Chemtrails Over Vancouver,
BC Before Rains Came

From John Stamatiou

Hi Jeff,
I snapped these photos on Tuesday Oct. 14/03, the day before the 48 hour deluge of rain up here that made international news.
These trails were deposited between 2 pm and 4 pm. In the photo directly below I am witnessing a deposition in progress. The plane is travelling from right to left and if you look carefully to the far left of the photo you can see the leading edge. I also witnessed the trail immediately below the thin one in progress but couldn't get my camera to work at that time.
I've noticed that they like to spray along the leading edge of approaching weather fronts to perhaps disguise them as high clouds. These were deposited over the waters (Strait of Georgia) west of Vancouver and slowly drifted over while fattening out.
The weather was cloudy/wet for at least several days, perhaps 2 weeks prior to this beautiful day. They must have been chafing at the bit to get "back to business".
I noticed activity similar to this day just a couple of days ago. Again, the same deal. It was the first sunny day since the day these pictures were snapped and there were high clouds approaching from the west.



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