By J. Bruce Campbell
Dar Al-Hayat

Dear Al-Hayat,
Congratulations to the writer of 'A New Definition of Anti-Semitism' (Jihad Al Khazen - Ayoon wa Azan, 6 Oct. 2003). The sadistic nature of Zionism must be emphasized so that the dimmest person associates the word with scorn and revulsion.
There is one thing that puzzles me: You are apparently a Semite. And you know very well that the Russian Jews - the Ashkenazim - who control Israel and the United States are not Semitic. But you and all Arabs, who should know better, allow the weaponization of the Jewish term, "anti-Semitism."
You Semites never use this term to characterize those who hate and murder you. The genuine anti-Semites are the Zionists, to whom you have granted the exclusive use of this weapon. You even allow them to accuse you of "anti-Semitism" as they practice the vilest form of it against you, and you never object! Even this otherwise excellent article on "anti-Semitism" doesn't mention this obvious fact.
The Israelis, no matter whence they came to Palestine (Russia, Poland, Lithuania, West Europe, America, etc), are ninety-five percent Russian Jews, whose ancestors never set foot in the Middle East and who were in fact converts to Judaism around 900 AD. The few Sephardic Jews in Israel have virtually no rights compared with the Ashkenazim. "Zionism" simply means that the descendants of those converts must emigrate to Palestine, seize control of it, rename it and "make the Law go forth from Zion." The Law is Deuteronomy and the guide for the application of the Law is the Talmud.
Why don't you Semites blow the whistle on these criminal psychopaths and their deceptive weapon of mind control - "anti-Semitism?" An Anglo-Saxon such as I cannot really complain about the abuse of the term because I have no standing as a Semite. But you have.
The Jews use the term for two good reasons: First, it suggests that they are in fact Semitic, which serves to justify their invasion and occupation of Palestine, something that would be otherwise inexplicable for a non-Semite. The obvious question would be: Why do you insist on living there, where you have no roots?
The other reason is that "anti-Semitism" has a clinical, sinister sound. It sounds like a congenital mental disease, which I believe it is in its true form, as practiced by Jews and their janissaries such as Bush and DeLay.
But they simply do not want the term "anti-Jew" used, because they don't want non-Jews to say the word, "Jew." It offends them because the very use of the word by a non-Jew is an accusation of guilt - and they know it.
So, I urge you to spread this very helpful suggestion to create awareness of the criminal psychopathic abuse of the very legitimate term, "anti-Semitism," by racist fanatics whose main reason for living is to exterminate all Semites.
Such a truth campaign would undermine and eventually destroy the Jewish lie of "the right of return." What right? How can you return to a place you and your ancestors never were?
From J B Campbell
This response came from a Jewish chap named "Legal Eagle" --
Ha! Good article. I put a page up on my site that deals with this question. It is essentially a regrouping of a few pertinent links by "Jewish" authors that say just about what you summarized.
Go here:
--should you be interested in having a snoop.
Have a nice day.
PS: Although I am not a flesh and blood "semite", I am, according to Scripture, a "spiritual jew", therefore, I am authorized to make this information available as an instrument of truth versus lies. I am my brother's keeper.
My reply to Legal Eagle:
Thanks for this good website. I read Koestler's book in the late '80s and thought it was extremely important. I was amazed that no one had made use of this basic fact. Within a couple of years I asked Alan Dershowitz on a show entitled "Anti-Semitism" if he had one drop of Semitic blood in his body?
"I must say that I am uncomfortable with the term..."
"Then why do you use it?"
"I just think there should be a better word..." That is, a word which could cow and silence critics but not be a lie.
"But you didn't say anything about that on this show called 'Anti-Semitism' before I said that just now."
