Who Is Joe Vialls?
From DHM

Hi Jeff,
It is long past the time for someone to pose the important question, "Who is Joe Vialls?"
He purports to be an independent researcher and writer, but there is much to suggest that he carries the "party line" of some hidden faction. (One can only speculate as to who or what that might be.)
In a fairly extensive Google search, one finds innumerable reference to Mr. Vialls, most of which are copyrighted works by him. Other mentions can be grouped under the category "fawning and fatuous," and are little more than uncritical references to Joe Vialls as an expert on everything from aeronautics and conspiracy theories to cancer and vitamins.
Joe is variously described (and these are direct quotes) as:
1. an expatriated US military analyst based in Australia
2. an ex-British private security expert
3. a British aeronautical engineer
4. an Australian-base freelance journalist with over 30 years direct experience in international military and oilfield operations
5. a former member of the Society of Licensed Aeronautical Engineers (London).
Which of these descriptions is accurate must be left to other interested parties to decide.
Writers like Joe Vialls who arrive with a past shrouded in mist, bearing a host of alluring hypotheses - supported by a torrent of seemingly valid facts and expert opinion - can often serve to leave a reader with the impression that he or she now knows "the truth of the matter."
Who is Joe Vialls? Is he consummate researcher, investigator and expert? Or is he agent provocateur, magician, and master of disinformation?
I leave it to you and your readers to decide. One thing I feel is certain: he is not someone to take lightly.
Those in search of the truth may wish to peruse the following links, especially the first one, where it is alleged that:
"Doctors who treated Vialls at the London-based Medical Foundation for
the Care of Torture Victims verified that he was susceptible to clandestine
hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestions."
Isn't this a peculiar characterization of a man purporting to be an expert who can be implicitly trusted to serve up "the truth and nothing but the truth?"
D. Michael
High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness :
Tony Collins concludes that "psychological engineering" of suicidal behavior is a possible explanation for these unexplained deaths. His conclusion is based on the experience of Australian engineer and investigative journalist Joe Vialls who says he survived such macabre manipulations in 1983. Vialls had become unwittingly involved in a Cold War espionage operation while working on a sensitive oil drilling operation in India. He reports he suffered both microwave radiation and post-hypnotic suggestions implanted electronically by unknown controllers, whom he suspects were working for the CIA. Doctors who treated Vialls at the London-based Medical Foundation for the Care of Torture Victims verified that he was susceptible to clandestine hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestions. Vialls, whose story can be found in Collins' final chapter, has published a book and many articles on suspected Manchurian Candidate-type assassinations as well as exposes of the U.S. military's Omega above- and underground communication system, which he believes has the capacity for mind control operations worldwide. (31)
The Bijlmer Crash - Joe Vialls - Caught In A Lie.
Deceit and Terrorism - David Icke - Tell the Truth!
Port Arthur Coverup (once there, scroll down and click on "Agent of Disinformation - Joe Vialls)
From Michael Mazur
Jeff, who is D. Michael ? No email address supplied by him so tell him that he needs to tell people who and what he is or else I am entitled to presume his real name ends with berg or stein or mann.
It is a politically correct tactic to bucket an opponent but not ever to address the points he makes; The Australian Jewish News did that with the recent departing speech of Dr. Mahathir.
Adam L. Stanway
Dear Jeff,
I'm one of your Australian website readers. I've never heard your radio show.
One can never be too careful in validating the facts presented by any writers.
In 2001 I purchased Vialls' book on the Port Arthur, "Deadly Deception at Port Arthur" I believe
it's titled. One of his basic facts I checked up on by emailing the Tasmanian Police. Specifically, the rate of gun fire within the Broad Arrow Cafe. Vialls' statements on that aspect
of the shootings are accurate.
Late last year he ran an article, "Home Run 2"
in which he asserted "Though the Official Secrets Act prohibits me from stating exactly how many armed aircraft are available in Britain or America in peacetime, rest assured the figure is exceedingly small. Any reasonable and intelligent person can deduce from this, that aircraft based close to major cities like London and Washington, DC, will not be armed at all in peacetime."
An acquaintance of mine who was an electrical engineer at British Aerospace and worked with
RAF staff at a major airbase has since told me this is false, and that RAF aircraft
often flew armed. I am unable to ascertain whether or not this is still the case, since I know no
one currently in the RAF or associated with it. This may seem a minor point, but when I
emailed him regarding the matter, giving him the details of my question, he brushed me aside
with a one-line reply to the effect of "I am right".
Obviously, an insufficient response. Thus a question remains as to Vialls' authenticity. It is
also worth noting that the quality of his writing is below average. Especially in the book on
Port Arthur.
Adam L. Stanway
Melbourne, Australia
From Will Cumberland
Hi Jeff -
This was Joe Valis's response on cell towers. I wanted to get his insight on cell towers and their effect on the human mind. He mentioned in the report on Omega that those towers could be used on human thoughts. Valis's letter to me seems to contradict this notion put forth in his writing. His collective pseudonym's knowledge on Tesla seems impressive, but I found more information, even from government sources that I have personally seen, that say otherwise. Good starters on the web (However, I don't know this to be completely accurate because of the disinformation is everywhere):
British use of ELF waves:
Basic Info:
In his response, Joe Valis says there is no need for worry about cell towers, save maybe the phone's effect on the brain. We all know that cell phone usage is bad for the head, but I believe that the use of these towers are not as they appear. (Just like the Omega groups project, ironically.)
Still Joe remains a mystery and his response was timely. I do hope this man is not a spook and the real thing.
Truly, Will Cumberland The Carolinas, USA
Note: forwarded message attached.
From: Joe Vialls <> Subject: For Joe: Thank you, more info though. To: Will Cumberland
So far as I am aware, there is no effective way of phasing or timing low-energy SHF telephone transmissions to interfere with human thought, though there is a very real danger of "cooking" the brain over time, by using a cellphone close to the head.
The closest thing I can think of to what you describe, is government wittingly using a second television [audio] transmitter close to your local TV tower, radiating audio just a few hertz higher than the TV audio itself.
The two frequencies transmitting together produce a third, or "beat" frequency, which is the difference between the two, say for example 5.55 hertz, an ELF brain frequency. This is known as the "Luxembourg Effect" but is very crude and restricted to broad mood swings. I doubt you have much to fear.
There is nothing else I can do to assist.
Will Cumberland wrote:
Dear Joe,
For a good deal of time now, I've been researching cellular towers and been concerned about their effects on human health, but more importantly, on human thinking.
You have no reason, I understand, to trust some random person over the internet, but you are knowledgable about how the Omega group has been using Tesla's technology. Even though I don't agree with the 'offing' of people in general, I found their methods to be some what agreeable and balanced. In truth, they seem to be somewhat concerned about human life, which is a far cry from what is being proposed in the UN.
What, if any resources, are available on the ability to fine tune cell towers to influence human thought or how this is done? This concerns me the most because I believe that the frequencies can be used to lock (calcium?) ions in the human brain, thus rendering the mind and body useless for a time being.
My other concern is that this technology can be used to fake the Apocalypse or something of that nature, would that technology be able to create mass delusion?
Thank you, Will
If you search the web for "West Nile Blues", you will find some articles that I have written. I'm not the best researching, but I do try to get the word out to the folks that listen.





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