Soldiers Scrape Up
Money To Pay For Supplies
A local Army National Guard unit is mobilizing to go to Iraq without
many of the essentials the soldiers desperately need.

By KOMO Staff & News Services

LONGVIEW, WA - Specialist Brian Lange with the Army National Guard just spent his last weekend with his wife and two sons before mobilizing for Iraq. He and more than 3,000 soldiers from the 81st Armor Brigade are heading out on Saturday.
But instead of fun, Lange's mind was on finances all weekend.
The Lange family is trying to scrape up enough money to buy what you'd assume is paid for by the U.S. government. He needs money for supplies including a flashlight, socks, a utility belt, binoculars, sunglasses, even a pair of boots.
Lange has a pair of the basic issue boots, but soldiers in the field say they they aren't suitable.
Army National Guard members need more expensive boots, specially designed for the desert.
"The best way to get this out that we need this help is by talking," said Elizabeth Johnston.
Johnston is the founder of a group called MOMS, Mothers of Military Support. The group is raising money to buy supplies for soldiers, and donating 200 care kits as well.
"About 60% of the families that are being deployed right now cannot afford $200 to $300 out of their normal paycheck plus being able to survive knowing that their loved on is going," said Johnston.
To survive while her husband Brian is gone, Rachel Lange and her two sons are going without heat. They are also postponing christmas indefinitely.
"It's frustrating," said Rachel. "But I just look at it as he has to go over there (to Iraq) and do what he has to do. While he is over there doing his job I will just take care of everything here as best as I can. If that means the rent is late a little bit, and the heat gets turned on a little bit later, and the kids go without Christmas presents, then it's just what I have to do."
How To Help:
If you'd like to help out the Charlie Battery of the 81st Armor Brigade, you can send a donation to:
Mothers of Military Support
1105 D 15th Avenue, #11
Longview, Washington 98632.




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