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Hi Jeff,
Unless your readers are careful, the recent post, "Who are Jews - The Jewish Racial Myth," may serve to buttress the false notion that the majority of today's Jewish population is not "genetically racial."
Undoubtedly, there are some readers who are unfamiliar with this line of reasoning. Briefly stated, it suggests that most eastern European Jews are descendants of the Khazars, a large body of ancient Turks who purportedly converted to Judaism in medieval times.
For some (especially the Aryan-leaning Identity "churches" - growing stronger and more numerous by the day) this is a favored and convenient - if poisonous - argument.
Following in their Grand Savant's goose-steps, these groups employ confuscation to cast doubts on the Jewishness of today's Jews, thereby providing part of the impetus by which they hope, in time and by stages, to remove these troublesome (non)-Jews from the "protected" population. Once complete, one must suppose that a more final solution is contemplated.
Should we consider it odd that these organizations purport to know the true origins and identity of the "real Jews?" (Hint: look for this latter group among the blond, blue-eyes peoples of the world. "Pastor" Pete Peters, heard regularly and widely on short-wave radio, is one of the proponents of this trash. As I understand his position - and what a dark one it is - to carry the faintest trace of this "counterfeit" Jewish blood is to be wholly and irredeemably pre-damned.)
But I digress.
A careful review of the links provided in the aforementioned article produces a cited reference from the New York Times (May 9, 2000: "Y Chromosome Bears Witness to Story of the Jewish Diaspora").
In part, the article concludes that
"The study, reported in today's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, was conducted by Dr. Michael F. Hammer of the University of
Arizona with colleagues in the United States, Italy, Israel, England and
South Africa. The results accord with Jewish history and tradition and
refute theories like those holding that Jewish communities consist
mostly of converts from other faiths, or that they are descended from
the Khazars, a medieval Turkish that adopted Judaism."
Needless to say, this article refutes the Khazar/False Jew hypothesis. This hypothesis argues that Yiddish
"...began as a Slavic language whose vocabulary was largely replaced
with German words. Going even further, [Wexler] contends that the
Ashkenazic Jews are predominantly converted Slaves and Turks
who emerged with a tiny population of Palestinian Jews from the Diaspora."
(original author's emphasis)
(From a link in "Who are Jews - The Jewish Racial Myth, entitled "New York Times Reveals that European-Descended Jews are Counterfeits and have no Blood line to Abraham." See link below.)
As always, I urge your readers to check sources and verify facts. It is easy to employ seemingly accurate articles to confound and confuse. Only upon careful reflection can one deduce the truth of this matter.
It is one thing to argue that the some Jews are troublesome; it is quite another to argue that they are not Jews.
For your reader's use, I have included the two links from which the above quotes are drawn.
<>Jewish Population Genetics
<>Radio Islam: Are They "Jews" or Are They Really Khazars?
From Legal Eagle
Dear Jeff;
As can be seen, this page on my website is a compilation of links that deal with the question of who is and who is not a "Jew", Biblically and historically. The authors - whose names of which are all "jewish" - are giving an expose and neither they nor I can honestly be classified as "Aryan."
Of course, the blanket umbrella of "anti-semite" would have been laughable as that is, in fact, what is at the heart of the question here: Semitism. So, not being able to smear with that epithet, the next best thing is "Aryan church"...which conjures up scenes of swastika-wielding skin heads. While this is no doubt something Aryan groups have misused to their advantage, we should not become mesmerized or clouded by a blatant attempt to smear what is an expose of one of our greatest modern day frauds.
Are ALL "jews" being outed ? No ! Only those who claim they are but are not. Is there any mention of "a final solution" as dramatized by Dhm1122 ? No ! The page is not one that is meant to foster or encourage violent behaviour in any way. It is, however, there as education on a subject of historical importance which has been omitted and outright downplayed by the controlled media who would never have gotten as far as they have without the perpetration of this fraud.
It is yet another example of how the Zionists do not speak for those of Judaic decent who actually do have Hebrew blood, an example of which you clearly have in your link from
These faux-jews have set themselves up as the spokespeople for ALL true blood Hebrews when this is an absolute lie. I will say, howvever, that Dhm1122's oration is wordy and softspoken, but nevertheless it is shilling for the status quo, notwithstanding the attempted smearing of both the "jewish" authors and myself, who are not "anti-semites" as a quick visit to my site's other many pages will attest - but I am anti-Zionist and anti-lie.
As my Bible teacher once said, "It is only the hit dog that howls" and so, howl they will.
The comments from Dhm1122 have also very conveniently left out the articles by Benjamin Freedman, Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal, and award-winning author Arthur Koestler who do a much better and more elaborate job of explaining the situation that does the miniscule New York Times piece. Even if completely disavowing the New York Times story, the remainder still speaks VOLUMES in this regard.
Thank you for your time and for posting the links page.
L.S.B. Webmaster/Owner
Life Research




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