More Confirmation In
The Peterson Case?

From Sandra Belanger

Hi Jeff,
I was watching Court TV tonight and Gloria Gomez from KOVR reported two very interesting things. First of all, they found reddish paint transfer on Scott's boat that matches the paint on the buoy markers in the bay. Second, right now, the police have the area around buoy marker 4 and possibly 5 roped off and no one is allowed to fish near or enter into the area for any reason. Also, Gloria Gomez was told that if a body was put in that area that it would wash up precisely where Laci's body washed up.
I must admit that my jaw dropped when she said this.
I just wanted to pass it along as I thought that you might find it interesting in light of what the 'folks' said about the location of the main portaion of Laci's body.
"He put it there, roped to the 5th bouy, beside the marker (buoy)."
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