Antidepressants - Motives
Behind The Push

By Marjorie Tietjen

It has become increasingly obvious that there may be diabolical motives behind the intense push for antidepressant consumption. Antidepressants are immune suppressive, can cause violent tendencies, suicidal thoughts, depersonalization, complete changes in personality and depression, the very symptom this drug is supposed to alleviate.
I highly recommend a book by Ann Blake Tracy. I encourage you to read it and pass it on. The title is "Prozac, Panacea or Pandora". It is an excellent eye opener. The following is a quote from her book. " A Yale study , which was released in March 1991, indicates that one out of seven of their patients suffered intense suicidal preoccupation or intense feelings of violence. They state very clearly , that from their observations, this is not a coincidence, but a reaction directly related to Prozac. If we use their one out of seven figure, or approximately 15%, we are looking at an astounding figure of 1,350,000 patients, three quarters of a million patients experiencing the most serious of Prozac's adverse reactions - adverse reactions which affect not only the patient but all of society."
Many chronically ill patients with disease labels such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, ALS, MS, Parkinson's, Gulf War Illness, Alzheimer's, Lyme, etc., are essentially being denied curative treatment, in the form of antibiotics and natural substances. Most insurance companies do not cover naturopathic services. This seems odd to me considering preventative treatments would save the insurance companies large sums of money. Many have been recently raising the question as to why, using certain lab tests, many patients with these diseases are found to be infected with mycoplasma, the lyme spirochete and other microbes which are treatable with antibiotics. Certain government agencies are very aware of this situation. Why then is nothing being done about it? Instead of curative treatment, we are being told that our symptoms are all in our head, therefore we must need psychoactive drugs. The SSRI drugs , which include Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft, suppress the immune system, so......not only are we being denied curative treatments but we are being coerced into using drugs which further weaken our already fragile immune systems. I wonder how many of you are on these drugs yourselves or know someone that is ?
The following is another excerpt from Ann Blake Tracy's book. "The CIA had a great interest in drugs for chemical warfare and mind control in particular. After several years of using Scopolamine and liquid marijuana, they began searching for additional, even stronger mind altering drugs and turned to LSD. Their goal was to find a chemical which would: 1. cause a disruption in memory, 2. discredit individuals by producing aberant behavior, 3. alter sexual patterns, 4. elicit information from the person, 5. open one's mind to suggestion for mind control, and 6. create addiction and dependence. If the reader will turn to the chapter entitled "Patient Reports", they will find those on Prozac reporting all six of these results as reactions to the drug."
Many of us who are aware of what is really happening in our society, concerning chemtrails, the push for One World Government, etc., try to warn others. We have been very puzzled and frustrated at the general lack of concern. Most people just don't seem to care and change the subject when presented with this information.
There are many methods of producing apathy....through propaganda, subliminal messages, specific electronic frequencies, chemicals, and more. Could the use of antidepressents be playing a role in the zombification of our nation? A book published by Stanford University in 1983 "On Nineteen Eighty Four", extensively explains how these chemicals erode our identities and it's devastating effects on society as a whole. Many report that these drugs affect one's ability to connect spiritually. Patients on Prozac report that it rips out one's soul.
A quote from "Toxic Psychiatry" by Dr. Breggin. "I saw no mystery in how the treatments worked. By damaging the brain and mind, they made the patients docile and passive...suitable for control within these abusive institutions. The frontal lobes are the seat of higher human functions such as love, concern for others, empathy, insight, creativity, initiative, autonomy, rationality, abstract reasoning, judgement, future planning, foresight, willpower, determination and concentration. The frontal lobes allow us to be human in the full sense of that word. They are required for a civilized, effective, mature life."
Psychiatric drugs are designed to interfere with the neurotransmitters which connect the frontal lobes of the brain with the rest of the brain. This creates a lobotomy effect.
A large portion of the population who are experiencing symptoms such as depression, anxiety or panic attacks, may actually be suffering from a brain infection. For example, irritability, rage, depression and panic attacks are only some of the brain symptoms that can be produced by the lyme spirochete and certain strains of mycoplasma. Wouldn't it make more sense to treat the underlying cause rather than allowing the disease to progress by covering up the symptoms? Adding immune suppression to the picture, caused by antidepressents, makes a recipe for disaster. We must not leave out the fact that natural life circumstances are also a cause for depression....but it is then the situation and our response to it which needs attention. Here again, antidepressents only mask the underlying problem.
I'd like to share one more quote from the book "Prozac, Panacea Or Pandora". "Prozac blocks out too many necessary life generating emotions. It tends to dull the higher feelings while enhancing the animalistic feelings. When Prozac affects the mood centers to block out what we would classify as "bad" feelings, it also blocks out the "good" feelings. Aren't feelings there to let us know we do exist and to increase our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings? Is it worth cutting those unpleasant feelings out of our life , if we at the same time cut out the feelings of love, concern, empathy, hope - all the good feelings? Without feelings are we really alive? Are we human? And if we can no longer feel, is life "real" for us and worth living? How terribly depressing it must be to feel nothing."
One can see how easy it would be to gain total control of a nation of drugged apathetic citizens. People seem to be losing the ability to care, reason and evaluate the events taking place in our world. Many of us can't even remember what we did yesterday. More of us need to step out of the crowd, voice our opinions and share constructive information with others. The future of our world depends on each and every one of us. While you're at it, don't forget to spread some love around. That is the most essential ingredient!
Please refer to Ann Blake Tracy's book for natural solutions



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