It has been a handy and effective weapon which has destroyed countless careers and is responsible for the totally illegitimate Zionist regime. Zionists have cleverly suggested for a hundred years, by smearing their critics as "anti-Semites," that the Zionists are the legitimate conquerors of Palestine. Zionists have never actually SAID they were Semitic - just that their enemies are "anti-Semitic." Pretty neat and completely dishonest. But in light of the genuine anti-Semitism of the Zionists it becomes a bizarre obscenity when these non-Semitic aliens accuse their Semitic victims of "anti-Semitism."
I believe this is the central issue regarding The Jewish Question. When awareness of this matter becomes more widespread, and it will now, the Zionist state will lose support even from the deluded Christians, who need Semitic-type Jews running "Israel" for the fulfillment of their bloody dreams. The Zionists will be exposed as pseudo-religious gangsters.
Thanks again,
fivish - UK
Wow! Your article on anti semitism is one lie from start to finish.
I know that Moslems are supposed to tell lies to emulate the Profet Mohammed, but you go to extremes!
The truth is that the majority of Arabs came to The Land Of Israel only recently, in the 1920's as economic migrants and that Jews have lived there for 3,300 years.
You may not like the truth and it may not serve your purpose but in your heart you know the truth.
Reply by J Bruce Campbell 11-27-3
What's that got to do with Russian Jews not being Semites?
Sephardic Jews have lived there but not Russian Jews, who ran out hundreds of thousands of Palestinians (Arabs) in 1948. The Khazars were converts to Judaism. Their descendants, the Ashkenazim, just pretend to be Hebrews. For example, David Gruen (Green) from Russia changed his name to David Ben-Gurion, which sounds Middle Eastern. But it's a fake name. Jews do that everywhere they go to hide their origins. Their actions always give them away, however.
Russian Jews have no right to set foot in the entire Middle East. They should go back to Russia and give up Judaism, which is the source of their criminally insane drive to rule the world from Jerusalem.
You say that Arabs came to Palestine only recently? Even if that were true, which it obviously is not because the Israelis would not let them enter "The Land of Israel," Arabs have the natural right to live in Arabia. Russian Jews have no such right and especially have no right to be anti-Semitic while smearing their victims as "anti-Semites." Such behavior is criminally insane.
From: J B Campbell
To: Brooklyn Pagan
Re: Your email: Why the "Khazar Theory" is Absurd
Thanks for this material but it is too much theory, supposition and defeatism. The fact is that the Ashkenazim know that they are not Semitic. The Jewish Encyclopedia and Britannica back up Koestler on the subject of Khazars. But Zionism is for Ashkenazim only - not for other so-called Jews, who are welcome as cannon fodder and sources of cash, but you won't find them in the Israeli government except as tokens.
The Jews must be disarmed before they can be beaten. Now that the Holocaust is discredited, their only psycho-weapon is the accusation of "anti-Semitism." Now, if I can make Alan Dershowitz shut up just by asking about his Semitism then you can see what a powerful thing this is. Don't fall for these geniuses who need to tell us how smart they are with their theories which lead nowhere but back to the status quo, which means Jews making everyone shut up.
The fact is that even Theodore Herzl, the western Jew who thought he dreamed up Zionism, was shocked and embarrassed to learn about the Ashkenazim when they showed up at the Zionist Conference in Basel in 1897. He'd never heard of them, these strange, uncouth Russian Jews who quickly took over the Zionist movement after they got rid of him. Sure, there were western or Spanish Jews in Europe but the Eastern, Russian Jews had been in isolation for hundreds of years when all of a sudden they appeared and dominated overnight.
Anyway, there is nothing "absurd" or theoretical about the Khazars. What is absurd is that their non-Semitic descendants can use the expression, "anti-Semitism," to smear their enemies. This is the way to beat them. Use it. Put the Jews on the defensive with this great and simple weapon. Just say, "Excuse me for interrupting, but are you a Semite?" End of discussion. Jew retreats. You win.
Now, if the crazy, Jew-loving Christians can just be informed about this little discrepancy, their fanatical support for Israel will erode pretty quickly. No one likes to be lied to. Which brings up another great weapon: the Kol Nidre. Quote it at every opportunity.





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