Pike And Geneva
By Barry Chamish

There's nothing left to lose, so I'll stick my neck out. The squeeze is now on, big time, to reduce Israel to a helpless state, in the last stage before its elimination. Oslo has now become Geneva and this time around, those leading Israel to its final disaster have learned from their failures. If Israel does not play along, the threats to its mortality that only our highest leaders are permited to hear, will be actuated.
Before jumping over to Geneva, I'm about to lose many of my fence-sitting readers; those who think I may be a tad too conspiratorial. Well, let's give them the deep conspiracy anyway.
I have long known that Labor Zionism was created by British Freemasonry and its longterm goal was always the destruction of the Jews. Now I'm going to prove it.
Albert Pike was an American masonic grandmaster of the 19th century. Unlike others of his cult, he was less than secretive and recorded the master plan in his writings. You are invited to absorb his message:
One message that Albert Pike received from his "spirit guide," and which in reality we know to be a demonic vision, he described in a letter that he wrote to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871. This letter graphically outlined plans for three world wars that were seen as necessary to bring about the One World Order, and we can marvel at how accurately it has predicted events that have already taken place. This is not because the devil has powers of prophecy, but because his agents have undertaken to manipulate political events to closely follow his designs. For a short time, this letter was on display in the British Museum Library in London, and it was copied by William Guy Carr, former Intelligence Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy.
"The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the "agentur" (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions."
Students of history will recognize that the political alliances of England on one side and Germany on the other, forged between 1871 and 1898 by Otto von Bismarck, co-conspirator of Albert Pike, were instrumental in bringing about the First World War.
"The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm."
After this Second World War, Communism was made strong enough to begin taking over weaker governments. In 1945, at the Potsdam Conference between Truman, Churchill, and Stalin, a large portion of Europe was simply handed over to Russia, and on the other side of the world, the aftermath of the war with Japan helped to sweep the tide of Communism into China.
"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."
Since the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, world events in the Middle East show a growing unrest and instability between Jews and Arabs. This is completely in line with the call for a Third World War to be fought between the two, and their allies on both sides. This Third World War is still to come, and recent events show us that it is not far off.
How Arabs View the World's Most Powerful Club
Inside the Masonic Lodge
By Linda S. Heard
One of the best-known founding fathers of U.S. Freemasonry is Boston-born General Albert Pike, a 19th-century architect of the 'New World Order'. He was a linguist who rose to Grand Commander of North American Freemasonry from 1859-1891 and authored a Masonic handbook called The Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry.
In this, Pike explains how the true meaning behind the symbols of Masonry must be kept from ordinary Masons: "Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry..."
On August 15, 1871, Pike wrote a letter to his friend Guissepe Mazzini, a third degree Mason, who had headed the Illuminati (a Masonic offshoot, rooted in Bavaria) in 1834. The missive--formerly on display in the British Museum--was a blueprint for three world wars Pike envisioned as necessary to bring about the One World Order.
According to Pike, the First World War must be brought about in order to overthrow the power of the Russian Tsars and of making that country a fortress of Communism... At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and weaken religions.
The Second War must be brought about so that Fascism and German (Aryan) Nationalism is destroyed, strengthening Zionism enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine...
The Third World War would take advantage of the differences between Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and Zionism destroy each other.
Wrote Pike: "Meanwhile, the other nations, once more divided on this issue, will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion..."
Sound familiar?
The Arab view
It's little wonder that the Arab world views Freemasonry with a jaundiced eye. Few Moslems become Masons.
The Jewish connection:
In the minds of many Arabs, Masonry is inextricably linked to Judaism, mostly due to the Qabbalastic system of numbers (Gematria) used during the rituals and references to the Temple of Solomon. In reality, Masons are mostly Christian (90 per cent in the U.S.) although it must be said that Jewish Masons tend to be influential, and are said to include several Israeli politicians, including Benjamin Netanyahu.
In 1996, a new lodge was formed in Israel, named after Sir Moses Montefiori, a prominent Mason and the brother-in-law of Nathan Rothschild. Its website reads: "The consecration (of the new lodge) took place in the quarries of Jerusalem..."
From this choice of location, one can, perhaps, interpret that members of this lodge believe that the origins of Masonry are linked to the construction of Solomon's Temple.
Albert Pike in his Morals and Dogma writes: "The room of place in which they (Masons) meet, representing some part of the Temple of Solomon, is also called the lodge".
