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911 Skyscraper Safety Hearing

MADISON, NEW JERSEY ( -- Victim family members Sally Regenhard and Monica Gabrielle testified Wednesday, passionately expressing their Skyscraper Safety Campaign concerns at the fifth 9-11 Commission hearing on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States at Drew University's Baldwin Gymnasium where former New Jersey Governor and Commission chairman Thomas Kean is also the school's president.
However, additional news was made prior to and during Kean and Hamilton's press conference after Wednesday's proceedings--but also after a closed-door commission meeting held Thursday morning. Some 9-11 family members privately expressed concern regarding which two individuals would review key presidential documents. This, as past revelations about conflicts of interest may again become a bone of contention with the families--given close administration links to the only two commission members selected to exclusively review and summarize virtually all Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) documents.
Commission member Fred Fielding told "we will seek everything that's relevant," when we asked him if the panel would also subpoena National Security Counsel (NSC) meeting minutes and briefings, along with Director Richard Clarke's July 5, 2001 Counter-terrorism Security Group (CSG) meeting minutes and directives. However, Kean and Hamilton would not discuss their intentions regarding the key NSC and CSG documents and whether they would also be subpoenaed in the
3,000-death murder investigation, as commission conflicts of interest regained the spotlight.




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