Makow - Lucifer Is The Secret
God Of Secular Society
Occult Agents Control Humanity

By Henry Makow, PhD

A 37-year-old Montreal historian, David Livingstone has written a stunning book that casts modern civilization in a new and troubling light.
In "The Dying God, The Hidden History of Western Civilization," Livingstone shows that modern secular culture is really the product of an occult tradition that can be traced back to ancient Babylon through Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Templars, Plato and the Cabalists.
Essentially, this tradition adopted Lucifer as symbol of mankind's rebellion against God. It enshrined human reason, appetite and will as the ultimate standard of goodness and truth.
It usually defined freedom in terms of destroying the moral and social order. Freedom means dissipation not uplift and empowerment.
The occult's real aim is to empower the elite. Livingstone, who isn't "religious," explains:
"The basic principle of most religions is to behave unto others as we wish to be treated.... The basis of these religions then is a principle of justice...[In contrast] the lured by his vanity to seek a type of knowledge that sets him apart from others, maintaining that it is the preserve of the elite." (222)
Livingstone shows how this occult dogma was secretly adopted by key elites throughout history and was behind the English (1649), American (1776), French (1789) and Russian Revolutions (1917), three of which involved regicide.
Lucifer is the "bringer of light." The occult inspired the so-called Enlightenment, which defined modern culture. Francis Bacon was a Rosicrucian. Diderot, Rousseau, Voltaire, and Newton were all Freemasons. Fifty of the 56 signatories of the US Declaration of Independence and most U.S. Presidents were Masons. So were Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. The plan of the city of Washington was designed by a Mason in the shape of a pentagram, the symbol of Lucifer.
The scientific revolution is also rooted in the occult as magic, i.e. the manipulation of nature.
The significance of Livingstone's lucid, well-documented book is enormous. A dominant segment of our leadership secretly serves Lucifer and its sinister and corrupt influence is evident everywhere.
Secularism is as much a religion as Christianity. The separation of church and state is a stratagem to enshrine Lucifer as the God of the modern world. Masonic secularism's goal is to destroy genuine religions like Christianity and Islam.
Secular people can be moral when they follow their conscience, which is God's voice. But they are more likely to stray if they don't believe that morality is part of a real moral order.
Reason divorced from an absolute morality (God) can be used to justify anything, including mayhem and tyranny. The new world order wants to divert humanity from God's plan and enslave us to a vicious Satanic elite.
Historians are paid to suppress this truth. David Livingstone's "The Dying God" uncovers it. In a just world, this brilliant historian would be celebrated. Instead, he earns his living making furniture.
Millions of people do not pay homage to Lucifer at a weekly service. Priests in red gowns do not preach Satanism from a pulpit. Lucifer cannot declare himself openly. He wages an undeclared covert war for our souls.
Lucifer's servants sit in expansive offices, ride in limousines and appear on TV. They are our political and cultural leaders, many of whom are ambitious dupes.
Lucifer's sermons are found in many American music videos, video games, television and films.
For example, Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" was the highest grossing film in America this weekend. This film is Satanic fetishism dressed up as courageous, inventive entertainment.
In the first scene, a flashback, a blood-scared, shackled and presumably naked woman played by Uma Thurman says, "It's your baby" before a gunshot explodes in our ears.
Then, in the present, the scene shifts to an idyllic wholesome suburban bungalow with sandbox and swing in the front yard. A young Black woman lives here with husband and young daughter.
Uma has a grudge to settle with her.
The Black lady answers the door and the two engage in tiresome and lethal combat. Their duel with carving knives is interrupted by the arrival of a big yellow school bus carrying the Black woman's four-year-old daughter. They ask the little girl to wait in her room while they finish their murderous scrap.
Instead they call a temporary truce and go to the kitchen to have coffee! "I wouldn't kill you in front of your daughter," Uma says. "I may not have any mercy or compassion, but I do have reason." (Emphasis mine)
Despite the truce, the Black lady has a gun hidden in a cereal box but she misses. Uma then delivers a large carving knife to the Black woman's heart. The child appears but is totally impassive at the sight of her dead mother. She doesn't scream or run away; she acts as if someone had killed a fly.
Nevertheless the child might seek revenge. "Despite what you think, your mother had it coming," Uma tells her. "But if you want to get even when you grown up, you can find me."
Uma then leaves the child with her mother's corpse. She crosses the toy-strewn lawn to her brightly colored SUV. A narrator, sounding like an oriental sage says something like: "In the martial arts you cannot afford any compassion or morality. To accomplish revenge, you must be prepared to prepare to kill God Himself, or the Buddha." (Emphasis mine)
Can they be any more in-your-face? This is the Devil telling us we can have whatever we want, and nothing can get in our way, especially not God. Just so long as our stupidity is accompanied by pretension and style.
This sick, shocking movie causes psychological damage. It portrays the disgusting and repulsive as normal and natural. It is a vicious parody of our vision of happiness and the good life. It makes a mockery of healthy and genuine values.
" Kill Bill " brutalizes and degrades. How much longer will Americans tolerate this Satanic indoctrination?
This Satanic Conspiracy succeeds only because people cannot believe something so colossal and monstrous actually exists.
The human endeavor is a simple question of whom do we wish to become, God or Lucifer? If we become God-like (the invitation of Jesus and true religious teachers,) the world will be heaven and our lives will be bliss. If we choose Lucifer, you can imagine the rest.
The world is a contest for our souls. The people who are pushing products, violence and sex are not operating on a random "whatever sells" basis. They have Masonic symbols in their logos. The top players are following an occult script designed to enslave us, body and soul. They are building a gigantic prison based on their own mental hell. This is the new world order; we are the inmates.
Is there any question why David Livingstone named his ground breaking book "The Dying God ? "
Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His previous articles on feminism and the new world order can be founded on his web site Henry enjoys receiving succinct comments at
From Q
Makow's witch hunt of blaming occultists for the world's evil is no different in spirit than the Nazi persecution of Jews or the Communist genocide of millions of Christians and Capitalists. Pagans or occultists are not materialists, and they do not worship Lucifer. They are not monotheists, nor do they believe that gods have 'a plan.' They recognize rather the natural order of the universe. So, while Makow once wrote that Communism really is Jewish, there is no basis however for his claims of the evil of paganism, occultism, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, or Thelema. As what one might call a pagan, I feel that Makow's anti-paganism is insulting and prejudiced. What he is doing is feeding the fire to create divisions between Christians and non-Christians. Whereas we pagans just want to live in peace, he seems to wish that we are driven from the face of this earth. Shame on him.




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