Black Copters, Underground
Bases & Invisible Government

By Will Hart

By the time the shocking, surreal events of 911 settled into the national psyche, it seems that Americans had already surrendered their attachments to the principles of the rule of law that the country was founded upon. Goodbye constitution; we are already living in a new and very different country.
Actually, for those of us who were alive, skeptical and paying attention when JFK was killed, know the lies, cover-ups, increasing police powers, Pentagon control etc., all began back then. It has been a slow, steady, continuous process of (negative) conditioning ever since, a truly massive erosion of our democratic foundations straight into the ground has occurred.
Let us say hello to a brand new government agency that has the neo-Orwellian name of HOMELAND SECURITY as well as a batch of anti-constitutional laws lumped under the NEWSPEAK label- the PATRIOT ACT. It has taken four decades of betrayals, corruption and the total co-optation of the mass media under the CORPORATE STATE umbrella - now it is time to quit denying it- the BAD GUYS won! All of the once trusted institutions of American society have been manipulated, trashed and turned inside out and against us.
Lest we forget, amidst the chaos and clamor of (911) events, VP Dick Cheney was spirited away into an undisclosed location during the period of trauma. Knowledgeable observers believe he was cloistered in a secret underground complex. The mainstream media never told us exactly where he was but there is no doubt that he became the invisible man waiting in the wings to take over the presidency.
The question is where did Cheney go?
That question may seem simple and innocuous enough on the surface however, the answer is complicated. We now know that the shadows all originate with BIG OIL, BIG MONEY and TEXAS. Yes, the trail seems to wind straight back to the reign of Bush I.
Back in 1993, the Napa (CA) Sentinel published a series of articles on black helicopters and a clandestine government base operating in Napa County. At that time such activities had been reported in other states and were being investigated across the country, usually by small local radio stations and newspapers.
The reporter that did the investigating for the Sentinel, Harry Martin, had strong expert-credentials. He was formerly the editorial director of Military Electronics Countermeasures, Defense Electronics, Microwave Systems News, International Countermeasures Handbook, and publisher of Defense Systems Review and Military Communications.
Martin knew where to look and what to search for and he was able to dig up documents that focused on 26 unclassified reports, generally labeled "for official use", and 14 secret reports that related specifically to continuity of government (COG) and emergency telecommunication systems.
In his article Martin explained, "plans went into motion in 1988 and 1989 to ensure secure national and international communications and the continuity of government in case of war or disaster. The plan is being implemented throughout the nation, with similar helicopter traffic and construction of facilities. For national security reasons, much of the work is done in secret."
To keep track of the bouncing political powerball and to understand what is unfolding before our eyes, it is very important to keep the Bush family succession in mind. George Herbert was the president when this program was initiated.
Now, being aware that the COG strategy was being put in place, we might want to recall several other continuities that define the Bush I & II reigns, namely, war with Iraq and attacks on the WTC. Strange how history repeats itself with odd synchronicities and a peculiar offbeat, subliminal resonance.
Napa is the heart of California's wine country, so you may be wondering why the government chose this area as a site for its new COG program? Apparently it was selected to replace and consolidate a site in Benecia (near San Francisco) that was too vulnerable and one in Ukiah (north of Napa) that no was no longer serving its full purpose.
Martin described the new wine country facility as being, " heavily fortified and protected with thick concrete. Its microwave tower is pointed toward Santa Rosa, where AT&T has secure communications links. The microwave dishes are to guarantee government officials with direct access to national communication links. The government has always relied on AT&T for those links."
These sites were under construction around the country and many citizens reported seeing black helicopters at that time. It is comforting to know that our government has made provisions to save ITSELF should the rest of us fall victim to a biological or nuclear weapons attack. Yet, I wonder how many Americans are even aware that there is a network of secret underground bases strategically positioned around the country, not as a wild conspiracy theory or plausible speculation but as established fact?
Martin verified unmarked black helicopters were used during construction of these facilities but the public still considers them the product of paranoid, conspiratorial fantasies. The mainstream media either downplayed the reports of the black 'copters and secret underground cities or they pooh-poohed the whole scheme, a la UFO sightings. So much for the objectivity of the mainstream press, which dropped the ball with JFK's murder as well.
In fact, a handful of bold, daring individuals claimed that they had direct knowledge of these facilities because they had worked on them. Phil Schnieder went public with a variety of claims in 1995. He told whoever would listen that the government had been building very elaborate secret bases containing state-of-the-art equipment for some time. The facilities he described were fully functional underground cities connected by tunnels, elevators and rail lines.
He explained to an audience during a lecture in May 1995, "I have helped build two main bases in the United States that have some significance as far as what is called the New World Order. The first base is the one at Dulce, New Mexico. I was involved in 1979 in a firefight with alien humanoids, and I was one of the survivors. I'm probably the only talking survivor you will ever hear. Two other survivors are under close guard."
Schnieder was found dead in his apartment seven months later, an apparent suicide. His estranged wife claimed that he died under suspicious circumstances. However, even conspiracy buffs had a hard time accepting Schnieder's story. Eight years ago I would have found his claims incredible and dismissed them myself. Aliens and the US government tied together to bring about the New World Order? That hardly seemed plausible then; I cannot dismiss the possibility so easily today.
There is more to the story. Martin did not reveal all of the details, though his piece was fact-based, thorough and informative. However, FEMA was never mentioned and this agency plays a significant role in the secret COG program. He did note that the COG placed a very heavy emphasis on satellite technology. Let us recall that the STAR WARS proposal was still on the table throughout the Reagan/Bush and Bush I reigns. While they were pointing to the need for a shield in the sky, they were, in fact, building secret underground complexes using unmarked helicopters.
The COG program does not pass the smell test in several regards. If it is for legitimate purposes, then why has the mass media failed to report the facts and why has the government continued to publicly deny them? Let us not forget that on at least one occasion, since 911, President Bush dispatched about one hundred senior civilian managers to work outside of Washington.
The problem for us 'little' people is that this one, like the JFK assassination, is already a done deal. The truth is out but the president has been dead for forty years; the bases have been built, the disputed 'copters are awaiting their next secret detail and only a foul, fishy smell lingers over the land. The question now is why were these bases really built and what End Game are our OVERLORDS really preparing for?
We may find out the truth like we have with JFK's assassination but it may come too late.




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