George Soros Is The Issue

The amazing degree of disinformation over the recent Global Gulag column - <>Satan lives in George Soros - pales to the sanctimonious hypocrisy published in Joe Conason's Journal, on Either Mr Conason is intellectually disable or suffers from an integrity challenged condition. The essay is about GEORGE SOROS.
Attempts to divert or deflect from the reality that GEORGE SOROS trades in depravity are typical when the facts are undeniable. So "Uncle Joe" reverts to attacking the messenger since the message is unassailable. Disingenuous seems to be the chosen substitute for the Dzhugashivili family name. Even such an unimpeachable source as <>David Horowitz comments about "Big Lies" (a fitting title for an autobiography): "I happened to come across one chapter of it posted in which mentions me. Well, actually, it smears me and makes no effort whatsoever to describe and/or analyze how I am alleged to distort the truth. And in fact it utterly distorts what I have written . . . Why does it not surprise me that the author of Big Lies should turn out to be a Big Liar?"
A defense of GEORGE SOROS must answer the following. <>Neil Clark, writing in an incisive article the New Statesman (June 2, 2003), points out that Soros "made billions out of the Eastern currency crash of 1997," and that he was fined last year "for insider trading by a court in France." How do you explain? - "Soros's business partners at the Carlyle Group---one of the world's largest private equity funds, which makes most of this profit from defense contracts? They include the former secretary of state James Baker and Frank Carlucci, former defense secretary, George Bush, Sr, and "until recently, the estranged relatives of Osama BinLaden." Soros has invested more than $100 million in Carlyle"
Justify the performance of GEORGE SOROS' Quantum Fund, Mr Conason? <>William Engdahl explains : "Soros' connection to the ultra-secret international finance circles of the Rothschilds is not just an ordinary or accidental banking connection. The extraordinary success Soros has on the high-risk financial markets cannot simply be explained with "gambler's luck". Soros has access to the "insider track" of the world's most important information channels, both government and private." You remember his shorting Sterling in 1993 and the damage done to Britain! How about refuting the Rothschilds group linkage with George Soros and their involvement in the vast illegal network of the BCCI? And don't forget his involvement with "<>shock therapy", that helped Poland with interest rates in Polish zloty reaching 80% a year.
Again the issue is GEORGE SOROS! In his own words from a "<>60 Minutes" broadcast December 20, 1998 interviewed by Steve Kroft.
Steve Kroft: Are you a religious man?
Soros: No.
Kroft: Do you believe in God?
Soros: No.
How about a little clarification on your concern about attitudes. Henry Makow, PhD in <>Do Jews Suffer from False Consciousness? and The <>Real Cause of "Anti Semitism" sums up the topic concisely. Once again the issue is GEORGE SOROS. Are you getting it yet, Mr Conason?
Judging from the responses received from the original Soros essay, first published in <>BREAKING ALL THE RULES, the crowd that follows your lead seem to be extras from <>The Inner Circle. In keeping to the level of your commissar soul mates, this Rolling Stone review could describe your comrades: "Ivan, the trusting Everyman who makes Stalin's (insert GEORGE SOROS for that other Uncle Joe) tyranny possible, won't see the irony -- not even in the face of personal loss".
One more time, the topic is GEORGE SOROS.
Feeble attempts to intimate with erroneous accusations of deception won't scare this publisher. How others react will establish their own grade for a Profile in Courage. "Suddenly deleting such vile anti-Semitism from this Republican site with no explanation, and no apology simply won't cut it. Virulent anti-Semitism causes very real damage, and GOPUSA must acknowledge this," said National Jewish Democratic Council Executive Director Ira N. Forman. Submit Mr Forman doesn't get it either - The issue is GEORGE SOROS . . .
When joins with the tribe: "paleocon, James Hall, whose piece first appeared on the conservative GOPUSA website. It's important to realize that old far-right anti-semitism has not been replaced by the new far left variety - just supplemented. A case in point", he should get his own facts straight. First non BATR publication for Global Gulag columns appear in <>
Just wonder where all the sincere Jewish clerics are hiding? If GEORGE SOROS is a non believer - rejects Yahweh - what is the motivation for their deafening silence? Surely, you reject all those arguments that the essence of being Jewish is racial or blood related? How many times have we all heard - anyone could convert - it is a religious standard . . . Aren't you glad this is a non factor, since the column was directed at the corruption of GEORGE SOROS!
The <>BATR Editorial on this topic states: "Secular Zionists are not above the law or legitimate criticism". If rabid Likudniks so confuse their identity with nefarious manipulators like Soros, just how much creditability do they have after they demean their own self respect? Let's hear the arguments sympathetic to Marc Rich! Are we to conclude that the condemning zealots support George Soros' <>Social Agenda for America? If so, why should any sane and authentic American have empathy for such immoral values? Our duty is to oppose evil. GEORGE SOROS is the embodiment of the "Big Lies" that Uncle Joe Conason excels at distorting.
If using the designation offends, the family Shylock name; it is acknowledged that GEORGE SOROS has greatly surpassed the Shakespeare character. So where is your outrage against this miscreant - GEORGE SOROS? "The Soros Doctrine" is a formula for corruption and enslavement. This columnists rejects it and opposes any group who supports his social agenda.
From the lance Amazon review of Conason's book - Big Lies - "The modern right wing, in the opinion of Conason, is not the bastion of virtue and defender of the common man it claims to be. Rather, it is a calculating and shrewdly efficient group of propagandists fueled by revenues generated by a system that rewards cronyism". Ask who is carrying the water? Wouldn't be surprised if GEORGE SOROS backs the likes of this twisted 'everyman', named Joe.
SARTRE - November 26, 2003
Soros unashamedly admits to making money by exploiting market anomalies, even if this meant impoverishing nations. Soros then does an about turn and espouses the need for social values, in order to curb greed, and bring sanity to the markets. M.G.Pawley - South Africa
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