One must surely, therefore, wonder why so many Masonic scholars have concluded that Freemasonry has its roots in European stonecutters guilds... or is this organised deception?
Masonic Forum magazine, while profiling Isaac Grassiani, the founder of the Supreme Masonic Council of Israel, suggests that Israel is "the legendary birthplace of the Craft." So, perhaps the view of some Arabs that Freemasonry's ideology is tied to Judaism isn't far wrong.
Recall that Pike's letter was written in 1871. He refers to Zionism by name, yet there was no Zionism in 1871. Nor were there Fascists or a communist Russia.
Pike's letter is no forgery, in fact it was, for a long time, on very public display. He was privy to the highest secrets of his order and he revealed them honestly.
After reading Pike's revelations, one can only come to the conclusion that history is not random, it is planned. Pike's letter proves by its very terminology that, among other issues, the Holocaust of the 1940s was as manipulated as is the upcoming war to the end with Israel. Note with strong interest, that both Islam and Israel are slated for annihilation.
There are numerous sources exposing the Masonic game of infiltrating Judaism to promote its demise from within. One of the most important books exposing Freemasonry's near-total corruption of Judaism are Rabbi Marvin Antelman's, To Eliminate The Opiate, Volumes One and Two. Below, in private correspondence, Rabbi Antelman explains how a Masonic symbol, the Star Of David was foisted on the Jews:
"You ask a very significant question. The late professor Gershom Scholem stated "The hexagram is not a Jewish symbol, much less 'the symbol of Judaism.'' In my research, I came accross microfilms of rare books by Rabbi Yaakov Emden exposing the Sabbatians written in the early 1750s. He reproduced satanic amulets most of which were in hexagrams and cursed the Sabbatians who created them. For a comprehensive well documented history on the Magen David, I refer you to Prof, Scholem's; The Star of David, History of a Symbol which appears in The Messianic Idea In Judaism
Kol tuv,
Rabbi M.S. Antelman
You can acquire To Eliminate The Opiate Volume 2 through me or both volumes by writing Rabbi Antelman directly at
The Masonic role in today's morass is discussed frequently on the internet. Below is one example that is of great import because it discusses the British role in Israel's troubles, and does much to explain why Britain is running around Iraq with rifles at the ready.
VLHale - U.S.A
10/29/2003 09:34 IT I don't know if I agree with the premise of the book that Prince Charles will be the AntiChrist, but 'The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea' by Tim Cohen does an outstanding job of giving you the 'skinny' on the Masons. It, also, outlines how the English monarchy supposedly traces its ancestry to Adam and the claim that they hold the title of the 'King of Jerusalem.'
And now on to Geneva. Tomorrow, Nov. 16, '03, every Israeli mailbox will be stuffed with the new Geneva Accord. Now who paid for that? How come no one volunteers to give me about $7 million to publish the Rabin murder documents and distribute them to every household in the land?
The answer is because I'm not Yossi Beilin and I haven't been totally corrupted by the beast.
The Geneva Conspiracy: Of Course It's Treason
By Arno Weinstein
Imagine this: a group of Americans, say presidential candidate Howard Dean, Senators Ted Kennedy, Fritz Hollings and Robert Byrd, go to the wilds of Pakistan and meet with the lieutenants of Usama bin Laden. They carry with them a "peace proposal hammered out with various al Qaida supporters in the United States calling for the unilateral withdrawal of American forces from all Islamic countries. They present the proposal to terror agents representing bin Laden, work out the kinks and arrive at an agreement aimed at ending the conflict between al Qaida and the United States. What would the overwhelming majority of Americans say? In unison the outcry would be Treason!
All the world thinks the Geneva Accord was hatched in Switzerland. No, it was incubated there. The birthplace was actually London, the same city where, in 1992, Beilin got the Oslo ball rolling.
Dear Mr. Chamish, One of the Palestinian Newspaper was announcing that the first draft for the "Geneva accord" was drafted at a meeting with Lord Michael Levy in London. Can you tell us more about this Lord Levy?
Here's a brief bio of the lord:
He also owns a villa in Herzliya Pituah, an exclusive suburb of Tel Aviv in Israel, which he bought after selling another villa nearby for £4 million. He has acted as a fundraiser for Ehud Barak, the Israeli Prime Minister, and maintains a close relationship with him. His son Daniel worked for the Israeli Justice Minister Yossi Beilin, to whom Levy contributed campaign funds. Both his children live in Israel. Since 1992 he has been Chairman of Jewish Care, one of the UK's biggest charities (he was asked to join by the Tory minister Lord Young), raising as much as £60 million.
