The Continuing Catastrophe
Called Chemtrails

By Diane Harvey

Here in the Southwest we have been enduring yet another relentless cycle of chemtrail deluge. You can call this phenomenon whatever you like: these are dangerous aerosols permeating the atmosphere, our lungs, the soil and water, and all animal and plant life. Whether one prefers the term chemtrails or aerosol operations changes nothing: the same deadly materials are saturating existence in any case. Day after day, bright blue skies are being turned into sickening chemical sludge. No one could deny the terrible effects poisons have on the human organism, and on all other forms of life. And the sheer accumulation of aerosol toxins over a long period of time is certainly weakening everyone and everything. After all, it's one thing to breathe toxic substances for a day, and quite another to breathe poisons seeping from the sky for years at a time.
Any phenomenon that arises and returns into an enormous black hole of absolute secrecy must always, by definition, breed speculation. Because without hard fact, speculation remains the larger part of what there is to work with. Our minds automatically try to fill in the blanks of ignorance, whether with real information or wild guesses. We all tend to jump to conclusions, simply because we so desperately need to believe we know what is happening. In my opinion, the difficult and unpleasant reality is that we still don't know exactly what chemtrails are, or why our atmosphere is being subjected to this monumental and abysmal alteration.
Nevertheless, as little as we know for sure, we already know the most important facts.
* We know that ongoing aerosol operations are real, and that they are unhealthy for all forms of life.
* We don't know what the secretive group doing this really thinks it is doing.
* We do know that they lie about what they are doing, and lie on a scale never before witnessed in human history.
* We know they have gone to immense expense and trouble to make the very idea of aerosol operations appear ludicrous to the public.
* This means that they are working from the same irrefutably logical premise we are: these operations are harmful, and must therefore be hidden.
This is the rock-bottom truth: the absolute fact that every last one of us agrees on.
Chemtrails are splayed across the sky in broad daylight and cannot be hidden from the physical eyes. But they are still successfully hidden from mass human understanding, through propaganda and increasingly sophisticated techniques of behavior modification and mind control.
Talk radio and the Internet have made huge inroads on collective ignorance. Millions of relatively open-minded people have come to understand that chemtrails are not conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. Still, there are millions who have not noticed what is going on over their heads, and who are either simply unaware, or perhaps resistant to the very idea of conspiracies of this magnitude.
This is where everyone who wants to make a real difference can be very useful. This is where we can continue to drill little holes in the wall of lies. Through trial and error, we can learn how to talk about this to those who do not know and would really rather not know. We can learn to approach different types of people skillfully, armed with the provable basic fact of chemtrails. The reality of ongoing aerosol operations in the atmosphere is fairly easy to convey, provided one does not overwhelm people with negative energy and wild speculations when introducing the subject. Of course not everyone will listen, no matter how easy we make it for others to hear what we have to say. There will always be a percentage of human beings who prefer ignorance to hearing any incoming bad news whatsoever. But I've learned the hard way that most people will listen to me if I'm not too angry or intense about it. If I speak lightly and matter-of-factly, and ask reasonable questions about what those odd lines in the sky might mean, almost no one ever shuts down and walks away. They will usually interact intelligently, provided I remain emotionally positive and personable and listen to their ideas and thoughts, however contrary to what we know to be true. If we approach people with sensitivity, rather than bowling them over with passionate intensity and a barrage of false certainties about what this all is, a surprisingly large number of people can't help listening. After all, we are telling the truth, and that has a very real power to convince, if we give it a chance.
The existence of chemtrails remains a word of mouth campaign after all these years. The difference between successful and unsuccessful communication of the basic facts is all the difference in the world. And since this aspect is all we have control over on a daily basis, we ought to make the most of it.
We have no choice except to continue to try to think clearly about this abysmal operation, and to speak up about it wherever and whenever we can. We must continue trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, no matter how confusing or tedious it can become. Some of us still have open minds, while others are true believers in one possible answer or another. Obviously the ultimate truth of what chemtrails are and are for- whatever that truth turns out to be- matters more than any particular person's opinions or beliefs about all this. Our speculations are necessary, interesting and useful: but they remain just that. If I choose to believe one theory or another, it still remains a belief on my part rather than an absolute certainty. For this reason, I'm still methodically and doggedly pursuing the indisputable part. I'm still trying to find new ways and means to deliver the same brief but pungent message:
A secretive group is significantly altering the Earth's atmosphere, through the continuing application of toxic chemicals, and lying about it to the nth degree.
