Triumph Of The Will:
Jewish Cultural Hegemony

By Simon Jones

For the past century, Zionism has been instrumental in shaping world politics - from tipping the balance in WWI, through ensuring the success of the Bolshevik revolution, the Western alliance with the Soviet Union in WWII, the growing alienation and humiliation of the Islamic world, the hotting up of the Cold War and gradual undermining the SU, right up to the still mysterious collapse of the WTC, and the subsequent devastation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Such zeal, such fanaticism demands one's awe, if not respect. How can such a small group gain such immense power? It's almost enough to make one believe that the Jews must indeed be the chosen people. The rest of the world - Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc - outnumber them by almost a factor of 1000, yet seem to be dancing to their tune.
The roots of this astounding state of affairs lies in the Jewish cultural hegemony which triumphed in the 20th century both in the West and in the Soviet Union as a result of the broad acceptance of the ideals of secular Jewish culture. (1) This cultural hegemony is an essential element in the present US-Zionist project. A recent survey showed that 85% of American Jews support Israel in the ongoing conflict (only 1% percent support the Palestinians), allowing the Zionists to rely on them even if they don't like what the Zionists are up to.
Another essential element accounting for the recent alarming acceleration of Zionist plans was the collapse of the SU, with its benign non-Zionist Jewish culture. But all this has been aggressively ignored by Western intellectuals to date. Fears of being labeled anti-Semitic have suppressed any attempt to deal honestly with this important and vital development in world culture.
The Arts
While there are almost no Jewish artists of note (Chagall and Modigliani converted to Christianity), the world of art dealers and collectors, museum founders and patrons is dominated by Jews (75-80% of the 2500 core art market personnel of the United States - art dealers, art curators, art critics, and art collectors in 1973, and eight of the top ten US art collectors in 2001 (ARTnews)). Where would the art world be without the Guggenheims and Hammers, not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of art dealers?
How can we explain this? In "A Study of Art" by Israel Shamir, the author argues that the success of Jews in the art market is a confluence of Jewish financial hegemony combined with an innate preference for intellectual or scholarly pursuit. As for the lack of success as artists: "For many generations, Jews never entered churches and hardly ever saw paintings. They were conditioned to reject image as part of their rejection of idols. In the course of a two thousand year long selection process, visual gifts of Jews were not developed, as opposed to the ability to learn, argue and convince honed to perfection in the Talmudic environment."
The invention of photography, the subsequent 20th c explosion of museums and their decontextualized and desacralized art - pagan, Christian and increasingly now, Islamic - coincides exactly with the ascendancy of Jewish hegemony in the administration and control of arts in the West. Shamir argues that this suits the Zionist purpose of weakening the cultural hegemony of Christianity and Islam. The increasing dominance of Jewish control of Western financial and media interests through the 20th c served to cement this ascendancy.
Similar arguments can be made with respect to the astounding success of 20th c Jewish popular musicians (Gershwin, Cohen, Berlin) and the hegemony of secular Jewish popular culture in Hollywood. 2/ After a golden period of liberalism through the late 1940s, however, the creation of Israel and the pall of anti-communist witch-hunting in the US abruptly changed the flavor of popular culture in the West. It discarded any open advocacy of progressive ideals, and came to rely on more and more explicit sex and violence to mesmerize audiences, as the reality of US imperialism and Zionist expansion became more and more violent in the real world. Not so much a conscious conspiracy per se, but, especially by the late '60s a core of Zionist fanatics in the US and Israel ceaselessly pushing the aggressive anti-communist policies that suited American imperialism and greater Israel' s needs, with their allies in media and the cultural industries contributing as best they could.
The Soviet Jewish Camelot
In the case of the Soviet Union, the upheaval that created the SU was an almost perfect environment for the blossoming of Jewish PROGRESSIVE culture. The old Tsarist intelligentsia was either wiped out or fled abroad, leaving the radical urban Jews, liberated from their ghetto shackles, to pick up the pieces. The ascendancy of largely assimilated Jewish artists and writers helped shape a golden age of socialist culture through the 1970s, giving us a glimpse of what a non-Zionist socialist New World Order might have looked like. Film directors from Eisenstein to Heifitz, Gaidai to Ryanzanov, produced uplifting dramas and comedies; popular composers such as Lepin and Dunaevsky wrote dozens of memorable film scores; writers such as Pasternak and Babel wrote unforgettable works.
