With Friends Like These...
By Mark Glenn

They get together once or twice a year to smile and shake hands in front of the cameras in their desire to keep the outside world in its 50 year long state of delusion. The actors in question are the leaders of Israel and the United States, celebrating a friendship which has existed since the days of Harry Truman, a friendship which they extol as vitally important to the other's interests as well as to the safety of the free world. The truth is, though, that these exhibitions are nothing more than cheap perfume which are used to mask the stench of their combined hatred for America and for her people. These leaders, (Mafiosi whose hands drip with the blood of American patriots, patriots whose lives have been snuffed out in the service of Zionism) are nothing more than vampires who have profited off of the blood of innocent American citizens for 50 years. The obvious examples proving this hatred are so numerous as to be mind boggling, but empirical and undeniable facts of history they are. And now, as America and her people face the calm before the storm, a storm which threatens her possible annihilation, it should be recounted who has, time and again, put her head on the chopping block, and who has been engaged in a plan of systematic mass murder of the American people since her inception in 1948.
The recent news concerning President Lyndon Johnson's order to cover up the murder of 35 American sailors aboard the USS Liberty by the Israeli government should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the history of the American/Israeli relationship. The sailors whose lives were stolen by Israeli pilots that day, pilots who, (after noting to their command headquarters that the ship was American) bombed, machine-gunned and napalmed the ship for 90 minutes are, tragically, only a few of the thousands of Americans who have died and will continue to do so because of America's friendship with Israel. The history of Israel's relationship with America is replete with examples of similar incidents, up to an including the murder of over 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. And with this in mind, any level-headed and patriotic American must ask him or herself at some point the rhetorical yet prophetic question,"With friends like these, who needs enemies"
The Liberty incident, kept barely alive in public discourse by those who survived the 90 minute attack, is, (albeit one of the most glaring examples of Israeli duplicity and treachery against the people of the United States) nevertheless by no means an isolated event. The war waged by Israel against the American people, in military action, espionage, and erosion of freedoms and security is as ingrained in the decades-long relationship as the color red is ingrained in the American blood she has shed. The concerted effort by the long arm of Zionist power in media, government and finance to keep a lid on this easily verifiable history of treachery has succeeded to the point that to this day a thorough investigation of these events by Congress has yet to take place. The lies surrounding the murder of America's young men aboard the USS Liberty, as well as those Americans murdered on 9/11, are so thick and so brazen in their audacity that it has long since surpassed being surreal. And
as much a revelation as it may be concerning that murderous, duplicitous nation founded in 1948 by atheistic communists from what was then the Soviet Union, it also speaks volumes about who are the traitors occupying the seats of power in the US government, who for 35 years have not sought an ounce of justice for the American people out of their fear of Zionist power.
For those who now, wide-eyed and incredulous, ponder the ridiculous"how did this happen" question, consider this: It is only one instance in a mountain sized heap of similar instances. The Liberty, as awful as it is, is only one of many times in which the Israelis have deliberately harmed or put in harm's way the American people for their own benefit. And let the American people not fall victim to the propaganda surrounding what has been an acquittal of the Israelis in these situations. The evidence proving willful intent of malice is so prevalent that an individual whose only legal training was watching Judge Joe Brown on daily TV could put the pieces together with the competence of a trained lawyer.
Besides the acts of overt warfare against the people of the United States, (examples of which follow later herein) the Israelis have for generations now employed agencies such as the ADL, AIPAC, and the JDL as outlets in facilitating for their purposes the prosecutable acts of espionage, bribery and sometimes outright murder and terrorism. The ADL, which champions itself as a defender of those who suffer from racial persecution (except when it comes to Arab-Americans) has been on the front lines in deceiving Americans about what has been the parasitic relationship Israel has enjoyed with the US since its creation. The ADL has boldly lied about every instance of verifiable treachery in that history, maintaining in the process a network of spies and disinformation agents (who share files with the government of Israel) concerning Americans who dare to exercise their 1st Amendment right in criticizing this dangerous relationship. This has been validated recently in the fact that the ADL has been busted several times for illegally wiretapping the phones of American citizens, and for which has recently lost a $10,000,000.00 lawsuit brought by an American citizen in pursuance thereof. In addition, the ADL is and has been actively involved in de-Christianizing American society to the point that now the most successful actor in American society, Mel Gibson, cannot make a movie about the death of Christ without having the heat brought down upon him and upon his family by the Jewish lobby.
Besides the spying they have perpetrated, the ADL has labored without pause in its interest of destroying the protections that the American people have enjoyed under the US Constitution for 200 years. Just as Israel in 1967 attacked the USS Liberty in furtherance of her desires, in like manner today she (through her interlocking networks in the US) time and again attack US Liberty in her outright contempt for the freedom by which America has been made great. The Israeli spy network known as the Anti-Defamation League works night and day to erode the rights of gun owners, property owners, the rights of parents and homeschoolers, and has in effect used its very powerful influence in having police-state legislation introduced into the fabric of American life. It was the ADL who pushed for"Anti-Terrorist" legislation six months before the bombing in Oklahoma City, and who steered the US Justice Department into initiating the events which led to the murder of US citizens at Ruby