From Nick Balaskas
Hi Jeff!
What catastrophe? After all these decades there is not a single documented case of harm to humans or damage to the environment caused by these "chemtrails". This cannot be said about the air pollution from automobiles and industries which has killed millions and continues to poison our water and taint our food. Chemtrails are just a fake threat or paper tiger we have created that is being promoted by those who wish to distract us from the real "tigers" out there that are slowing but surely devouring us all.
Diane gives us her opinion why she feels chemtrails are a real threat but she fails to provide anything, other than speculation and fear mongering, to convince people like me - but she is sincere and honest to conclude that "...we still don't know exactly what chemtrails are...". Actually, we do know what chemtrails are. They are simply water vapor contrails produced by jets and misidentifed wispy clouds that form and are seen at the same time as these "chemtrails".
By promoting chemtrails which may prove to be one of the biggest hoaxes of this century, other legitimate cries of "wolf" such as the many important stories also found on Jeff Rense's web site will be similarly ignored or dismissed by your thinking readers.
Nick Balaskas
From Diane Harvey
Dear Nick:
If only aerosol operations really were a hoax. I'd much prefer that people like me were deluded rather than the alternative. Unfortunately, we aren't.
Of course there are no documented cases of harm in relation to an ongoing secret project of such a magnitude. There were no documented cases of harm in relation to any other secret project in our history either, during the time they were being conducted. On average, fifty years goes by before the public hears of the damage done through any form of previously clandestine experimentation. Factual data in this regard is readily available on the internet. And a short rebuttal is not the place to recapitulate the long sorry tale of civilian and military secrecy in matters of experimentation. You clearly have not looked into the background material on this matter- and I'm not willing to do your homework for you on such a basic level of research. If you really care about this, you will seek out the many public records relating to the history of secret experimentation in our nation. Arm yourself with facts, and then if you wish to debate these issues you will have a reasonable basis for argument. The FIA has resulted in quite a few bombshells being made available to anyone who is interested enough to look for them. So far, you are only lodging a perfectly ignorant and therefore perfectly meaningless complaint. "No documented cases of harm"? That's not even a rational statement, considering known history along these lines.
It is certainly a catastrophe for all life forms when large amounts of known toxic chemicals are being routinely added to the air we all breathe. You point out yourself that pollution from cars and industry is taking a terrible toll on human beings. This is a fact. It is also a fact that our atmosphere is being reconditioned through the application of chemical and electromagnetic technologies. For all your objections, it is apparent that you have never bothered to study the voluminous background material pertaining to this very broad and extensive topic. Patents describing techniques in which aerosols and electromagnetism can be employed to recondition the atmosphere for various purposes are available to anyone who looks for them. You obviously never bothered to look at these either. DARPA's patents alone should open your eyes to the reality of what we are observing.
The Air Force has been bragging about "owning the weather" for many years now. Did you know that? No? Well, we did. And we read the original patents to discover just how they intended to accomplish such a monumental piece of work. I presume you will be deeply surprised to hear that it is done partly through the repeated application of aerosols in the atmosphere. And would you imagine that these aerosols are benign organic compounds? Not unless you fancy the health benefits of barium for breakfast, lunch and dinner: because barium is named as the conditioning substance. I suggest you visit the left-hand side of Clifford Carnicom's front page and scroll down until you reach the links for "Electrolysis and Barium", "The Barium Deduction", "Eastlund Barium Reference", "Barium Identification" and "Barium Affirmed". Read his work on this aspect very carefully. If you are an honest broker of information, you will find his carefully conducted research and ensuing conclusions quite difficult to dismiss out of hand.
Then there is the patent for a global sunscreen developed by Dr. Teller. One version of this requires the addition of aluminum particulates in large quantities to the atmosphere in order to counteract global warming. Do you honestly suppose that the inventor of the H-bomb is a crank and perpetrating hoaxes? His patents are hardly the stuff of science fiction or mere feverish imagination. They not only exist, but can be implemented through existing technology. And there is a fair likelihood that part of what we are observing may well be related to Teller's idea for an aerosol sunscreen.
Next, consider the reality that over-the-horizon radar has long been under active development by the military. Coincidentally, these patents too require the reconditioning of the atmosphere with various repeated and sustained toxic aerosol applications, including our little friend barium again. Are you getting the picture yet? We are, sorry to tell you, not making this stuff up. Indeed, there is such intense development of the so-called "High Ground" of our atmosphere and near space environments underway, that we can barely keep up with data released into the public domain. And surely you don't imagine that we are being told "everything"?
