Terri Was Advised Not To
Go Home The Last Night

From Dee Rohe

This is a letter written by Kathleen to the St. Petersburg Times
Dear Mr. Levesque,
I am sure that you wrote your article on Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo in what you believed was the truth. However, I can stay quiet no longer.
It is a proven fact that Mr. Schiavo had at least one affair and fathered an illegitimate child while still married to Terri before she was injured,
He is paying child support. Since her injuries, it is also a proven fact that he has been with numerous women one with whom he now has one child with another on the way.
No one has investigated nor seems to even care that the night that this happened to Terri they had had a huge fight. She had confided to family members and friends that he had become abusive and controlling. She was advised not to go home that night but to spend the night with a girlfriend but she went home. Hours later he called Bob Schindler saying Terri was on the floor hurt. He did not call 911 first.
There are medical records that sustain the fact that Terri suffered multiple broken bones that night and came to the hospital with a rigid neck. I have all that info if you are interested and would be happy to send to you.
To say that Mr. Schiavo loves Terri is nonsense.
He lost the ability to say "my wife" with any credence a very long time ago.
I wish that just one person would print the truth about this guy. I truly believe that the only reason he wants her dead so much is because he never wants her to come out of this and point the finger at him for battering her almost to death. He wants to finish what he started that night.
You probably won't investigate any of this. No one seems to care what happened to Terri but at least I know I have tried.
Sincerely, Kathleen Walker
St. Petersburg, Fl.



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