HAARP To Quadruple Its Power
From The ARRL Letter, Vol 22, No 43
on October 31, 2003

From The ARRL Letter, Vol 22, No 43 on October 31, 2003
Technical Specialist Richard Lampe, KL1DA, represented the League at the 2003 High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) RFI meeting September 24 at the HAARP site near Gakona, Alaska.
"Joint funding through DARPA will allow HAARP to quadruple in size from its current 960 kW output to 3.6 MW," Lampe says.
"When completed in 2006, HAARP will then be the premier ionospheric research facility with beam-steering capabilities that other similar arrays worldwide don't have."
Under terms of its experimental license, HAARP must transmit on a non-interference basis, and Lampe--who is ARRL liaison to HAARP--says the staff at the control center immediately shut down the transmitters when harmonics were detected on 75/80 meters during experiments last year.
"Alaska hams monitor the bands and aid HAARP engineers by reporting RFI issues as soon as they happen," Lampe said.
Source: The ARRL Letter Vol. 22, No. 43 October 31, 2003




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