Scientific Analysis Of 'Angel Hair'
Fall Over Alessandria, Italy


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This is translation of article that is posted on the site of the Council of International Federation of Advanced Studies (Rome, Italy) at: that describes results of technical investigation of the massive fallout of "Angel Hair" like substance that has occurred in Alessandria in October 2002. Investigation was conducted by the personnel of National Research Center of Parma and Technical Institute "Leonardo Da Vinci" of Alessandria (Italy) after the initiative of witness, a student of technical institute.
on the 10/18/2002 in Alessandria, Italy
On the day of 19 October 2002 was received by the signed, scientist in charge of the C. U. N. (National Ufologic Center with the webpage at: for the analysis of laboratory and the tracks on the ground, an e-mail from the Dr. Franco Mari (member of the Executive Council), that informed him of an unusual phenomenon that happened the previous day in the region of Alessandira (Italy): an abundant fallout of a not easily identifiable fiber-like material, similar to spider web.
To frame the situation better, I textually report the description of the event, as was transmitted to the Dr. Mari by the witness, the 17 years old student Riccardo Carretta:
"I am 17 years old and I write to you to indicate one phenomenon that has attracted my attention. For some years I am passionate by UFO, about which I have informed myself thru books and transmissions on the argument.
Yesterday, 18 October 2002, my town and the neighboring zones were object of a singular phenomenon that I never before have experienced: the roofs, the automobiles, the trees were covered by strange filaments that have come down from the sky in a massive manner. The structure and the characteristics of this filaments show clearly than they are not the simple spider webs.
Pondering on what I was seeing, I have remembered different dossiers in which this phenomenon was discussed, always connected to the sighting, in the same zones, of not identified flying objects.
What is more, my mother affirmed to have seen yesterday a rectangular formation of flying objects that moved rapidly from south towards north.
I have analyzed what she has told me and I have verified that the characteristic of those objects were not such as those of aircraft or of birds flocks.
I am in possession of a champion of these weird filaments. Would you please analyze my testimony; I hope that you will contact me when you formulate one hypothesis on the event. I thank you for your attention and submit the said champion".
The undersigned, conscious of the fact that, if it is about "silicon cotton" (that type that has fallen on Florence in the distant 1954), every minute could be decisive for laboratory investigations, as such material is extremely volatile and subject to the sublimation, has immediately contacted the told witness by telephone, to which, after verifying his reliability and availability gave dispositions on the modalities of sampling, conservation and sending of material in subject.
The witness, reassuring me that the filaments did absolutely not "vanished", but were only slightly reduced in dimensions and consistency after 48 hours from the fallout, already gave me indirect indications that, likely, the material had little or nothing to do with the "silicon cotton" (boron-silicate of calcium and magnesium) from above. At any rate, the day of 22 October at my residence arrived, by priority mail, a sterile container with some residues of the filaments in subject.
This filaments have undergone, with the consent of one colleague form C.N.R. Laboratories of Parma (National Research Center, with the webpage at:, a careful and deepened microscopic examination (by means of a stereomicroscope, enlargement 70x, in clear field and in dark field, in direct light and reflected light) which was subsequently photographed with digital camera.
Such inquiry, whose results made superfluous further assessments (at any rate impossible, given the scantiness of the material available), unequivocally showed that the filaments were not of biological origin (like the thread produced by the glands of the Arachnids, that solidifies at contact with the air, creating spider web), but that they were similar to textile fibers, of not-vegetable type (as cotton is), synthetic (as rayon). Particularly, said filaments presented clear alternation of bright and more dark segments and the presence of segments, but not in constant intervals, that were able of refracting the light, this last is typical of synthetic polymer textile fibers.
Contemporary (and without me being aware), the student has submitted the samples of the same filaments to the opinion of some teachers of Technical Institute "Leonardo Da Vinci" (the school which he attended, webpage:,
attaining a nearly identical answer to ours. Also in this case, I textually report the communication from the witness:
"Distinguished Mr. Pattera,
I write you to communicate the developments relative to the strange event that has happened on 10/18/02 in area of Alessanria.
You should know that the next day after the appearance of the weird filaments, the ARPA (Regional Environmental Protection Agency, webpage:, by means of some local and regional newspapers, divulged a phantasmagoric explanation of this unusual event.
The technicians of this institution have passed judgment that the filaments are nothing else that spider web that is produced by a special species of ground spiders; however in these articles were not given any technical details or supplied tests that supported such declaration.
In addition to all this I take it is important to inform you about the opinion given by two Professors (one of chemistry and one of biology) of my institute (I.T.C. Leonardo Da Vinci). I have involved them making a note of the singularity of the phenomenon that I have observed and they, after having collected a champion of the filaments, have proceeded to a microscopic analysis.
The important thing is that their opinion was absolutely in conflict with that ARPA gave: from that what they were able to observe they have arrived at the conclusion that it was not a biological compound, but a synthetic fiber (that they were not able to identify using available instruments).
I hope that the information that I have supplied shall be of help, and I thank you in advance if you shall keep me informed on the developments of the case.
I extend my cordial greetings.
Riccardo Cart".
At this point I think that I can take the investigation about the weird samples from Alessandria, that was commissioned to me from CUN, concluded, underlining that, when two or more researchers that do not know of each other, distant between them, unknowingly of each other, studying the same phenomenon arrive at the same conclusions, the Science can consider itself sufficiently satisfied about the veracity of results.
Giorgio Pattera



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