Chemtrails Over Virginia's
Chesapeake Bay

From Dennis Hawley

Hi Jeff,
Pics taken this morning (Nov.1) over Virginia's Chesapeake Bay. The sky was crystal clear at 8:00am; these pics taken at 9:45am, and they continue to be laid as I write this. These trails are becoming a normal morning event. They are created in the eastern sky in the morning, and in the western sky at dusk.

From Ron Venne
Hi Jeff,
Just a quick note to confirm the accuracy of your chemtrail reporter's activity over the Chesapeake Bay over the weekend past.
I attended a Remote Viewing conference in Va. Beach from Thursday through Sunday and was dismayed by the level of "saturation bombing" that the folks in that area were receiving. Clearly, their exposure was as great as ours is here in New England. The skies were literally drenched with whatever this surreptitious haze is. This phenomenon extended all the way up the East coast as I can attest on my drive home after the conference. Our atmosphere, if it still is one, was literally saturated with the stuff, which continues unabated as I write this today.
As one of your earliest reporters of the phenomenon, I daily muse how far away the event horizon is, where we will painfully understand this dastardly cause and its sinister effect. Clearly, whatever this is, it is building up in each and every one of our bodies, and that can not continue indefinitely. We are now into our fifth year or so of this strategic poisoning, which, in one sense, I view as tremendous testimony to the human body. I have my own personal defense strategy which seems to work well, but to most who are either unaware, or in denial or in tacit disbelief, they are essentially defenseless and much closer to that awful event on the horizon.
I wonder, is life really so meaningless here on planet Earth? It is hard to fathom.



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