Chemtrails Over Eastern NC

From Chris S. Davis
Hi, Jeff!
In response to the page with the video stills of chemtrails over eastern NC, where I happen to live, I saw much more than what was displayed on that page. I took a few pictures that need to be developed and I'll pass them to you as soon as they are done.
The night before Halloween I noticed around 7 pm, the aurora borealis in the sky. I've lived in Rocky Mount, NC and the surrounding area for most of my life and I've never seen it in this latitude before. I must say it was beautiful with it's rosey-red glow shifting intensity. Of course, this was all due to the massive CME's we experienced last week.
Most of that week, the skies were relatively calm in regards to chemtrail traffic. But Halloween morn, I counted AT LEAST 19 chemtrails in the sky with at least 4 planes laying fresh trails in a northern direction! I've seen heavy days, but none like this! Could this be attributed to the effects the CME had on our atmosphere? Is there some sort of correlation, between solar activity and chemtrail activity? It's hard not to make that assumption, though I dare say what other nefarious reasons there may be.
What really sickens me is that this was happening while driving my little girl to preschool. She's only four, Jeff. Does anyone else other than me and others like you care about what's going on? What long term effects will we and our children experience that the government will never be held accountable for?
I can't help but think of what kind of world my children will inherit from us....



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