Stripped of the constraints of capitalism and their ghetto mentality, Soviet Jews made an indelible contribution to world progressive culture. Harnessed to a noble end, the cultural works of Soviet Jews in the 20th c can be considered the pinnacle of Jewish achievement in the arts, possibly of all times. True, Stalin put a break on the process, eliminating not only the old Bolsheviks, but the leading Jews in the CP and the arts, making sure the socialism had HIS stamp on it. The terror of Stalin also meant blow-back, as survivors of the terror returned under Khrushchev, forming a group from which the dissident and refusenik movements (where Jews played a prominant role) arose in the '60s.
Stalin, Israel And The SU's Collapse
One of Stalin's fatal mistakes was the recognition and arming of the state of Israel in 1948, thinking Israel would slip quietly into the Soviet fold out of gratitude and respect for his greatness, providing an ally against the strong anti-communist element in America. Only when Golda Meir, the young Israeli Prime Minister came in 1948 to thank him, and was mobbed by worshipful crowds of Soviet Jewish admirers, he realized that HE was being wagged by the Zionist tail. Once they had achieved Soviet approval for the creation of a state of Israel, the Zionists became implacable anti-communists, realizing they had all the support they needed from Washington. The Cold War, with Israel now enthusiastically playing its part, ensured that the blossoming of progressive Soviet Jewish culture remained unknown abroad. US hegemony outside the socialist bloc allowed it to flood the world with the glitz and violence of Hollywood instead. It is interesting how little Israel itself has contributed to world culture in its 50 years (minus the emigre Soviet Jewish violinists and pianists).
Stalin's planned revenge began with the infamous doctors' plot in 1953 which was to be a prelude to a massive purge of Jews. But instead it led to his sudden death (murder?) and the continued blossoming of Soviet Jewish culture mentioned above. However, the blow-back from Stalin's terror, plus the growing success of lobbying efforts by Israel and its US supporters to allow Jewish emigration soon led to a flood of Soviet Jews - over a million - packing their bags, violins and physics manuscripts and heading for the Promised Land, fatally stabbing the SU in the head and heart. Whether it was Reagan's massive arms build-up or the huge emigration of this vital intelligentsia that was the straw that broke the Soviet camel's back will fascinate historians for years to come. The essential fact here is that the benign cultural hegemony of Soviet Jews died out with the collapse of the SU, while the world Zionist agenda accelerated.
Ironically as the SU collapsed, the economy fell into the hands of a tiny cabal of the remaining Jews - Khodorkovsky, Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Adamovich, Chubais: 7 of the 8 top Russian oligarchs are Jews now, and Russian TV is flooded with Hollywood movies, sit-coms and imitation talk shows. Russians joke that Russia is little more than a province of Israel now, as reflected in its laregly pro-Israeli policies. The mouse has swallowed the bear.
Evangelical Faustian pact and other evils
Once the white mouse-turned-elephant in the room is identified clearly, how things fall into place!
* For instance, what about the Zionist evangelical Christians (who are deeply anti-Semitic)? Ironically, though Luther himself loathed Judaism, the Protestant reformation, with its severe style, rejection of icons, and a literal reading of the Bible, is much closer to Judaism than Catholicism. The embrace of secular Jewish ideals by the West and the obsession by fundamentalists and Zionists alike with Armageddon brought Zionists and Protestant fundamentalists even closer together. The Evangelicals believe (along with President Bush) that Armageddon will see the return of all Jews to Israel and their mass conversion as revealed in Revelations. Besides, this unholy alliance is nothing new. Garaudy documents how the Nazis initially approved of and negotiated with the Zionists, who promised to take all the Jews out of Europe. The present Christian Zionists are just the reincarnation of the Nazis (Nazi-lite).
