'Malaysian PM Was Right -
They Rule The West' - Israel Shamir
Blow The Shofars - Great Victory For The Jewish Cause

By Israel Adam Shamir

The French publisher of my book decided to withdraw it after being threatened by Zionists. The details are given below, in French and English. Now is the last chance to buy the book before it's burned. Buy it from the publishers, or order it from Maria Poumier in France,
So much for the freedom of speech! Well, my book joins the books of Voltaire and Joyce, Nabokov and Seline, and it is much better company than my enemies can hope for. My congratulations to the Jewish Lobby of France that proved its valour and ability to protect the French from uncomfortable ideas.
The Malaysian PM was right: they rule the West, for the West has no brains to think, no spine to resist. My deep condolences to my marvellous French translator, Marcel Charbonnier, and to everybody else who helped to publish the book. I am sure its ideas will live for, though paper melts at 451 F, human spirit is unvanquishable.
-- Israel Adam Shamir
(translated from French)
'The Other Face Of Israel'
A book of anti-semitism and revisionism of Israel Shamir, which defends racial hatred.
By Johan Weisz
Bourgeois Denis, the director of the Balland editions, contacted by the Middle East.information, known as not to have read the book before co-editer.
Today, informed by our care of its real contents, it would prepare, it is at least what it said to John Weisz, "to make a heavy decision". Business to be followed...
"Jewry (...) found its place in the world politics, and took the control of the only power in the world, the United States" (p. 242). "It seems that the Jews (as a group distinct from the not-Jews) are linked by a common will, a single objective and a feeling of power. The intoxication by the capacity and the unit led these cautious people to drop the mask, to give up the pretences "(p.245). "If the Protocols [of Wise Men of Zion, note] did not have any bond with reality, they would not have the popularity they have. The Jews are sufficiently powerful to dream of domination, and some do it. "(p. 280).
These nauseux extracts form part of "the Other Face of Israel", a brick of 400 pages on sale in France since 9 October and Co-published by the Balland Editions which Denis Bourgeois directs, and by the editions "White" directed by Franck Sprengler. However the work falls clearly under the blow from the law on the press, and if it throne still in the rays of the bookshops, it is that associations antiracists were still not alerted..
The author? A certain Israel Shamir, which is presented in the form of a "Israeli Jew, originating in Novossibirsk, in Siberia". It affirms to have been the collaborator many international media, but one will retain especially to him his admiration for the Prime Minister indonsien Mahatir ("one of the greatest politicians in the world") and his frequentation of the characters of the far left or the ultra-right-hand side, such Gilles Munier, biographer of Saddam Hussein, Ginette Skandrani, of association "Pierre and Olivier" and writer of the newspaper "the Audacity" which gathers mobility Tunisian negationnist - newspaper in which also collaborated Tawfik Mathlouti, promoter of "Mecca Cola" and another friend of Israel Shamir.
"The Other Face Of Israel" announces, in addition, that Maria Poumier took part in the translation of the book, originally written in English. However the latter is not other than the sub-editor of the review "With Against night", whose personal address is that of Roger Garaudy.
"the Other face of Israel" is a collection of articles written by the author. For several years, Israel Shamir has flooded the Web of its writings which one finds ple-mixes on sites pro-Palestinian, Christian, islamists, negationnists or of extreme right-hand side. In general, they evoke the conflict in the Middle East, then derive quickly towards the anti-semitism. Thus, Shamir abundantly mentions the Palestinian intellectual Edward Sad with whom it shares the vision of Palestine "of the Jordan to the sea", without however sharing the determination of Sad against the negationnism and the anti-semitism.