I haven't even mentioned HAARP yet. So many programs, so little time. Again, if you will be so kind as to educate yourself, you will discover that electromagnetic pulse weaponry is in advanced stages of implementation. The latest forms of electromagnetic pulse and laser technology require a combination of electromagnetic and chemical reconditioning of the atmosphere in order to work at all: it's what they do, by definition. These new weapons are certainly no secret. Read the encyclopedia's worth of hard documentation gathered by Dr. Nick Begich in his work on HAARP. He's not making anything up either.
As for your confusion and inability to distinguish between contrails and chemtrails, one can only smile. You already stated you know for certain that there isn't any such thing. It is a well-known psychological truism that people will fail to observe what they already "know for sure" is not there. Yet depending on where one lives, even a child could distinguish between these phenomena. With patience, and provided there is no predetermined agenda overriding the perceptual faculties, you too can learn to tell the difference. If you really don't want to know, then of course no one and nothing will ever allow you to see the obvious. But the differences in physical behavior between contrails and chemtrails is unmistakable in many parts of the country. In fact, it is so noticeable here in the arid southwest that it's hard to imagine anyone missing it. It's true that those who live in locations of continuous high humidity, near busy airports, will have a harder time of it. The atmosphere as a whole is certainly suffering from serious air pollution due to ever-increasing amounts of normal air traffic, as I'm sure you know.
Nevertheless, distinct aerosol operations are also underway, without the slightest doubt. Personally, I respect healthy skepticism, and consider myself a reasonable exponent of that very attitude. I don't believe what people tell me: I find out for myself. I'm a rigorous (some would say relentless) critic of anything I consider to be unsubstantiated chemtrail theory. Even my most respected friends in this work aren't safe from my tendency to argue against anything I think smacks of wild speculation. For this very reason, I find your particular complaints to be of extremely poor quality. You haven't researched anything at all, in the very area you vociferously deny even exists. Your arguments are therefore founded on intellectually vacant grounds. You are speaking from emotional conviction rather than even remotely informed opinion. This is always a mistake. Don't you have any respect for the long hard years of tedious research so many of us have devoted ourselves to, at our own expense? No? Ah, but you should. You didn't know about our preceding years of research into patents, and the volumes of hard data accumulated by so many in regard to these issues? Why not? If you are going to make public statements insisting that something cannot possibly exist, you at least ought to have browsed through the hard research supporting such claims.
As for your accusation that I am "fear mongering", again I have to smile. Who provides the best nourishment for the growth of fear: those who make the effort to bring secrets to light, or those who hide their eyes and refuse to look? Is abject ignorance a useful antidote to fear, or is the search for knowledge a preferable remedy? Is our security in life best assured by resolute belief in comforting illusions? Or is a better form of security found by dealing with things as they really are? Naturally, each of us is free to choose for ourselves. Your own passionate beliefs, unsupported by any research into the very thing you protest, indicate an adamant unconscious desire to remain undisturbed at all costs. You can surely see by now that your attitudes are not based on any sort of actual information whatsoever. What's left is merely your desire that reality should be a certain way, whether it is or not. I can sympathize with you much more than you would believe possible, but I also know that illusion is a feeble bulwark. The readily available facts blow such comforting ignorance as yours to smithereens. I suggest that the reason you have not done any research at all is because at some level, however unconscious, you must suspect it might prove fatal to your emotional comfort. There is no other logical reason I can think of to explain your peculiar lack of all background information. Why would you entirely avoid all pertinent information about something you care enough to yell loudly about in public? But anyone can change. Anyone is free to look into this topic as an intellectual challenge, and study it sufficiently and long enough to form a real opinion. The choices are to delve down into it, or to refrain from exposing oneself as an ignoramus. Because it is just plain silly to make a lot of noise in public about something one never even investigated at the level of original scientific and military research.
You and anyone else who really wants to find out the truth for themselves can follow the basic steps offered in the following article, "Chemtrails: Prove-It-Yourself" : This is far from perfect, but at least it's a beginning for anyone who actually wants to know whether or not chemtrails actually exist. The problem is, as we see, most people vastly prefer their preconceived and entirely unsupported opinions, and do not in fact really want to know.





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