the government representing a growing number of European countries will also condemn chemtrails.
In Espanola, where spray sometimes falls as visible, flesh-stinging particles thick as snow, lab tests of rainwater falling through extensive chemtrail plumes revealed levels of aluminum seven-times higher than existing provincial safety limits for drinking water.
Microscopic quartz particles predominated in the Ontario chemtrail analysis, with one fallout sample taken from a car windshield showing an 80% quartz component. Used by Nikola Tesla in his high-energy experiments, the electrical properties of quartz have raised speculation that the chemtrails laid down over Espanola may have been connected with HAARP - and/or airborne laser experiments using a Boeing 747 as a weapons platform. An amateur radio operator detected high levels of electrical energy over Espanola during heavy chemtrail spraying. And on one occasion the Prime Minister's aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing due to 'electrical problems' while flying through the area. [Chemtrails Confirmed]
Known colloquially as the 'Tesla Center', Ohio's Wright Patterson Air Force Base is the reputed repository of that energetic inventor's prodigious papers and patents. Two scientists working on the chemtrail project at 'Wright Pat' told Columbus Alive reporter Bob Fitrakis that besides climate-modification, temporary 'chemical antennas' utilize barium sprayed by air force tankers to conduct radio and radar waves over-the-horizon. Extreme high-energy pulses beamed from HAARP could also be 'ducted' by barium chemtrails, affecting countries thousands of miles away. HAARP was last ordered to full power one-week before Sept. 11, 2001. [All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion]
HAARP antenna array
The Italians are especially concerned over HAARP. Despite the EU's diplomatic dissing of HAARP several years ago, the monster with electronic claws continues to grow.
The holder of the original HAARP patents, Bernard Eastlund, has said that because of limited electricity in its remote power grid, the only way for HAARP to reach ultra high-power is to generate its own electricity using North Slope natural gas. HAARP watchers took note late last month when HAARP was ordered to double its current power output - just as the Bush administration approved natural gas drilling on Alaska's North Slope.
Already the most powerful energy transmitter on the planet, radio-frequency specialist Richard Lampe announced at last September's Radio Frequency Interference meeting that HAARP experimenters intend to quadruple the punch of its steerable energy beam "from its current 960 kW output to 3.6 Megawatts." DARPA's drastic if not demented 400% boost to HAARP's already radical radiations will make this troposphere-twisting transmitter the worst in the world by orders of extremely risky magnitude. [The ARRL Letter Oct31/03]
The original idea and intent, Bernard Eastlund told me in an earlier interview, was to manipulate weather at great distances using HAARP's computer-controlled antenna array to 'steer' parts of the ionosphere around. Think of Earth doffing her protective cap to killing gamma and X-rays from unprecedented solar flares.
HAARP on steroids is not pretty to contemplate. But as Chemtrails Confirmed documents, published plans call for plucking HAARP at one billion watts - at which point all ecological bets are off.
But not to worry, HAM radio operators were assured last September. HAARP is turned off whenever its wandering beam jams the entire 75/80 meter band with shrieks from a tortured ionosphere. The taboo topic of what happens when HAARP triggers an out-of-control cascading resonance in this electrically unstable region was not discussed.
According to engineers working on the project, HAARP's hellbeam can be augmented and amplified by energy already in the ionosphere. This extra shove invites another escalating oscillation - and so on - until our spaceship does a Columbia and shreds her protective outer shielding. The one that keeps cosmic rays out and Earth's paper-thin atmosphere in.
Does anyone still believe that the shuttle's crackup was not a metaphor and omen for our times?
Hoping to cash in on climate change, Eastlund now says that his company ESEC recently signed a contract with the European Space Agency "to review the weather modification potential of the HAARP facility in Alaska."
Eastlund is also looking to abort tornadoes using HAARP to turn off these whirling dervishes before wind speeds reach destructive force. Eastlund enthuses over how the power needed to zap ätwistersä will magically emanate from "high power electro-magnetic radiation produced with solar power satellites."
