A Thanksgiving Wish!
From Yoko Ono

We are now facing the dawning of our global village, admist polluted air, water and insanity. Fear not. War Is Over.
I believe, we, the human race has opened our eyes to save ourselves and the planet at the 25th hour. The first good news came two months ago, from North Carolina scientists who successfully made a monkey move an object psychokinetically. One monkey influences 100 monkies, as they say. But if one monkey can move things psychokinetically, imagine what millions of human beings can move together (We can move mountains!). Military personnel immediately understood the power of this experiment. "Now we can kill our enemies psychokinetically." That's what was said. But why not use the power to save ourselves? I believe you and I will.
The second good news has come from an experiment done by a Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, who has discovered and demonstrated that "water reads." This is unbelievable information, but it's true. To put it simply, Emoto put water in a bottle, put a label on the bottle with a word written on it facing inside the bottle. He then froze the water and examined the crystal created by the water under a microscope.
The photos of the crystals show, that when you write a word such as, love, regardless of which language, the water creates a beautiful crystal. When you write "happiness" it also creates a beautiful crystal.
But when you write "unhappiness" it cannot form a crystal. Interestingly, the word "Hell" created terrible dirty water. Don't ask me why!
('Messages from Water' ... Masaru Emoto, translated in English)
Sentences create equally fascinating results. When you write "how pretty you
are!", it creates a beautiful crystal, whereas "you stupid guy!" creates muddy, ugliness, reminiscent of extremely polluted water. The water reacts to very delilcate differrences, too. When you write "you better do it!" it creates a muddyness like an expression of rebellion. However, it creates a beautiful crystal if you write "let's do it, shall we?" Of course, the biggest hit is "I love you." There is no limit to how much this sentence in many different languages can do to clean the water and create beautiful crystals. The muddiest, polluted water can become clean.
The water not only reacts to the written words but to music. When music was played to the water, many beautiful crystals were created. It was interesting for me that the song "imagine" created a crystal very similar to the word "angels."
And, of course, 80 percent of our bodies are made up of water! What does that mean?
We are probably making very dangerously muddy people as our opposition by constantly throwing verbal attacks at them. If we make them muddy, we will pretty soon become muddy, too. Just by sending good words, it not only clears the people you send the good words to, but it clears you, too. So if you are insulting someone, that is the same as insulting yourself. All this is demonstrated by the photos of the waters and their crystals.
The power we have is wisdom based on clear information we share with each other. The power we have is our sanity and the knowledge that we are all water, and that water changes by what it reads and what is communicated. So, now it is clear that we can change the world without leaving our homes just by thinking, holding, and communicating the right idea!
Since things happen in threes, I propose that we create the third bit of good news ourselves - by coming together this New Years Eve, and ending the year with a clear vision. Let's visualize all the people living life in peace. l0 seconds. One hour. All day. Anywhere and anytime of the day.
Carry the clearest vision of a peaceful world you can imagine. Let's do it with a spirit of fun and joy. Not with anger, not with fear. Let's not march. Let's sing, dance and hug each other to bring in the New year, and, with it, the new world. Let's report to the Universe how happy we are to be on this planet which is a part of a beautiful constellation.
For opposite of love is fear, not hate, opposite of wisdom is confusion, not stupidity, and the shortest distance between two points is our desire and our unwavering belief. So listen to your heartbeat and enjoy. It's worth every minute of it.
An extra special Happy New Year to you. Remember, we are all water in the same ocean. I love you!
yoko ono




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