In a nutshell, that is how Judaism has been infiltrated. The evil ones spot the weakest and greediest of the Jews and promote them into the highest charitable posts of the land. From there, they dictate what is good for the Jews and Israel. Lord Levy is no different from an Edgar Bronfman,
or a Henry Seigman, or literally every American president of some major Jewish charity. They will be heavily represented at the General Assembly gathering of the World Zionist Organization this week in Jerusalem. Some are let in on the whole picture, while most become too dependant on their masters to rebel. Those who do rebel will be returned to the fold through blackmail, or failing this, murder. That is how Beilin became a traitor, as a European source wrote:
"We meant Greta Dussenberg or something like that, the wife of famed Central banker. That is what she is famous for. Beilin and his Arabic boyfriend met in Zurich and then travelled to Bern, apparently the Arabs involved with some of the Gretta's arabic slaves in the orgy . By the way the homosexual orgy was filmed by the KGB and MI6 , and this one you can trust us on. Another thing one of the Qurea`s relatives was prominent in this "type of talks" , with Beilin and I guess with the help of some Israeli/Jordanian leftists it was put all on to paper. Beilin is going to SF, USA to present his plan to SF homosexuals. Very strange . Another thing Gretta was removed from the spotlight , 6 months ago, but at a core she is a product of Nazi officer and an Austrian madam."
And the sexual blackmail does not stop at a little pipsqueak like Beilin. Let's look at the rapist George Bush Jr.:
RadioRote reported a woman filed rape charges against Mr. Bush in Fort Bend County TX. What was of interest is that the report made little news. (
Want less reported news? The plaintiff was found dead in September of 2003 -- a suicide gunshot wound to the head, according to
Now, it is merely a matter of record, however small.
Paper: Houston Chronicle
Date: Saturday 09/27/03
Section: A Edition: 3
MARGIE D. SCHOEDINGER expired Monday, 9/22/03 . Visitation: Friday, 9/26/03 , 7 to 9pm, McCoy & Harrison Chapel. Funeral Service: Saturday, 9/27/03 , 1:30pm, McCoy & Harrison Chapel. Interment, Houston Memorial Gardens.
So here is how the Israeli public is being prepared for their sellout? The nation's largest circulation newspaper, Yediot Ahronot allowed half the front page of its weekend edition, Nov. 14, '03, to be devoted to a blaring red headline proclaiming that the four past chiefs of the Shabak predict disaster if Geneva isn't accepted by the Israeli public. As if their meeting was accidental!
Of course, why shouldn't they when one of them has been consorting with the enemy? Recall, the Shabak is supposed to protect Israelis from Arab terrorism, not to cut political deals with anyone, let alone a PLO figure:
11/12 13:30 Peace promoter Ayalon: The left must not gain power
Former Shin Bet security service director Ami Ayalon, co-sponsor with Sari Nusseibeh of a non-governmental Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative, told Maariv that the left must not regain power in Israel. "The left will not succeed in passing an agreement with the Palestinians. Only the Likud is capable of removing settlements," he said.
Now, let's remember that Carmi Gillon as Shabak head planned and approved hundreds of illegal incitements against those opposed to the Oslo Accord, including the Hebron massacre, the Rabin murder and the provocatory activities of Avishai Raviv.
Last month Gillon ran for town council head of Mevaseret Tzion. At the same time, the only radio voice of the opposition, Arutz Sheva was shut down. Never forget that Arutz Sheva was closed by a Sharon government without any protest by Sharon. And never forget that Gillon won the municipal election in no small part because Sharon publicly endorsed him. Now you go figure why the Likud chairman would back a Labor candidate who he knows knocked off Rabin with the help of his controller Shimon Peres.
As for the other Shabak chiefs scaring the bejeebies out of the Israeli public, Yaacov Perry recruited Avishai Raviv in the first place and Avi Dichter has been covering up for all of them.
And this collection of liars and murderers is supposed to bring peace to Israel!?!
