Nazi Lebensborn And
Lee Harvey Oswald

From David L Caldwell

Dear Jeff,
I'm a loyal fan of your show. The best and the most fascinating show on the web. Here is a tantalizing theory that I think merits some follow up with anyone you think might have some inside track on this...this is going to sound quite way-out and bizarre, but please bear with me...I got this from remote viewing...
Just in the last couple of years, serious researchers have found that Himmler started a human breeding program to develop future Nazi leaders from "pure" Aryan stock. It was called the Lebensborn program.
There were several castles in Germany that were set aside for young, fertile Aryan women to come in, usually by train, for a rendezvous with an SS stud in order to procreate and give a "gift to the Fuhrer" (a baby). These illigetimate children were immediately turned over to nurse/teachers for conditioning from birth.
Now, extending the logic, one can imagine that there was a secret, very upscale segment of the Lebensborn program reserved for the Nazi elite, the Himmlers, Goerings, Eichmanns, etc. The most desirable and high society of young women may have participated in this upscale version of Lebensborn. For these special babies, state-of-the-art MK Ultra was used to condition them for leadership roles in governing future Nazi territories such as Britain, Russia, and the U.S. Lebensborn was started in the mid-1930's and probably perfected in the late 1930's.
After Hitler waltzed into Paris virtually unopposed, it must have been presumed by Himmler, et al, that conquering Britain, Russia, and the U.S., while not a cakewalk, would be inevitable. They would need future leaders who would be conditioned to speak the languages (with acceptable accent and dialect) of the conquered countries.
Imagine a super-secret encampment or castle in which special babies (offspring of Himmler, Goering, etc) would be reared in an environment custom designed for cultural aspects of Britain, Russia and the U.S. There in those very protected "cells" would be MK Ultra instructors who would be originally from the Allied countries. These would be eugenics enthusiasts/scientists sposored by wealthy industrialists in America and elsewhere (it's documented that they were very interested in eugenics) and whom stayed in Nazi Germany after war broke out.
So, we have babies being brought up as mind control subjects (MK Ultra) and being conditioned socially to fit into the Allied countries as Nazi leaders at some future time. Perhaps LSD or a derivative of mescaline was also used as a conditioning drug along with brainwashing.
Now, consider that as the tide was turned in the war and it became inevitable that the Third Reich would fail, these special Lebensborn cells were abandoned by the SS. In the final days of WWII, in comes the OSS, having some inside clue that such a castle exists. What do they do? They clamp down the whole thing in the most Top Secret, classified terms, on a similarly high level of classification as MJ-12. A real tight lid. So, the OSS confiscates all Nazi research pertaining to MK Ultra. They funnel the Nazi scientists and their expat (instructor) colleagues as well as some special children through Operations Dustbin, Ashcan and Paperclip.
Here's the kicker. Two of the children were later to be named by the CIA: Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Prusikova Oswald. Oswald's "Mother" was one of the Nazi sympathizers from the U.S. involved in Lebensborn eugenics and the key controller from birth of LHO. O.K., the OSS passed on the entire MK Ultra program along with the captured people and children involved to CIA. CIA gave them new identities as in a witness protection program. The Oswald "family" and its biographical history was fabricated using phony birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.
"Lee Oswald", actually an elite Lebensborn baby, was part of a CIA domestic sleeper cell. Marina was too, although she was brought up in the Russian cell. Lee never defected to Russia. It was a faked defection. Marina never left Russia with Lee because she was never there in the first place. It was all faked. The photos of Marina and Lee in Russia with landmarks are of agents in Russia who resemble the Dallas Lee and Marina but were different people.
Examine carefully photos and film footage of the Dallas "Lee Harvey Oswald" and you will find an uncanny resemblance to Heinrich Himmler (the pursed lip mannerism, the eyes and ears, even the voice). The Dallas "Marina" has facial features resembling Goering. Look carefully.
Since these kids were from the super secret MK Ultra program and originally from the Nazi Lebensborn program, the CIA was 100% sure that no one would come to their defense. They were also programmed to behave in certain ways when captured.
Ruby told Warren that he feared for his life and needed to get to Washington D.C. and to a safer place in order to confess something very explosive to Warren about the JFK assassination that Ruby knew. Also, Dorothy Kilgallen was on to something she said would "blow the lid off this thing" when she was found dead and her notes stolen. Was this MK Ultra and Lebensborn thing what Ruby and Kilgallen knew?