Ridge and Waco. And besides using their power to see to it that Americans are not afforded the right to express their religious sentiments, (as in the case of Mel Gibson and Judge Roy Moore) at the same time Israel's Spymaster Abe Foxman sees to it that public funding is used to denigrate and degrade every religious sentiment held dear by the same American people whose money has been the lifeblood of the Israeli state. It is no surprise therefore to see the ADL coming out and supporting the use of taxpayer dollars in promoting"art works" such as those depicting a crucifix emersed in a jar of urine and pictures of Christ's Holy Mother covered with elephant dung.
The JDL, the more"action-oriented" of Israel's defenders operating in the US, (and the more willing of her organizations to get its hands dirty) to this day continues to occupy its well-deserved place on the FBI's list of most dangerous terrorist organizations. In 2003, 2 of its members were convicted for attempting to blow up a Mosque in the state of Florida. Prior to this, the group's former leader, Irv Rubin, was"suicided" in prison the day before he was to go on trial for his role in the planned blowing up of the office of California Congressman Daryl Issa, an American of Middle Eastern descent. There are several other instances of violence in their history, including attempted arsons, bombings, bricks through windows, not to mention the obligatory death threats for which they claim credit, revealing a characteristic cleverly kept hidden from an American public who still believes that Israel is their best friend.
If the ADL and JDL attempt to hide their agenda of supporting Israel through their use of spying and threats, AIPAC, the American Israel Political Action Committee, makes no such attempt. It is the largest political action committee in the US, and literally decides who wins government offices at the State and Federal level. If an individual, (incumbent or not) is not looked upon favorably by this Israeli lobbying group, all the stops will be pulled out in making sure that he or she doesn't get into office, and along with a Zionist controlled media, this organization will make sure to run at break-neck speed and efficiency in sabotaging such a campaign. In this way, the nation of Israel, not the American people, decides who runs the nation.
In further consideration of this friendship under which Americans have suffered and continue to do so, perhaps a further review of that friendship's history is also in order.
Lest we forget, it was Israel who, in 1983, knew of the planned assault on the Marine barracks in Lebanon, an assault which resulted in the deaths of 241 Americans, and about which Israel refused to warn the US. Consider the words uttered by the same intelligence officers in the Israeli government who watched as the explosives-laden truck met its final destination with American lives:
"As far as the Yanks go, we are not here to protect them. They can do their own watching. They wanted to stick their nose into this thing, so let them pay the price."
Lest we forget, it was Israeli intelligence operatives, dressed as Arabs who blew up American buildings in Egypt, done for the purpose of blaming the Arabs in an event known as the Lavon Affair.
Lest we forget, it was Israel who sent a team of covert operatives into Libya, rented an apartment near Khaddafi's headquarters, and broadcast radio messages in Arabic to make it sound like terrorist cell planning in what was known as Operation Trojan Horse. As a result of this, air strikes were launched against the Libyans under completely false pretenses for Israel's benefit.
Lest we forget, it was Israeli intelligence who was handling the Monica Lewinsky affair for the purposes of blackmailing then president Bill Clinton. Having, as Clinton admitted, tapped his phone,"America's only ally" in the Middle East held a gun to the head of her leader and blackmailed him into dropping his support for a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians.
Lest we forget, in a theme similar to that which involved Monica Lewinsky, the whole business involving Chandra Levy and Congressman Gary Condit was managed by Israeli Intelligence. It is now postulated by investigators that their affair and her subsequent disappearance were an attempt to blackmail him into revealing what information his Intelligence Committee had on the 9/11 attacks.
Lest we forget, Israel, now the headquarters of the Russian Mafia, is the biggest trafficker in the drug Ecstasy, which plagues American society and preys on American youth.
Lest we forget, Israel is now and for some time has been involved in the sex-slave business, as well as snuff-pornography involving children. Several Americans have been indicted for acting as"mules" for the Israelis in bringing these vices into American society and acting as marketing agents.
Lest we forget, in the days and weeks after 9/11 the largest spy ring in American history was busted up by the FBI. The events which led to this were the arrest of 5 Israeli intelligence agents who were seen videotaping the planes crashing into the Twin Towers while cheering in the process. Another team of intelligence operatives were arrested in New York while driving a van containing Palestinian-looking clothing, and who upon arrest were quoted as saying"We're not the enemies. Your enemies are the same as ours, the Palestinians!" Since that time, there have been several teams of Israeli operatives arrested carrying false passports, and within several of the vehicles they drove were found traces of explosives. All in all, over 100 intelligence agents have been deported back to Israel since 9/11. It is to be assumed then that upon this basis was the assertion by Senator Bob Graham of Florida made that a foreign government was involved with the attacks, as well as Fox News statement that "all material linking Israel to the events of 9/11 was classified."
Lest we forget, it was Israel who employed the American Naval Officer Jonathan Pollard to steal over 500,00 pages of ultra secret documentation concerning America's most high tech weapons, documentation which was then turned around and sold to America's enemies, including the Russians and the Chinese.
