Chemtrails Over Essex, England
From Richard Poole

Hi Jeff,
I have some more pictures for you, although not as spectacular as those from Austin,TX or Netherlands I'm afraid!
These were taken at around 11a.m. on Tuesday 9th December 2003. You will recognize the view as similar to earlier in the year (although one of the trees is now bare).
I've been seeing these on a fairly regular basis in this area since my last email to you (both in the morning and evening), however we've had a recent spell of damp and overcast weather, so who knows what (if anything) has been going on above the clouds...
And now for the amazing bit...
As I mentioned in a previous mail, we have a small airport about 3 miles away which handles cargo and occasional light traffic. Anyhow, despite my expectations of encountering an impenetrable shield, after just 2 phone calls I actually managed to speak with an air traffic controller there! I consider this to be quite an achievement, given the 'call-centre culture' in the UK and the difficulty I have even getting through to my bank nowadays! On enquiring about what would have been plainly visible from the tower, her response was that "it had been quite foggy", and therefore "a lot of flights would be holding". When I suggested a possible military operation in progress, she said that anything at such a high altitude would be "outside their area of control", and that they "probably wouldn't even be told about it".
Now, I thought that flights in a holding stack flew round in circles, but I'm sure somebody can put me right on that!
So, I'll leave you and your readers to draw their own conclusions...




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