Saddam Is Not The Issue -
He's A Discarded Tool

From Jack Armstrong

Hi Jeff,
The 10-12 Mercedes that your guest, Patrick Dillon, reported were flown out of the Baghdad airport at the last hour before the US walkover of that city, carried Saddam's sellout generals and officials. Tryant that he was, at least he didn't cut and run. I suppose the dirt bag deserves credit for that.
Lest we forget: America killed at least 1.5 million Iraqis via the first gulf war and the subsequent use of sanctions. It is estimated another couple million will die from US DU radiation in years to come. Did Saddam kill that many Iraqis...of course not. And don't forget how he was tricked into invading Kuwait to create a pretext for the first US Gulf War.
The US/CIA created the guy and helped build his Baath Party in the 1970's, and then used him to fight the 8 year Iraq-Iran war from 1980-88 in which over a million died.
Saddam, the dictator, is NOT the real issue; he's now just a piece of propaganda who will be milked in every way imaginable to obfuscate and obscure the economic rape and sell-off of Iraqi national assets - not to mention the gifting of reconstruction contracts - now being personally directed by the one and only James Baker.
If this were Rome, Bush would put Saddam in an iron cage and parade him through the capitol. But now he's got Fox and CNN to do the parading. And, say...whatever happened to all those Iraqi WMD that Mssrs Blair and Bush swore were all but littering the Iraqi countryside?



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