Lest we forget, it was Israel who in the year 2001 scoured the downed US Spy plane in China of all its technological secrets. It has been revealed that the reason the Chinese held the plane (as well as the American servicemen) for the duration of time that they did was to facilitate this scouring at the beheast of"America's only ally in the Middle East."
Lest we forget, it was Israel who stole American nuclear material and technological wherewithal from the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation located in Apollo, Pennsylvania. FBI agents literally stood and watched, helpless to do their jobs under orders from their superiors, as nuclear material was packed in boxes marked"diplomatic" and loaded on a ship sailing for Haifa. The Israeli Embassy threatened to make trouble if the US Government interfered.
Lest we forget, it was Israel who sold the computer software known as Promis to the Chinese government, who then used that software to hack into the computers at Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, enabling the Chinese to advance their nuclear capability (and thus advance the danger posed to the American people) by a quarter century.
Lest we forget, Israel is the biggest violator of US Patent laws, particularly those which involve military technology and encryption. There are several recorded instances of Israel directly breaking into or penetrating sensitive American military installations in the interest of stealing such technology, and afterwards selling it off to America's enemies.
Lest we forget, the main suspect in the Anthrax attacks which occurred in the weeks following 9/11 is an ardent Zionist and political friend to Israel. It is alleged that his reason for doing this was to frame an Arab-American who worked in the Army Weapons Lab with him.
Lest we forget, Islamic Fundamentalism, which as been blamed for the 9/11 attacks and against which the war on terror is being fought, is the product of Israel's murderous policies against the peoples of the Middle East, and in particular Palestine. Her stated desire to rebuild Israel to its"biblical borders," encompassing all the lands within Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and the northern part of Saudi Arabia is the greatest source of the violence against her main supplier of weaponry and funding, the United States. Prior to her creation in 1948, Islamic Fundamentalism did not exist, and the countries of the Middle East were friends who wanted to emulate the United States.
Lest we forget, it was Israel who created Hamas, the organization blamed for terror attacks against her people. Hamas was created by Israeli intelligence for the purpose of drawing support away from the PLO and Yasser Arafat.
There are other disturbing pieces of information as well. For those who are still unconvinced of the danger which is posed to America and her people by her relationship with Israel, the following items should be considered also:
*At least one Congressman who has sat on several intelligence committees, Paul Findley, has voiced his suspicion of Israeli involvement in the death of President John F. Kennedy. It is a well known fact that David Ben Gurion, then Prime Minister of Israel, was infuriated with JFK for his refusal to allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons. A detailed account of the evidence supporting Congressman Findley's suspicion is outlined in a book by Michael Collins Piper entitled Final Judgment.
*Much evidence exists implicating Israel in the death of Clinton Administration Official Vince Foster. It is suspected that he may have been involved with passing on the launch codes of America's nuclear arsenal to Israel in return for monetary contributions to Clinton's presidential campaign. In the hours following his death, Mossad agents scoured his apartment in search of something which, in this light, was deemed of obvious importance.
*Within moments of TWA Flight 800 exploding over the Atlantic Ocean after leaving New York, the Israeli Government (through her agents in the US media) put the blame for the atrocity on Islamic Fundamentalists. This fact, coupled with the 100 or more persons who have sworn in public testimony that they witnessed a missile hitting the aircraft leaves troubling questions about who actually engineered this act of war against America. Given Israel's history of perpetrating similar atrocities, (known in Israeli Intelligence parlance as"false flag operations,") concerned Americans are left with troubling conclusions.
Based on this short list, it should be obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense that America's only ally in the Middle East is the kind of friend she would be better off not having. She has murdered American citizens, lied in every instance and occurrence, and deliberately placed America and her people in the gravest danger as it served her own purposes. And now, in the calm before the storm, she is preparing (facilitated by the Neocons in the Bush Administration and disinformation agents on the talk show circuit) the next event which will send American men and women off to the sands of the Middle East to fight and die for her. It is possible that it is too late for America to disentangle herself from such a bad friendship, as the inference has already been made that in the event that America puts the Jewish state in danger, she (Israel) would resort to the"Samson Option" which entails the use of nuclear weapons against anyone termed an"unfriendly."
It should be clear to all Americans who love their country that the"friendship" they enjoy with the terrorist state of Israel is the most perverse notion of an alliance that has yet occurred in the history of the United States. It has been a one-way friendship from the beginning, as is that enjoyed by some parasitic tick on the back of a dog. This tick, as it draws the life-blood out of its healthy host, at the same time introduces various diseases and maladies that will one day sicken that host. In like manner, the American body is beginning to show serious signs of such sickness and weakness, to the point that her very survival is threatened. And were she, America, fortunate enough to survive for a short time in this unenviable state, it would still be the slow, agonizing death of watching her freedoms torn asunder as a result of Israeli influence over the American legislation process, influence which has already brought forth such abominations as the Patriot Act and other
like minded assaults on US Liberty.