But we are all antennas. Even as low-power cellphones become recognized as deadly successors to Big Tobacco's misery and mortalities, the Texas inventor has yet to describe the effects on wild and human lives already being hosed by HAARP at its present power levels.
Earth's future habitability aside, Eastlund's present preoccupations with HAARP include using it as a 'missile shield antenna' against anyone stupid enough to invite instant massive retaliation by lobbing anything bigger than a spitball through air or space at the United States.
Whatever excuse is used, a handful of ionospheric hot-rodders want to turbocharge HAARP - and put the pedal down. His personal fantasy, says Eastlund using somewhat different terms, is to unleash one-trillion-watts of power into the electrically charged region capping our planet. As a spastic sun continues to burp tsunamis of highly-charged particles at Earth's ionosphere, the unguessable outcome of zapping this already unpredictable realm with a hopped-up HAARP include wild weather and blown-out power grids thousands of miles from Alaska. And maybe no more ionosphere.
Eastlund's 'Current Projects Menu' includes more techno fixes to planet-threatening pollution too profitable to produce and clean-up to curb:
* Weather modification using HAARP and North Slope gas
* High power solar satellites for weather modification
* Ozone hole "mitigation" using electromagnetic processes some scientists fear could actually destroy the ozone layer.
But not if the Italians allies can help it. According to the visiting filmmakers, Italy's Democratic Left party - the former government and now Italy's official Opposition - is demanding a Parliamentary investigation into chemtrails and their possible connection to HAARP.
In Edmonton, Alberta last winter, after city landscape contractor Dave Dickie found electrical conductivity in city soils as much as 4.6 - 7-times higher than normal levels - tests conducted by Nor-West Labs on snow samples fallen through chemtrails found levels of aluminum oxide and barium at more than twice the levels recorded at a heavily polluted diamond mine.
Twice as reflectant as glass, Barium serves as a superb sunlight reflector called for in the late Dr. Edward Teller's planetary 'sunscreen' scheme. But this common electrolyte is also an excellent conductor of electricity.
Vincent says that his group is currently raising money for more extensive tests on chemtrail fallout. But after collecting 'white material' from the chemclouds, he says they have already found 'barium salts' in the mix.
While many barium salts are relatively 'safe', other barium compounds have been used as rat poison. Though the filmmakers did not know the type of barium found in Italian chemtrails, we all wondered just who are the lab rats in this ongoing secret experiment?
Vincent reported widespread health effects following chemtrail spraying - including sudden nosebleeds suffered by his mother, sister and father in Florence after 'many trails' there 18 months ago.
In other developments, video of small white orbs filmed near Italian chemtrails have been identified as advanced robot drones originally developed by the Italian military's 'Project Cipher'. The program, says Vincent, was sold to the US military after funding ran out in the Seventies.
Duccio and Vincent also said they have excellent, high-resolution photos of spray coming off the entire trailing edge of sprayplane wings ' "not the engines," Vincent emphasized. (I hope to post these photos on my website: <>
Other developments have silenced the excuses of 'increased air traffic' causing more contrails. NASA scientists now say that in recent years normal airliner contrails have significantly decreased over central Europe, the heavily traveled North Atlantic Flight Corridor and the USA.
NASA's 2002 study, "An Estimation of CONUS Contrail Frequencyä used computer algorithms developed by atmospheric expert Patrick Minnis to estimate contrail frequency. As of May 2002, the NASA chemtrails debunker found contrails over the North Atlantic and central Europe "are significantly smaller than those given in 1994."
EU contrail coverage
This is a switch. According to German atmospheric scientists, 'normal contrails' have already increased cloud cover over Europe by a climate-changing 10%.
In the science of a system so vast even part of a percentage point can signal major changes, cloud cover over the United States has increased a whopping 5% since the jet age took off in the ÎSixties. But for Americans living beneath heavily trafficked air corridors, 12,000 bumper-to-bumper jetliners making 62 million flights a year have increased local cloud cover by 20%.