At the manner of the "Protocols", Israel Shamir places in the mouth of Jews of the remarks in which they acknowledge their ignominies and their will to dominate the world. The speech judophobe of "the Other face of Israel" makes the synthesis between an anti-semitism of Christian origin and an anti-semitism of obedience anticapitalist. Thus "usury" and the loan with interest are regularly stigmatized, regarded as a practice imposed by "the Jewish law", but prohibited by "Dar Al-Islam and the Christendom" between which Israel Shamir preaches alliance. The Jews, and a fortiori the Jews ashknazes, are identified by Shamir with the neo-liberalism, actors of one plot on a worldwide scale with which the Israelis are associated who took share with the attacks of September 11, 2001. In the article entitled "the Wise Men of Zion and the Masters of the Discourse" (pp.270-285), Israel Shamir proposes going beyond of the writing apocryphal book of the "Protocols of Wise of Sion", and recognizes their utility to understand "the plan of the New World Order".
At the manner of the "Protocols", Israel Shamir places in the mouth of Jews of the remarks in which they acknowledge their ignominies and their will to dominate the world; with this intention, the author truncates with leisure the quotations of personalities presented like "Jewish" or "pro-Jewish", while posting peremptorily the reference of the pseudo-quotations notes some.
One must be astonished as much by this publication - in addition by a large French publisher - which on several occasions the name of Israel Shamir was mingled with annoying controversies. Last April, "Release" and "the World" revealed that a pro-Palestinian news bulletin had diffused one of its texts on the topic of the plot of the Jewry. One of the persons in charge for this bulletin was Marcel Charbonnier, the same one who, precisely, translated "the Other Face of Israel". At the time, Marcel Charbonnier had not wanted to admit that "Association France Palestine Solidarit" explicitly could condemn "the contents anti-semite" of the text, and had resigned of pro-Palestinian association. One had also been able to read Israel Shamir in the "Proclamation judo-Nazi of Ariel Sharon", an pseudo-interview of Israeli the Prime Minister, published by the Tunisian negationnist Mondher Sfar, with the support of the Party of the Moslems of France of Mohamed Latrche and of "Pierre and the olive-tree" of Ginette Skandrani. In appendix of the "Proclamation judo-Nazi" appeared an article of Shamir, heading "the failed test", that one finds today in the work published by Balland.
Then how the Balland editions, directed by Bourgeois Denis, previously chairman of Calmann-Lvy and general manager of Grasset, could publish these writings without sourciller? Bourgeois Denis, the director of the Balland Editions, would be on the point of making - today even - a "heavy decision" In fact, it is the director of the editions Blanche, Franck Sprengler, who directed the publication of "the Other Face of Israel", after having tested "a blow of heart" for the book, affirms one at Blanche. This publisher is devoted primarily to the erotic literature, from where its partnership with Balland to ensure the distribution of the book. Contacted by "the Middle East.information ", Denis Bourgeois confessed not to have read the work in its totality. "I took glass with Israel Shamir, which seemed to me a nice person", he explained us. Then Denis Bourgeois affirmed "to fall from naked" when "the Middle East.information "announced certain extracts of the work to him that it has coedity all the same. Tuesday evening, October 21, Denis Bourgeois recognized the presence of "unacceptable" passages in "the Other Face of Israel". It affirmed to be on the point of making "a heavy decision" on Wednesday.
"the Other Face of Israel" falls under the blow from the law from July 29, 1881 relating to the freedom of the press like under the blow from the law Gayssot According to Me Franck Benhamou, lawyer at the bar of Paris, the editors and the author of "the Other Face of Israel" risk large: they are exposed to a fine higher than 45 000 Euros. Indeed, several extracts clearly anti-semites of the publication fall under the blow from articles 24 and 32 from the law from July 29, 1881 relating to the freedom of the press which repress the offences of racial slandering and provocation to racial hatred. Other extracts fall under the blow from the law known as Gayssot (article 24 (a) of the law on the freedom of the press), which sanctions those which dispute by way of press, in fact the edition, the existence of crimes against humanity. In this business, the translator, Marcel Coal, could also be worried him as an accomplice.
According to the procedure as regards publications, associations antiracists can make quote to appear, under 20 days, the publishers and to require the withdrawal of the accused work. To note that the Parquet floor can, of itself, to engage the procedure.
Me Benhamou recalls that the high amount of the incurred fines can lead the editors to withdraw, of their own initiative, the work of the sale; it towards what Bourgeois Denis, the owner of Balland, could quickly set out.
So, the book is to burn!
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