* The bald plans to remake the Middle East to create weak, pro-Israeli Muslim states, with American military might ensuring both Israel's safety as it continues its war against the Palestinians and uninterrupted supplies of oil to the US and Israel. This perpetual war against US-Israel's enemies has only been possible with the collapse of the SU and its benign Jewish culture.
* It is easier to understand the decline in American culture itself, the decadence of a society swamped in conspicuous consumption and violence while as much as a quarter of the population does not have enough to eat. The imperialism of American and Israel means a constant war against the victims of their LEBENSRAUM, and huge arms budgets are necessary to cow the enemy. The cruel cynicism of imperial politics leaves no room for social democracy, especially now that the SU is no longer taunting the US with welfare policies for the working population. The Zionist cultural hegemony tells us it is the best of all possible worlds: Margaret Thatcher's TINA.
* As for the West's museum fetish, I used to force myself to like museums, and 'religiously' went to them on my travels, but I have come to loathe them. I now see WHY I loathe them. Our views about art and the widespread loss of religious faith have been subtly shaped by Jewish calculation for over a century now, without our even suspecting it. Museums do nothing to restore spirituality, just as zoos do nothing to protect fast disappearing Nature. Meanwhile, we have the holocaust (the Jewish one as opposed to the far worse holocaust of the native peoples or black slaves) shoved down our throats every day. A must-see on any tour of Washington is - you guessed it - the United States Holocaust Museum!
"It has an annual budget is $50 million, of which $30 million is provided by the US government," drones your tour guide.
"But when will we see holocaust museums dedicated to the native people or the blacks?" you ask innocently. "Surely these terrible American genocides deserve a symbol of remorse today."
"What's wrong with you? Are you an anti-Semite or something? Any more questions?" s/he says sarcastically. Cold looks from the other tourists make you squirm uncomfortably.
* Take this year's Oscars, where the Oscars for best foreign film, Germany's "Nowhere in Africa", and Polanski's "The Pianist" were both holocaust films. The soppy Italian "Life is Beautiful" won a few years back, not to mention such blockbusters as "Schindler's List." The list is endless. And no one bats an eyelash.
Zionist Pulp Fiction
I found Leon Uris's "Exodus" the other day in the only English library in Tashkent and decided to re-read it (such an exciting, real-life adventure story and TRUE!! I remember from long ago) - this time to deconstruct it. A few quotes:
"This is the soldier of the new empire," [US journalist] Mark said, taking a dollar bill from his pocket: "We've got millions of these green soldiers moving into every corner of the world. Greatest occupying force you've ever seen. A bloodless conquest:"
Uris's text is full of anti-Arab racism: "the dogma of Islam had erupted upon the wild semicivilized Bedouin tribes." "Cunning, treachery, murder, feuds, and jealousies became a way of life [for the Arabs]. Cruelty from brother to brother was common." "Haj Amin el Husseini was the most vile, underhanded schemer in a part of the world known for vile, underhanded schemers."
"We will get farmers when the pogroms get bad enough again," [pre-WWI Zionist settler] Jossi answered. "As for the Turks, you can buy them. As for the Arabs, we must learn to live side by side with them in peace." This, the only benign Zionist's view was of course ridiculously naive, and he is taunted as "Ghetto Jew Barak" later by his brother, the committed Zionist terrorist, Ari Ben Canaan.
The only sympathetic Arab [Jossi's friend early in the novel until the Arabs prove to be impossible after all] admires the drive of the Jews "but yet he could not believe that the newcomers would not eventually engulf and exploit the Arabs as all the others before them had done." [Oops, the truth!] The story ends oddly enough with Ari Ben Canaan marrying the Christian American shiksa Kitty Fremont (their children will not be RACIALLY Jewish, you say in horror), ironically foreshadowing the predominantly Christian US commitment to a continually expanding Israel. It also subtley underlines the fact that already in 1948, Zionism is no longer an issue of RACE, but of like-minded imperialists creating their capitalist New World Order (despite the quaint kibbutzim that gives Kitty a momentary frisson).
