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From Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society)
Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection against Electrosmog

Message from Iris Atzmon:
Today, in the news about the cellular companies:
The cellular companies say there's no problem with the radiation, so what happens when there's antennas near the house of the cellular companies directors?
(Two TV crews went out to test the reactions of two cell phone executives to the placing of a cell phone mast/tower near their homes. -ed)
The first (executive) recognized the TV van....the crew was discovered. The second (executive) was driving out of his house in his car, when the TV person and the van were close to his house and he was told about placing the antenna: "Put it there" and he pointed further away.
"But we look for reception. Here it's good for reception, it's a high place. It's only an antenna, it's not supposed to disturb", said the TV crew.
"Do you know who you are talking with"? asked Partner company director, Amicam Cohen.
The TV person: "No".
"I am the director of Partner".
"Nice to meet you" said the TV person and they shook hands.
"So, do you mind if we put the antenna here?"
"Yes, and also the neighbours will resist".
Additionally, the person responsible in the government to the safety of the radiation, Dr. Stelian Galberg, was interviewed, and lied his usual lies in which he is so well practiced, he coldly said that the standard is fixed already according to the weakest parts of the population like children and old people. He also said that "If the radiation was harmful, we would see the consequence by now" (and of course according to him, we are all healthy no matter that he knows the truth. What a criminal)
A citizen that one day the companies erected a monster near his house, a huge tower with so many microwave dishes, is afraid for his family health, and was not told about the antennas. A children doctor Dr. Danny Wolf explained about the danger to children, with thinner skull. The national program for erecting antennas in Israel is the regulator in Israel, it means that the cellular companies BY LAW don't need to inform citizens about cellular antennas that are erected near their houses. It means also that if a municipality resist antennas (the city council) - the companies can sue the municipality. How well we are controlled.
More in the news - the reaction of the companies: The chose to react together the three of them as the Cellular Forum: (which has a non- profit website ending of "org".)
The T.V then showed pictures of antennas near schools and kindergarten and said: you judge....
Klaus I have recorded 5 masts that have been destroyed in the UK. Also two in Italy, one in Israel. Your readers can get the full stories on BBC News Archives for the UK one's. Just find BBC Front Page and search for Mobile Masts. Address below
Regards Robert
Cumbria: Row over hi-tech phone masts
BBC NEWS England
Row over hi-tech phone masts
The head teacher of a primary school near the site of a proposed mobile phone mast says the potential risk to pupils' health must be considered.
Mobile phone operator Hutchison 3G UK has applied to Barrow Borough Council to put up five masts in Furness, Cumbria, to support the new type of videophones.
One of the proposed masts in Lindal is near Marton Primary School.
The council has recommended refusal of the mast, along with two others at Furness Abbey and the Strawberry rugby union ground in Barrow.
It says all three are visually unacceptable, and other sites should be considered.
Health concerns
Health considerations cannot be used to refuse planning permission.
Head teacher David Barlow said it is time that rule was changed. He said: "We have to start looking beyond visual intrusion. "Let's start thinking about health issues. Let's start thinking about the sort of children that might be affected. "I would expect the planning committee to take that on board."
Council officials say two other masts in Dalton should be approved.
Radiation levels
The latest third generation mobile phones can send video images, but a new network of base stations is required to support them.
These masts operate at a higher frequency than those for traditional mobiles.
Many people oppose the masts because of concerns about higher levels of radiation.
A study for the Dutch government claimed the new base stations caused headaches and nausea.
Participants complained about significant levels of nausea, headaches and tingling sensations when they were exposed to signals that mimicked third generation mobile networks.
Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2003/11/04 11:38:53 GMT
Re: Thermal and Nonthermal Mechanisms of the Biological Interaction of Microwaves
Dear John Michael Williams:
Did you explore adequately the false fundament of ICNIRP standards?.
You use today a medieval method of misconception and disqualification while in the world you have more than "one thousand million" guinea pigs as mobile users .