The time has come (much too late) for America, and for her freedom loving/justice hungry/ patriotic citizenry to take a good look at the Beast which masqerades itself as her friend, and at the same time eye with commensurate suspicion and anger those elected officials who have sold out America in what have been the greatest acts of treason and treachery in her history. Americans who truly love their country should feel the bile rising in their throats and view with nausea those leaders who make a mockery of their duty to protect America from her enemies, those self-serving traitors who heap derision upon the very nation and whose flag they dare to sport as lapel pins for all the world to see. A responsible America, desiring beyond hope to save the last vestiges of her Liberty must not lazily allow the interests of a terrorist nation such as Israel to do her thinking for her when it comes to meting out justice against her enemies, nor to allow her the power to decide who her enemies will be.
A new American Revolution is drastically needed, the origins of which must be born in that question which (with God's help) will burn in the hearts of an outraged American people who have considered such treachery in light of the danger which they now face. That question, simply put, is this:
"With friends like these, who needs enemies"

Note: All the information contained above may be referenced from the following sources:

1. By Way of Deception and The Other Side of Deception both by ex-Israeli intelligence officer Victor Ostrovsky
2. They Dare To Speak Out and Deliberate Deceptions both by ex-US Congressman Paul Findley
3. Assault on the USS Liberty by James Innis Jr.
4. Gideon's Spies and Seeds of Fire both by author Gordon Thomas
5. Dangerous Liaisons by investigative journalists Andrew and Leslie Cockburn
6. Final Judgment by investigative journalist Michael Collins Piper.
All the rest of the information concerning the Israeli Spy Ring, Israeli involvement in Drug trafficking, prostitution, child pornography, et al may be accessed with a Google search of the topic.

"With Friends Like These" a condensed essay of the theme covered in the soon to be released book entitled"With Friends Like These...The Danger Posed to America by the State of Israel." Mark Glenn is also the author of Not My Words, But Theirs: An American Christian's Defense of Middle Eastern Culture and its People." The Website for the book may be accessed at The author may be contacted at



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