Chemtrails Over NJ On Halloween
From Frederick Z

I am very skeptical about chemtrails being anything more a natural process. However, Saturday morning even made me wonder.
During Friday night I heard many planes overhead. I didn't think much of it because the local Air force base has many planes coming and going during the night. However, on Saturday morning the number of chemtrails I found was quite astounding. I would have taken a picture, however my camera is in the shop.
The thing that made me concerned about the chemtrails is that they all appeared in a parallel direction, and all appeared in a direction that normal fight traffic from NYC, Newark, Philly and McGuire do NOT take.
Also, the chemtrails clearly started and stopped at a certain distance. It almost appeared that spraying occurred until tanks had emptied. The only reason I am writing this is because I noticed many other people on the east coast also took note. I also find this very insidious because it occurred on Halloween night when many children spent a good deal of time outside.



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