1. One thousand million guinea pigs as mobile users? is not one simple hypothesis.
2. Why do you use ambiguous expressions?: perfect framework of confusion!
"Theoretical and experimental studies supporting this hypothesis are weaker than usually assumed".
We develop a simple framework of understanding of EMR that may be used to explain microwave hearing
We then extend this approach to other contexts, pointing out several fundamental misconceptions confounding the field.
Parameters of irradiation causing such effects have not been explored adequately and remain unknown.
2.1. Your confounding conclusion is?:
There appears not to be any forensic methodology to prove the cause of harm at nonthermal levels.
3. Did you explore adequately the false fundament of ICNIRP standards? Weaker basis?: False basis and "dead mass".
* The false fundament of ICNIRP standards can have as weaker basis a "dead mass" of pure and simple sugar-salt-water heated 1 degree.
Did you extend this approach to the ICNIRP contexts, pointing out several fundamental misconceptions confounding the human health? (not a "dead mass").
3.1. Did you explore adequately the "Blood Brain Barrier alteration"? Published in the former USSR (1972) over 25 ys. ago.
(See attachment. Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage)
Omega: see also
But I leaved my house 5 metres form direct microwave radiation of base station with cancer, epilepsy and microwave hearing.
I am not worried about microwave hearing near base stations.
I am worried about my cancer and epilepsy.
Yours faithfully
Miguel Muntané
Wishaw Mobile Phone Mast Vandalised/Government hush up?
Dear All,
I have been trying to get a news report of the incident in Wishaw Sutton Coldfield, regarding the vandalisation and destruction of a large mobile phone mast. The locals have been protesting about the dangers of this mast for years, and cancer clusters and other adverse health effects from it!
It seems there is a government hush up of the whole affair with the news of the mast destruction being confined to the local area where it is situated. I have seen nothing on national news or national newspapers regarding this event!
I have tried to access stories via the internet but am being refused access to all sites that carry a story on all service providers.
For instance try yourself and see if you fair any better.
Type in www. google. Then type Wishaw mast down. The Telegraph Newspaper will be on the list provided. Click on to the story about the Wishaw mast down. Let me know if the page is unavailable. Every article I have tried is unavailable regarding this incident. What is going on?
Also try the same at www.
and www. msn
You will find that the same story is unavailable. Is this news being censored and contained because the government do not want the public to know the extent of protests regarding mobile phone masts?
Barry Fletcher.
Re: EMF/R effects on birds
Dear colleagues,
I am interested in environmental effects of EMF. The data described by Milt Bowling are very important and interesting. Have somebody the copies of the mentioned papers and possibility to send them to Russia?
It would be very appreciated. Thank you for your care. Please contact me.
Eugenia Bichelday (
Omega: Dr. Bichelday is the Scientific Secretary of Prof. Yuri Grigoriev, Chairmen of RNCNIRP
Tel./fax: +7-095-190-91-27
POST ADDRESS: 46, Zhivopisnaya st., Moscow, 123182, Russia.
Omega: please, dear friends, if you find these papers make our readers also the source known, to get them for themselves. Thank you!
Articles and references
Please find below various information, which might be of interest to the list:
***An article regarding technology using electromagnetic energy (microwaves) for monitoring of "antisocial neighbours."
***A New York Times article from 1971, about chemical stimulation or Electric Brain Stimulation to alter the behaviour of... national leaders (copy at (Nowadays TMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has been developed, which can be used by psychiatrists with the agreement of the Committee of Ethics to stop symptoms of obsessive compulsive behavior (which means they could start them as well).
***And just FYI an announcement by a group of French artists of a Global Resistance exhibition against technologies of control due to take place a the end of the year or beginning of 2004 in Paris, Berlin and London (for information see or )
Excerpt =
1) Nightmare neighbours face 'SAS' Jun 27 2003
By Steve Swingler, Evening Mail
A rapid reaction force bristling with James Bond-style surveillance weapons is to go to war on neighbours from hell in Birmingham. The specially trained team of council officers will use techniques perfected by former SAS men to bring nightmare tenants and even private homeowners to heel.[...]
