The Mexican Conquest of America
By Frosty Wooldridge

In the past few months, illegal immigration and unrestricted legal immigration have been getting front page attention. Why? Because more and more of them are causing worsening problems. California is near death as an American State. Other states are next. Whether they bring in diseases, abuse our taxes, bankrupt our hospitals, kill our police officers, rape American women or bring in drugs, they are destroying our country and the rule of law. As this national crisis grows, we are starting to focus on the reasons and the politicians who are causing the destruction of our country. The Internet may well prove to be 'savior' of our country because it's the little people who are rising up in defense of our country. Last September, several email writers wrote me complaining how they were being affected by legal and illegal immigration as well as overpopulation in their lives or communities. I asked them to write a 400 to 600 word 'letter to the editor' and I would turn it into a co-authored editorial using their name first. I asked them to write their 'core idea' of what was pissing them off or adversely affecting them. I asked them to give examples. Many have been published and they are racing around the Internet with powerful results because their problems are happening to everyone else in America.
Therefore, I want to invite anyone out there in America whose lives are being ruined by legal and illegal immigration. I invite you to write a 300,400, 500 word LTE that describes your anger, your pain, a disease you caught from illegals, how your schools have been affected, language conflicts for your children, religious problems such as female genital mutilation, how you are being cheated because they are breaking the law, drugs being brought in, WHATEVER is happening that is ruining America in your life or community.
Send it to me and I'll create an op-ed that will speak to all Americans. First I submit it to the Internet and next, I submit it to the top 600 newspapers in America in every state. Our goal is to connect the dots and wake up Americans as to how fast this invasion is destroying our country and start 'consciousness shift' whereby American citizens 'yell, scream, clamor and demand' our leaders enforce our laws and stop this invasion. Write me at:
Ladies and gentlemen, moms and dads, send me your letters and I'll work night and day on them. THe fact is, we are in danger of losing our country. California is near death and your state is next. The time to act is NOW. You can pretend that you are a Betsy Ross or a Paul Revere, or a Lincoln or Jefferson or Susan B. Anthony or your own hero from America's past. They did their part in their time and you can and must do your part in your time. There is not a minute to lose.
Thank you, Frosty Wooldridge




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