All this before chemtrails were added to the artificial cloud-making mix, starting big time around the winter of 1998, when so many got sick. Since then, citizens in at least 14 nations have endured the theft of their serenity, health and blue skies by chemtrails, contrails - or both.
It is all air pollution.
Official insistence that contrails are harmless is another dangerous myth. Formed when pollutants and water vapor in hot jet exhausts are momentarily flash-frozen on contact with a sometimes super-cold stratosphere, exhaust trails from jet engines contain highly toxic petroleum particulates - including carcinogenic benzenes and naphthalene - as well as heavy concentrations of soot, and other contaminants detrimental to lives below. While jet fuel 'fallout' from heavily-traveled air routes is not publicized, residents living around airports and air bases continue to make local news after being stricken by jet fuel contamination in their air and drinking water. [Scorched Earth]
JP-8, that sweet-smelling intoxicant associated with jet flight, is actually quite nasty. Since Desert Storm felled so many tanker crews, sparking a pilots' exodus from the Air National Guard that currently continues, the US Air Force has spent more than $25 million studying the poisoning of ground crews and other personnel exposed to jet fuel fumes.
The findings aren't worth any kind of paycheck: lung and liver damage, severe asthma, rashes - even mutated DNA derailing future generations.
Even the 'harmless' water vapor from all those jet engines traps five-times more heat than all the CO2 spewed by those same toxic turbines.
The highest contrail concentrations in North America have been found over the Pacific Northwest, central Canada and the eastern Midwestern U.S.A. But NASA now reports that these regions - which used to see twice the number of contrails as the continental average ö have been seeing significantly fewer contrails since the winter of 2001.
Which is interesting, since during this same time period people in Portland, Seattle and other Pacific Northwest centers were yelling bloody murder about being 'hammered' by chemtrails. [Chemtrails Confirmed]
Even as international air transport authorities rejoice in reporting airline travel back to 'near normal' planet-wrecking levels following Sept. 11 and SARS, NASA studies have found 'unusual weather patterns' - not curtailed airline flights - are causing the curtailed contrails -- even as chemtrails over cities such as Portland, Marin and Santa Cruz remain a daily curse.
A Nov. 25 radio show in Santa Cruz heard many listeners calling in to express their outrage over continuous chemtrail activity over this previously sunny California coastal city.
With Orwell being more ruthlessly rewritten, and the Reich re-emerging under the successor to its first Bush patron, Vincent and Duccio wondered if perhaps it is time to bring together the issues, principles and protagonists that so far this year have brought more than 20 million people into the streets of our global village.
Imagine including chemtrails in anti-war, anti-globalist, peace, ecology and social justice
speeches and protests! After all, these issues are linked fundamentally. And the hour to act is so late, it's already past. (We're now in overtime.)
Hopefully, the evidence brought back to Italy can persuade parliaments in that country and the European Union to sound loud complaints over the chemtrails their own governments must be approving.
Which would be interesting.
"Who gave Bush permission to do these things?" Vincent asked just before I spilled the pasta into the sink.
While we could still enjoy dishrack-drained fettuccini, none us at the table could stomach 'Boosh'. From the stories the Italians related, current European concerns revolve around America's increasingly Israeli-like occupation of Iraq, the last stampede of the world's worst carbon cowboys, the gulag at Guantanamo, implantable cash-and-ID chips, surveillance cameras and internal 'watch lists', complete suspension of the US Constitution, bankruptcy of the world's most indebted nation, depleted uranium as the Pentagon's urban weapon-of-choice ö and the real show stopper, to which every other American antic is a distraction.
If you don't think youâre part of the current Sixth Great Extinction Event proceeding faster than the last one that took out the dinosaurs and just about everything else - think chemtrails. And think again.
From chemtrails to climate change, global corporate extortion, and escalating military and eco-terrorism coming from a White House as illegally occupied as Iraq - all present at this impromptu Italian-Canadian summit agreed on an ocean-spanning effort that 'connects the dots' between the make-or-break issues of our times.
The time to reach out to Europe and the rest of the world is now.
William Thomas
William Thomas is the author of Chemtrails Confirmed, All Fall



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