Or take the latest Star Trek mini-series "Enterprise" which starts with an unprovoked attack upon Earth that is an obvious reproduction of the 9/11 attacks. A spaceship appears near Earth and blasts a 20 mile-wide trench into the Earth -- from Florida to Venezuala. 70 million people are killed.
The same bewilderment follows: Who has attacked us and why? It is a people called the Zindi, disgusting insect-like characters who come from "unstable space." We discover that their conspirators are planning to build a bioweapon that will eradicate the entire human race. Hmmm. Zindi=Arabs.
Unstable space=the Muslim Middle East. The conspirators=Al-Qaeda. The good guys talk about how they will do "whatever is necessary" to get information and to stop the Zindi--with the implied threat of justified violence and torture. In case you didn't get the point, a captive is then conveniently tortured to extract vital information about the Zindi. The Zindi control a Trellium-D mine on an asteroid. Trellium-D is a crucial material there because it is needed to protect ships from the ravages of unstable space (=oil). Unstable space is an evil place where theft and exploitation are normal. The good guys enter a space trading station which resembles an Arab bazaar. It is chaotic and people are hawking goods and seeking to haggle.
One gets the feeling again that these people are ruthless and have no moral sense. On the wall in this bazaar there is a sign written in Arabic script. This is, of course, the Zionist portrayal of the entire Arab/Muslim world. There is even a subplot requiring that the Vulcans (=French) be wiped out as they have turned against the humans, having been infected by a virus which destroys their ability to reason.
The Ultimate No-No
Leaving no rock upstairs unturned, I took that ultimate fateful step: to question the very holocaust itself! I discovered the CAUSE CELEBRE of holocaust revisionism to be the eminent French Marxist, Roger Garaudy, who in 1982 wrote a book exposing the myths of Zionism and suggesting the holocaust had been grossly overblown and manipulated to justify the creation of Israel and its subsequent persecution of the Palestinians. He was later charged and convicted in 1998 under a 1990 law making it a crime to contest crimes against humanity as defined at Nuremberg and his book banned.
DH Lawrence would have been proud. However, while Rushdie was being feted by the liberal-left establishment, Garaudy was universally condemned, the message being - slandering Islam is OK, but don't dare criticize the holocaust industry. I suspect few actually read his book, which relies primarily on Jewish and Zionist sources and shows not a trace of anti-Semitism. A 20th c Dreyfus, he launched a movement which continues to gain force. Interestingly, then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Zionist Organization of America designated such books as Garaudy's "Founding Myths of Modern Israel" as the "number one threat to Israel." Hmm.
So just where DID this 6m figure come from? Just like the figures of Stalin's purges, which were massively inflated in the interests of anti-communism (instead of the 20-50m that Western 'scholars' have estimated for decades, the actual numbers are less then 1m according to recently opened archives), could it be that the holocaust figures were grossly inflated to meet the needs of Zionists to justify their violent, imperialist ambitions? Yes, a more realistic figure is 1-3m, but any attempt to set the record straight is met with screams of outrage from Zionists and legal action.
"The Holocaust may yet turn out to be the "greatest robbery in the history of mankind," says Norman G. Finkelstein. "The Holocaust industry has clearly gone berserk."
Wachet Auf!
Wake up! We are soaked in Zionist culture from the cradle, a culture of cruelty and greed. A culture of cynical manipulation of the masses in the interests of a tiny world comprador elite which is no longer even primarily Jewish. Freedom today = the freedom of largely Zionist corporate owners to shape our supposedly secular rationalist (or Christian, whatever) culture 'in its own image'. It is time to reassess the state of your brain, to pull out the Zionist roots embedded there. How many more outrageous by Sharon etal are necessary?
"Where would America be without Jewish humor, Yiddish expressions, the Jewish drive to succeed?" you ask indignantly. No one loves Jack Benny or Frazier more than I do. Or Isaac Singer or George Gershwin. Or Heifitz or Frenkel. But the Zionist project has highjacked our Jewish culture. And the Zionists have gone beyond the obscene - they are sweeping us towards an Armageddon of their own making. We must stop them before we are so much radioactive dust.
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