Lets Straighten Out The
Slants Around Terri

From Dee Rohe

There appears to be an extreme bias in the local newspapers in the Tampa Bay area, which is spread across the media as if it's pure gospel. Unsuspecting public readers of the managed media have no way of knowing the truth without being in touch with those close to the situation. Thank God for the Internet, then!
Recently very misleading articles had a doctor claiming that Terri was responsive only four minutes out of four hours of videos. What these non-investigative reporters don't seem to realize is, just as Kate Adamson reported about her own experience in that condition, is that Terri is very muscularly weak. Additionally Terri is spastic, both conditions due to non-activity and no therapy. Zilch therapy for over ten years. It takes tremendous effort and will power to move weak under exercised spastic muscles - even of eyes, eyebrows, throat, etc. except under an adrenal force - for instance, a shock like the one where she lurched forward when told that she was going to be killed if she didn't get up and get out of there last year in a secret, 'tough love' session over a cell phone. Emotion pushes one to move in more ways than one. If a person feels something is not worth it, lethargy sets in real quick. I get weak and drowsy and stiff and feeling down when I lie around too much myself. Who doesn't? Try lying around for years, bored nearly to death, mourning the loss of your connection with family and friends and see how much you would want to 'come out of it'.
Ask Terry Wallis, who was not betrayed by his spouse and their new baby, not abandoned by family and friends.. After nineteen years in a 'persistent vegetative state', worse than Terri's is now, he started speaking. His doctor figured out that he must really be depressed being in 'locked in' state, and started giving him anti-depressants. Within weeks, Terry Wallis started waking up more and speaking! Now he can say anything he wants to and is determined to walk again some day for his 19 year old daughter. His facial muscles, his jaw, throat are becoming less lax with the exercise of speaking! The doctor also credits his parents and Terry's wife Sandi visiting him frequently and bringing their daughter all these many years with her, and his family taking him out on excursions for special events.
Ask Kate Admanson what it was like to be weak and 'locked in' ! She supports Terri. Look at Kate, now!
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Kate was blessed to have an attorney husband that fought for her, and got her tube replaced.
She's now a motivational speaker traveling around the country to help educate the public about not giving up on life, among other things and has written a book.
Misleading newspaper articles have had the Felos paid doctor experts claim that Terri's cortex, the "thinking area" is shrunk much too small to hold consciousness. Balderdash! How small is too small? And is that hopeless? No!
With persistent stimulation, the cortex area of the brain grows, for crying out loud! With sheer boredom, no company, no stimulation, no mind exercise, no one around loving you, the brain shrinks! It used to be thought that once a brain cell dies, it would not be replaced with new brain cells. It is now a well researched fact that brain cells do indeed, replenish. For instance: " WASHINGTON (Reuters) - October 1999 Researchers said .. they had reversed one of the oldest beliefs about the brain -- that brain cells do not regenerate. A team at Princeton University said it had shown that new neurons are born in the cerebral cortex of adult monkeys -- the part of the brain where the very highest functions originate. They said their findings hold huge potential for treating and preventing brain disease and damage caused by strokes or head injuries. "
Recent research shows that even anti-depressants have been shown to make brain cells grow. It took several weeks for Terry Wallis's anti-depressant therapy prescribed by Dr. Burdette before he started talking, but it worked. It worked! Research with mice and rat brains has shown the shrinking of or the growing of the cortex with and without stimulating interesting activities, exercises, mazes to run. Terri's dream world no doubt has become far, far more attractive than the real world neglectful surroundings and abusive treatment by her legal spouse. Not knowing how important it is, she probably resents being awakened and dragged out of her nice cozy dream world to wake up and do something difficult and stupid like watch a balloon move around, and may even choose to ignore those bothersome intrusions, at this point. Another report of a formerly comatose man who had been in a similar position tells of how he refused to move a finger, literally, for a doctor who he resented for saying he was 'brain dead' within earshot. I wouldn't be the least surprised if Terri feels the same way. Like the Schindlers reported, Terri has good days and she has bad days. She's a living breathing woman who may not want to come out of it to be re-abused until she feels it's safe.
There are so many other cases of people recovering that were worse off than Terri. Give her the benefit of therapy, coupled with tender loving care, plenty of outings with her loving family and friends, a course of anti-depressants and brain stimulating drugs and nutrients. Terri hasn't had a chance to exercise her brain or her muscles in a long, long time. Whose fault is that! The very team that has prevented her from having a chance for an improved quality of life is now using this planned condition to be the basis to finish her off. Painfully.
Well... we've got a job to do.. educate the public ourselves. The reporters are not educable, it seems. Like Christina of Pinellas County and others have said, the reporter she spoke to at the vigil outside the hospice told her that their higher ups told them what words to use, or else. We have to do the reporting ourselves. We follow higher orders.
Dee Rohe
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