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Intl Sex Scandal In London/DC
Sticking It To The Poobahs
News Hot Enough To Fry Eggs
By Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

International Sex Scandal Roils Up London/Washington
Surely the word-missiles were enroute. Just like shot at a convention of Black-Mailers.
Jaded from a surplus of war-talk, supposedly high-toned correspondents were discharging the fluid of their pelvic questions.
Print-fakers queried, "What, are we filling a Thursday newshole with this?" Meaning, while running a lot of Thursday food store ads, that required filling up the balance of the newspaper supposedly with "news", too often just an editor's worn-out closet rags.
The unwritten, if unpublished, newsroom Manual of Style, if not Book of Protocol, forbids writing such matters. Plainly, dirt on heavyweights.
On the other hand, long-brain-sterilized newswire types, just following central orders and solely interested in collecting their wages, did not smile or otherwise react.
"Are we informed, from credible sources, where these pictures come from?" asked a she/he liar and whore of the press, sounding just like recently hired from an Establishment journalism school, named, for example, for big-bucks known criminals like the Annenbergs. (See the book "Annenberg" by Gaeton Fonzi.)
An old-timer, veteran of numerous censorship wars, retorted, "Oh, you know, the network bosses' pals, at the French CIA, Israeli Intelligence, Red Chinese Secret Police, the Vatican Bank Chief, the usual well-placed 'official' sources we are supposed to rely on."
The pictures and accompanying spy agency notes (not to be attributed to anyone in particular), are quite explicit. They show a trio of apparent homosexuals getting off.
Ostensibly unhandcuffed, the newsies began poking their mental fingers, if not their actual pens, into once-forbidden portals and orifices.
"Hey, do you see what we have here?" comes a rhetorical throwaway question, from a voice with no name. Plainly, it was a trio of untouchables, top-level male sex-mates, sucking and screwing each other. Prince Charles, Britiish Prime Minister Tony Blair, and White House occupant and resident George W. Bush.
[To divert attention from the real situation, the British and others in the European press are running stories that Prince Charles had a minor functionary as a homosexual sex-mate, rather than the ones mentioned in this story.]
Did the press-whores suddenly depart from what the then editor of the New York Times, in 1953 dared utter in addressing a meeting of the National Press Club?
"The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.
"We are the tools and the vassals of rich men behind the scenes.
"They pull the strings, and we dance."
The list of questions to obviously pursue, sounded like a catalogue from a picnic of conspiracy theorists---like dopers cash money, of having somehow been too near actual cocaine.
[1] What about the children supposedly fathered by these characters in the pictures and notes? Did someone else put their pistol into the holster? Are we now going to check the DNA of the offspring of someone's actually lesbian wife?
A sarcastic correspondent mentioned that Juanita Broaddrick, apparently raped by Bill Clinton, mentioned that he said, "Honey, not to worry. I've been sterile since I had mumps as a teen-ager." Bill Clinton has his flag up most of the time, and like jailed other known rapists examined by doctors, suffers from priapism.
After all, daughter Chelsea has lips like Webster Hubbell, once law-partner of Hillary. Web was once Chief Judge of the Arkansas Supreme Court, Mayor of Little Rock, and then top honcho in the Clinton Justice Department. Web finally became a convicted/jailed embezzler having ripped off his once law partners.
To pave the way for a known homosexual to eventually occupy the British Throne, namely Prince Charles, the British Anglican Church, headed by Queen Elizabeth II, is installing church officials who are openly homosexual. Is this a mere coincidence?
Prince Charles, The Ugly, looks different than his sons he supposedly fathered, Prince William and Prince Harry, good-looking like their mother, Princess Diana of Wales. Charles, being implicated apparently in the homosexual trio, may cause the dethroning of Queen Elizabeth II. According to Diana's secret notes left with a trusted friend, she knew she was targeted to be murdered. Apparently by Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth. Phillip reportedly ordered British Counter-Intelligence, MI-6, to murder Diana. After all, she and her brother were/are the legitimate heirs to the British Throne, being from the House of Stuart. Fingering Prince Charles may cause the downfall of the fake-name House of Windsor, actually German royalty, not British, from the House of Hanover. The reason for the murder of Princess Diana and the threatening of her brother, who fled to Africa, becomes obvious.
Also, see the earlier story showing the Bush Crime Family has a joint account with Queen Elizabeth II, in HER PRIVATE BANK, Coutts Bank London OF ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, arranged under the secret codes, as shown in the document, of Alan Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve.
[2] What about the observations of highly-skilled orthopedic doctors? Namely, that George W. Bush does not walk straight, apparently from too much rear-end activity as a homosexual. In respect to the homosexual trio, some matter-of-a-factly ask, "Well, which one was the 'woman' ?"
And what about George W. Bush's skin lesions, to some indicating he contracted HIV from his other male sex-mate, the Mayor of a sizeable southern city?
Checking the paternity of this story most likely requires checking the secretions in and on the underwear of Royal and Political bigshots, as well as, those behind the mask of spy agencies.
Some among the "powers that be", the Establishment, the Aristocracy, the Ruling Class, whatever you call THEM, may be ready to divert negative attention from themselves as bloody war-mongers and profiteers of financial collapse, by throwing away their scapegoats and stooges, the unholy trio from London and Washington.
Perhaps some in the Aristocracy, stuck in a time warp, are trying to take back Tomorrow.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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