Terri Able To Eat Under
Former Therapy - Nurse
From John Smith

From Lisa Ruby
Terri Was Able To Eat Before Husband Put Her In Cheaper Facility?
If this is true, the evidence of a conspiracy of death is even more deeply heinous and calculated than I realized:
"She's not a vegetable," Ms. Sauer insisted as she rested her tired feet.
"She knows voices, she responds. She can follow commands, and she tries to communicate by blinking her eyelids 'yes' and 'no.'" And then there's the most important detail of all: "We used to feed her with a spoon, and she swallowed on her own."
That was seven years ago, when Ms. Sauer was a nurse at a rehab facility in Largo, Fla. At that time, Ms. Schiavo was getting physical therapy and full-time attention from skilled nurses. But the facility charged $4,000 a month, as Ms. Sauer recalls, and Mr. Schiavo soon chose to discontinue his wife's therapy and move her into the much cheaper hospice system. She's languished there for six years, tethered to a feeding tube while a fierce legal battle swirled around her.
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Lisa Ruby




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