The brainwashing campaign will not end at the mailboxes. Following quickly after, actor Jason Alexander will arrive in Israel to do some pushing of his own. And who is sending him but a front organization run by the Rockefeller Brothers called One Voice. Go to to get the idea. Besides the Rockefellers, Alexander is being sponsored by Peres' Mason rabbis, David Rosen and Michael Melchior. In fact, Rosen was once chairman of a documented Masonic offshoot, the Bnai Brith of Ireland, with its lodges under his thumb.
How do we know all this? Because Albert Pike wasn't the last insider to talk. To read a modern voice, visit:
Now why should anyone believe any of this? Because I've been right a little too often in the past. Let's take the recent past for example. I wrote that the Voice Of Israel Radio's police reporter at the time, Aviv Bushinsky hid inside Ichilov Hospital on the night of the Rabin assassination and saw too much to talk about it. Dr. Joshua Backon called him to find out if I was right:
Hi Barry,
I just phoned Aviv Bushinsky (cell phone: 056-882288) [ ] and he admits
the story that he hid at Ichilov before the party arrived.
After Aviv Bushinsky admitted he did hide himself at Ichilov, he sort
of hung up the phone.
I wrote that the defacing of the Rabin monuments and the spitting on his memorial flame was a Shabak operation, using Shabak stooges as the spitters and defacers. In my book Save Israel!, I name Iris Cohen as one of those Shabak slaves. Who knows what trouble she was in to be awarded the honor. Here is a typical letter of many sent to me on the day Iris Cohen was arrested for defacing Rabin's monument in Tel Aviv:
Hey Barry,
Didn't hear from you since Iris Cohen was "arrested" today.
What to you have to say?
And who was the next grafitti-writing defacer to be arrested? Why Itamar Ben Gvir, who Yigal Amir identifies, in the police interrogation reprinted in Save Israel!, as a Shabak operative.
But as infiltrated as Kach has to be, even Ben Gvir would never write Kahane Lives on Rabin's edifice and scrawl a swastika beside it. As a reader observed:
"Both swastikas AND praise of Kahane??"
Israel is in enormous trouble and is about to be a fatality of a plot for world domination recorded in 1871. The means to its end will be the Jews made influential by forces salivating at the opportunity to see Israel finally finished off in the flames of a ritualistic Hell.
And about a quorum of all the Jews reading this will believe me.
Though the Jews are stunned by the German poisoning of Israeli baby formula, and the slaughter in Istanbul's synagogues, we can try to move some Israelis to protect themselves. Tell your Hebrew reading friends to pick up some reality at:
Two weeks ago, Israel Cohen, a Jerusalem printer volunteered to reprint my previous books for only the cost to him. He simply wants as many people to read the information as possible. The books just arrived and if you want a package sent to you, here's what you'll receive in the mail:
Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin - The second, updated edition.
Israel Betrayed - The underlooked book which exposed for the first time, the foreign covert operations against Israel's survival, as well as the suspicious shenanigans surrounding the 1994 Hebron massacre.
The Last Days Of Israel - This was the first book to actually name Rabin's murderers, and reveal the identities of Israel's most determined enemies within and without the state. The Israeli English-language edition has been sold out for five months but thanks to a generous printer, is finally back.
If you'd like, I'll send you all three books, including postage for $25. Since shipping is about a third of the cost, I think I'm offering a sincere very low price. Write
Nadia Matar, head of Women In Green wrote me that she is interested in holding a rally outside the General Assembly gathering at Binyanei Ha'uma on Wednesday when Peres is speaking:
"YES we are VERY interested-
in fact, I want to bring that same huge poster as we had in Tel Aviv
of Peres kissing Arafat- but I need the schedule of the
GA convention to know exactly when Peres is talking-
do you have it?"
I have since received no confirmation if the rally is on or not. So ask the Women in Green by writing: or
This year the GA assembly is open and I did receive the schedule. If you are committed enough to confront the conventioneers with the facts of the Rabin murder or any other crime you want exposed to world Jewry's leaders, write me back and I'll forward the itinerary to you.
Alan Perlman, Ari Goldberg, R.Cewiness, Julia Echols. Those are four of the real Heroes Of Israel. They sent me funds last week so I can put my books in the hands of Israel's most influential people who would never actually purchase a copy. These people really are making a difference. If you want to join them, e-mail me at That's also the address to order Save Israel! and my other books, including Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin.
Or send me $20 a book at:
Barry Chamish
Nakhal Zohar 40/2
Modiin 71700 Israel
Here are some good Rabin sites to spread around:




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