De Klerk: SA's First Multiracial
Election Was A Fraud
The ANC Got Over 1 Million Fake Votes

From Jan Lamprecht

Note - I received this e-mail from Dr Chris Jordaan. It is a bombshell. This should be front page news, but is instead stuck in a publication in Holland.
Let me take you back to 1994. During the "First Democratic Elections" in South Africa, there was quite a ruckus made by different political parties over election irregularities. At the time, I remember hearing from friends who were involved in the actual counting process of strange incidents - of boxes stuffed with votes only for the ANC. Some of these reports made it to the press. I did not make a note of these incidents, and its quite a while back, so my memory is vague. But I heard enough stories to strongly suspect that something was not right.
I would also like to mention another story as well because I am in IT (Information Technology - Computers). A friend of mine told me how some businessmen in SA, in anticipation of the 1994 election imported into the country the most sophisticated vote-counting machines/computers available at the time. These businessmen were sure this was going to be needed and they prepared to sell these highly sophisticated, highly-accurate machines to the government.
But it was the ANC [African National Congress] that lobbied against MACHINE COUNTING back then!! The ANC came up with the (junk) argument that "they did not trust the machines!!" The ANC was the only political party which kicked against the use of machine-counting in that election. For those who were around back then... you will remember that in the end, the votes were counted by hand, and the process took a very long time... Days and days went by as the votes were counted.
What you also might not be aware of, is that most of the vote counting was actually done by ANC supporters.
As Americans will remember from the Florida vote-counting problems when Bush came to power - the Democrats were the ones who insisted on hand-counting, and bypassing the machines, etc. The minute you start doing that, you start affecting the impartiality of the process. I remember reading where a conservative in the USA was saying that hand counting is a traditional trick if you want to cheat.
There are many other stories that could be told from the 1994 elections, and even from modern ones in SA. For example, a Councilor for the DA here in Johannesburg, told me some months back that even now, at local elections the ANC spread the word in the townships that they know who you are voting for - and if you "dont' vote right" well... they're watching you. He told me that campaigning in the black townships - something that most of the political parties do these days - is extremely difficult because of certain deliberate OFF THE RECORD statements made by ANC officials to black people. The black people, not being aware of how the voting process is supposed to be transparent - truly believe that they are being watched.
Anyway, this story is fascinating. Finally, De Klerk comes out and tells us something about what really happened. It does not surprise me. In fact, it reminds me of how Mugabe cheated in the 1980 election and how this was raised with Margret Thatcher, and how she, like De Klerk, also decided to let it go. But the problem is... this has set the scene, and I firmly believe, that the ANC will indeed cheat in the future just like ZANU(PF) in Zimbabwe, when their support dwindles. Yep, stick around... you're still gonna see much more blatant election fraud in South Africa in the years to come. I firmly believe the words Winnie Mandela spoke to a crowd of black people in Pretoria in 1999. She said: "The ANC will rule South Africa - FOREVER!" I believe they sure as hell are gonna do their best to try.
The statements in this news article are from a Press Conference in Nigeria recently where former President De Klerk spoke. It is interesting that so far only this Dutch newspaper has published these comments. Since other media were there, I would like to ask people to keep their eyes and ears open in case someone else publishes these comments of his as I feel they are very important. -Jan
Since this is from an e-mail, I'm including the e-mail and the link. But I will also insert the Dutch as well as my translation of this short Dutch article:
Here is the e-mail from Dr Jordaan:-
South African 1994 Elections Were Fixed Says Former President FW de Klerk
JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's first multiracial elections in 1994 were manipulated and fraudulent by at least a million illegal votes, which had been cast for one candidate and one party.
This was said by former President F W de Klerk, speaking at a press conference In Nigeria. This comment was recorded by a Dutch newspaper.
He said at least one-million votes for only one party and one candidate were "deposited, neatly in piles, into voting boxes."
De Klerk also revealed that he as then-president, then decided not to intervene by revealing the fraud. He did this dishonest thing "because he wanted to help the nation along after years of apartheid."
De Klerk was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize together with Nelson Mandela for allowing these first multiracial elections to be held.
Jan's Translation of the Dutch article:-
South Africa's Election Was Unfair
JOHANNESBURG: The first democratic Election in South Africa was manipulated.
According to former President De Klerk one million votes for only one party and one candidate were deposited neatly in piles in voting boxes.
De Klerk revealed these irregularities to journalists in Nigeria. He said he decided back then not to intervene because he wanted to help the nation move forward after years of Apartheid.
[Note, my Dutch is a bit too weak to translate the last paragraph properly, but there is little of interest in it. It merely says that its the first election wherein the black population took part. The ANC won the election with 62% of the vote, and that Nelson Mandela followed De Klerk as the president].
Here is the original Dutch text:- 'Verkiezingen Zuid-Afrika oneerlijk'
JOHANNESBURG - De eerste democratische verkiezingen in Zuid-Afrika waren gemanipuleerd.
Volgens toenmalig president De Klerk zijn een miljoen stembiljetten voor een kandidaat en een partij ,,netjes in stapels'' in stembussen neergelegd.
De Klerk onthulde de onregelmatigheden van 1994 voor journalisten in Nigeria. Hij zei dat hij destijds besloot niet in te grijpen om ,,de natie vooruit te helpen'' na de jarenlange apartheid.
De Klerk liet als eerste Zuid-Afrikaanse president verkiezingen houden waaraan ook de zwarte meerderheid van de bevolking mocht meedoen. Winnaar van de stembusronde werd het zwarte Afrikaans Nationaal Congres met ruim 62 procent van de stemmen. ANC-kopstuk en ex-gevangene Nelson Mandela volgde De Klerk als president op.
Source: Nederlands Dagblad




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