[...] Alison Parsons, boss of the new Anti-social Behaviour Unit, said: "Many of those ruining the lives of those around them think they are immune because their neighbours are too afraid to do anything. "Those anti-social people will be in for a shock. We will do whatever is necessary to stop the problem in the fastest way possible." Ms Parson said that the council had, on a couple of occasions in the past, used former SAS surveillance experts.[...]
[...] The hit squad will use more than £20,000 worth of miniature cameras and powerful microwave listening equipment that can gather evidence on neighbours from hell even if stake outs are some distance away. The evidence can then be used in court to get restraining orders and evictions. The team and its hi-tech equipment is essential where residents are too frightened of reprisals to gather and give evidence themselves.[...]
Best regards
Nathalie L.
Exclusion Zones - International Regimes
Would you happen to know what countries are operating exclusion zones in respect to the siting of mobile telephone masts? We are trying to get our LPA to adopt this approach and are asking for firm evidence of the International approach to the subject. Marre Dafforn felt that you might know.
Best regards.
Geoff Williams.
O.T. themes:
Congressman Ron Paul Admits Conspiracy to Create World Government
Informant: Gale
Seven Thousand Wounded US Soldiers Treated at One Hospital in Germany
Private Jessica says President is misusing her 'heroism'
Gore: Bush using war to implement "big brother"-style of government
Rumsfeld in retreat
War guilt in Iraq
Bring Halliburton home
Informant: Thomas L. Knapp
Please paste in news letter a few times a week for a few months, if possible
Dr. Rebecca Carley is one of the most dedicated, respected, and upright women I know. She has been a guest lecturer at international conferences on the subject of the dangers of vaccines. She is deserving of your support.
She is fighting this battle for all of us. In retaliation, NYS government has come down as hard on her as they can. Anything you may be able to do to help her will be remembered by many.
Ron Loeber
----- Original Message -----
To: List Deleted
Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 8:27 PM
Subject: Dr Carley's medical license suspended by Medical Mafia
Please be advised that as of 7/11/03, my medical license has been suspended for a year followed by 4 years probation for "practicing medicine with a mental illness; said mental illness being the "delusion" that there is a conspiracy against me. I have been ordered to undergo "psychiatric treatment" for one year. (I will put as much of the 40 page decision [which is 90% misinformation such as saying my son is in foster care] as I can on my website by the end of the week). They admit that no complaints have ever been filed regarding my treatment of patients. I have also been ordered to release all of the records on my patients, [so they can hunt the children down and catch them up on their vaccines].
I will now be a wholistic practitioner doing iridology and counselling patients on detoxification techniques available over the counter. However, I will not be able to write prescriptions, order diagnostic tests, and most importantly, I will not be able to write medical exemptions. I am sure that the exemptions I have written will be deemed null and void.
20 years ago, when this was done to Dr. Revisci, his PATIENTS brought an action against the medical board for depriving them of a unique treatment available no where else. His patients won, and his license was restored.
Although I will be bringing my own artice 78 proceeding in my case, I am convinced that the fastest and most likely to succeed strategy is for the patients/supporters/potential patients to bring their own suit. Jennifer Grinberg (516-798-7642) will be organizing this effort to restore the license of the only court qualified expert in VIDS in the country.
It is time for people to do more than "feel sorry" for me, it's time for ACTION! Since the only people I can NOT write exemptions for are my son & I, I will not be affected.
However, if nothing is done, when they come to your door and with that Smallpox/SARS or whatever vaccine and your exemption is deemed invalid, get ready to roll up your sleeve or go to the quarantine camps as per the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act (already passed in NYS).
I have given all I can; the only thing left for them to take from me is my mind (with psychiatric drugs). I await the response of those who I have served.
In Service to the TRUTH, I Remain, Dr. Rebecca
Informant: John Mecca
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