Chemtrails Over
Putnam County NY

From Jim Mortellaro

Your Taxes at Work ... breathe deeply.
We began with a clear morning sky ... at 11AM, 11/1/03. One lone, thin
vapor trail.
Only twenty minutes later ... the same "vapor" trail ... hmmmm!
That nice, clear sky became curiously cloudy an hour later.
At about 12 Noon
Same day ... at about 4:30 PM, it became a rather oily, slick kind of
sky ... this shot is at dusk, as the sun slid behind the lake. A coincidence,
this is the lake over which an IBM executive witnessed a triangular UFO,
hovering a feet over the water. He lost his job after being interviewed by
the Gannet Newspapers.
Above ... One aicraft is making what will be it's final pass of the day.
And so it goes ...
Jim Mortellaro



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