Chemtrail Aerosols Over Arizona
From Diane Harvey

Dear Jeff...
The Southwest has been swamped by ongoing trail coverage over the last couple of weeks. Here are some photos from the ugly chemtrail rodeo over Sedona today. As always, when these operations go on for some time, people really begin to show the debilitating effects. Heavy accumulations of aerosol chemicals change everything for many people: basic vitality, how we feel, how we think, and how we work.
After a while, almost everybody shows similar problems. People begin to make little mistakes, they don't feel as well as usual, or think with normal clarity, and they are frequently tired for "no reason". The cumulative result is highly increased susceptibility to illnesses of all kinds, of course- such as new strains of influenza.
We know there are innumerable direct environmental assaults on our immune systems. But of these, chemtrails remain an immediate and obvious affliction.
Hearty thanks to you, as ever, for continuing to keep us posted in regard to ongoing aerosol activities.




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