Strieber Suggests Jews
A Superior Race On Earth


Writer and 'experiencer' Whitley Strieber, author of 'Communion' and now 'The Key' states boldly in a transcript found at his website ( that his extra-terrestrial (or are they?) informers (who have appeared to him and imparted knowledge and information for his book) that the Holocaust clipped the wings of human evolution by preventing the birth of a special Jew who would have the knowledge of anti-gravity, allowing us to leave earth "in large numbers" -- an apparent necessity. Once again we see the familiar implication of Jewish superiority as a paradigm, even the very pivot of destiny, only this time snuggled in with Striebers own validation of the present invasion and war in Iraq, "This is why, a few months ago, I wrote in my Journal on, that we should intervene in Iraq."
Strieber's strange contact, a small old man, abruptly entered his hotel room and began shoveling information at him...
"... the Holocaust was the most important event in the past 2,000 years. You were meant to have acquired the ability to leave the planet by now, but you are still trapped here."
"This is of absolutely fundamental importance, because the Earth will soon be unable to support you, and yet you will not be able to leave. This is because of the Holocaust. The destruction of six million may well lead to the destruction of six billion, so it is the most important event, by far, of the Age."
Next, I asked him, "Why has the Holocaust prevented us from leaving the planet?"
And he said, "The Holocaust reduced the intelligence of the human species by killing too many of its most intellectually competent members. It is why you are still using jets 75 years after their invention. The understanding of gravity is denied you because of the absence of the child of a murdered Jewish couple. This child would have unlocked the secret of gravity, but he was not born. Because his parents went, the whole species must stay. In other words, we were tested. World War II was a test: Would we tolerate Hitler, or would we not? And we did. In 1937, '38 and '39, the world had many opportunities to overthrow Adolf Hitler, and we did not do that. We elected not to intervene in the actions of a sovereign state, and so therefore condemned our species to becoming trapped on the Earth, at a time when we must find a way out; we must."
Considering the "contacts" rather questionable information on the number of Holocaust dead, shouldn't that impart a considerable amount of doubt as to the veracity of everything else he has to say???
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see 6-May-2003: The Key
Whitley's Holocaust Brain Drain Information
From Mark Urban
It is my deeply held belief that the society that gave us the Antikythra device over two millenia ago should have been flying jets fifteen hundred years ago.
If the Vimanas in the ancient sanskrit texts really existed, then we have been traversing a backwards path in intellectual achievement for quite some time.
For Whitley Strieber to tell us that we are doomed because the holocaust wiped out the european jewish intellectual ferment that would have given us antigravity is just more of that good old mind control coming to his forebrain as his need to publish and sell some books expresses itself subconsciously.
A while back, somebody had written that the reason the "visitors" are taking our genetic material is to make hybrids who will replace us on earth - this is not a new concept, especially to anybody who can remember that famous 1950s sci-fi movie in which Kevin Kennedy frantically runs into busy city traffic warning the world about the "peapod" people.
Now Whitley is remembering that those anal probes he mentioned in COMMUNION were in reality part of a process in which his sperm was harvested.
Will Whitley ultimately prove to be to Ufology what Carlos Casteneda was to anthropology? I hope not. I think Strieber is a genuinely nice person; however, I also believe he has been the unwitting subject of some major league mind control.
Whitley must address what the Nazis were doing with antigravity towards the end of WWII, specifically, the work of the Horton brothers; and then there's all that material put out by Edgar Rothschild Fouche about the "TR3" antigravity craft. In addition, it has always been safe to assume that true technological advances are kept under wraps until those in control either find a way to exploit them at a profit, or the grass roots level of adaptation has overwhealmed the system of repression. In any event, Nikola Tesla was transmitting wireless electricity over great distances about a century ago; JP Morgan pulled his funding when he realized there was no way to meter electrical usage with Tesla's breakthrough - just last week I read about all the oohs! and ahhs! over an innovation in which an unmanned plane will be powered in its flight by lasers that will eliminate the need for the craft to "refuel" - that is very old news indeed, in fact, Tesla must be saying "Been there; done that" to his buddies in the afterlife.
Is Whitley just trying to stay on the crest of the ufological wave?
Remember A Canticle for Liebowitz from high school days? Progress, as far as I can tell, appears to cyclical in nature.
There genuinely is nothing new under the sun, and I doubt very seriously that the hundreth monkey who would have made the antigravity breakthrough was the victim of some of that zyklon B John Paul II was selling in his younger days in WWII Poland.
The again, maybe Whitley is planning a trip to the Holy Land and wants to establish his zionist bona fides.
Mark Urban
From Susan Ferguson
I just wanted to personally thank who ever wrote the piece on Strieber. I have been waiting and wondering for years.
Your website info is getting better and better. Truly a light on this sad planet.
Thank you,
Whitley Streiber And The Bad News Jews
From Tom Dark
Hasn't it occurred to anyone that Whitley Streiber is possibly just a garden-variety schizophrenic? Why not? Is it impossible to notice a garden-variety schizophrenic when his IQ is a notch or two above common? Or does he have powerful, sinister publishers who have dragged away dissenting psychologists in the dead of night, warning any others who would point out the same?
It isn't that extraterrestrial beings, who have consciousness and intellects resembling our own (or better) don't exist. It's that people like Whitley Streiber wouldn't recognize a real one if it pooped under his bed. And we assume that any extraterrestrials with technology to travel here must necessarily have remarkable intelligence, why would such remarkable intelligence prefer to hobnob with Whitley Streiber?
There are thousands or millions or god knows how many plain, ordinary schizophrenics walking the planet. One meets some babbling on the street, and notices that even those often tend to get along fair and well, all considered. There are those who may work in your office who keep their schizophrenic worlds to themselves, and get along just fine, even better. Usually.
Then there are the loudmouths who preach about impossible worlds that they claim to see, full of eternal punishment or eternal "life," who are usually called "preachers." They're as nutty as those babbling sweet nonsense from street corners, frightening far fewer people and getting people into far less trouble.
We forget too soon that once upon a time... not much more than a hundred years ago, this planet was saturated with story tellers who transfixed people with fake and exaggerated tales about distant lands. That's because they couldn't be proven wrong. Some of these story tellers were frauds and some were innocently crazy. I imagine Whitley Streiber is a mix of both. I don't find his stories very interesting. They seem largely to be personal metaphors and allegories for personal problems that he hasn't worked out for himself -- set in terms of strange beings from faraway lands.
But that story of the "little old man" telling him how we're doomed because this kid who understood "anti-gravity" didn't get born is just silly.
Tom Dark




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