If you read the book LEE: A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald by His Brother (Robert Oswald), the whole Oswald family history reads like fabricated propaganda. Not only that, but "Mother" is cast as a psycho case and Lee her psycho son as if the book is a companion novel to Robert Bloch's 1959 bestseller Psycho. Did the CIA want the general public to subliminally think of Oswald as a real life Norman Bates? If you read the books side-by-side or one after the other, you'll see a match in tone and exposition that is so close that it couldn't be coincidental.
O.K., I know this is a very wild theory, but it does answer some of the layers of mysteries that wrap around the enigma of the JFK assassination. Researchers have always asserted that the many purported photos of Oswald are not of the same person. Some were agents, while the Dallas Oswald was the "special" agent. The Oswald family never stayed in the same town longer than 6 months. "Mother" Oswald held about a dozen different jobs from "retail shop owner" to "sales clerk in the Empire State Building" to "nurse." It's all suspect. Researchers have always been puzzled as to how Oswald could have so easily slipped in and out of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Even more puzzling has been the ease at which Marina was allowed to slip into the U.S. with Oswald. None of it made sense. But in this theory, it was all a concocted "Legend." They were in the U.S. the whole time under CIA safe house control.
Detectives who questioned Oswald in the Dallas jail either destroyed their notes and tapes or were told that the situation was of "national security." No one would reveal what Oswald said in some of those crucial hours or how he behaved. Even if he spilled the beans about his true background (as a Nazi baby), it is doubtful that he would have come across as credible. On the contrary, it would have cemented the "nut case" cover that CIA wanted to convey.
Jeff, what do you think? Would Jim Marrs be open-minded enough to consider this theory? As I said, this came to me in a "remote viewing" trance-like state. Even I find it too wild to believe and I'm the one proposing it. Any thoughts?
Dave in Dallas
By the way, Jeff, one of the members of the Warren Commission was formerly the High Commissioner of post-WWII Germany. James Jesus Angleton, the CIA counter-intel chief in 1963 boasted that his hobby was raising rare orchids. Most people took it literally. But were Oswald and Marina the real so-called "rare orchids"? "2+2=4, never 3, never 5", as Prof. Van Duesen used to say...put the pieces together and they fit. See below...
If it's true that CIA created the "Oswald family" as a cover for Lebensborn agents-from-birth, consider the very name "Oswald." Two possible motivations for naming the mysterious Dallas Oswald, Oswald...
1) the German meaning of the name Oswald is "Power of God." If Himmler had progeny involved in an elite spin-off of Lebensborn, "power of God" would suit his occult leanings and delusions of grandeur; 2) the word "wald" in German is associated with a place: Teutoburg Wald, in the heart of a social and historically super-elite and especially "Teutonic" area in Germany where a secret and elite Lebensborn facility could logically have been located. Combine that with a possible CIA code word for the Secret Nazi Elite Lebensborn program possibly given nomenclature at the time OSS captured it, its research, its mind control scientists, and the special children: OZ. In that formula, you would have the perfect name for assigning to a key kid from this thing: OZ-WALD.
Other tidbits: Allen Dulles was OSS station chief in Switzerland during the war and was in charge of capturing and importing, into U.S. intel control, the top Nazi spy ring chief: Gehlen, which the OSS/CIA utilized in Operation Sunrise. More info at this link:
Now, imagine that Jack Ruby was actually OSS/CIA, as was GHW Bush and others like E. Howard Hunt. If Ruby had been in on the capture of the secret Nazi Elite Lebensborn program, he would have been an insider from the get-go. This would explain Ruby's public statement (I'm paraphrasing here but you can look it up, it's documented on film): "I am one of the only people who knows the whole story and it goes to the very top of our government. You wouldn't believe how strange it is."
Now, who else would have been clued in? Here's a possible short list: Gerry Ford of FBI/CIA, GHW Bush of OSS/CIA (Bay of Pigs agent), the Brothers Dulles of State and CIA, Haldeman/Nixon, Kissinger, George Schultz, Richard Helms, James Jesus Angleton, General Lansdale, E. Howard Hunt (OSS/CIA/Bay of Pigs agent), Priscilla Johnson McMillan of CIA, Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Guy Bannister, and so on.
Furthermore: What does the Warren Report say Jack Ruby did during the war? "Mechanic" for Army Airborne. What does GHW Bush say he did during the war? Army Airborne. O.K., was it Army Airborne or OSS ???




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