Chemtrails Over Chicago
From Phil Jayhan

I have been following the chemtrails stories for a while now and never knew what to think until it started happening in Chicago.
For nearly 3 weeks now that I have noticed, they have been spraying the skies of Chicago with whatever it is the Chemtrails are made of. Contrary to much opinion on the subject, I have discovered that these Chemtrails don't simply float around a little longer than normal contrails then dissipate; they turn into 'clouds' and 'cloud cover.'
Here is a link with all the pictures I took today (ok, most) and one of the better ones to wet your appetite.
I also have noticed (out of hundreds of daily flights) there is a schedule: Usually 2 planes start out around 9:30 AM, and come out over Lake Michigan over the Chicago area, while others come from the opposite horizon from the west.
I have counted as many as 7 planes spraying simultaneously. Today, I reported this to an Illinois Congressman's office, Sydney Yates, and am waiting to hear back from them. The secretary said she would contact the Feds to find some answers. We'll see.
Phil Jayhan




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