The Execution Of Terri Begins
From Mary Sparrowdancer

To <>
Dear Governor Bush,
I am writing on behalf of the above referenced human being. I do not personally know her, but because I consider myself to be a civilized person, I am writing out of a sense of justice, outrage and grief - grief for what has become of this country and a legal system that was once meant to protect our essence of civility.
Quite frankly, I am ashamed to be a citizen living in Florida at this moment.
The court-approved decision to permit a "husband" to kill his wife by starving her to death and depriving her of water is the most horrifically barbaric act of open murder to happen recently in the United States. While the legal system in this country is now often referred to as "badly flawed," this act will require a new description.
I question why the man who has been given the right to take this womanÕs life is being referred to as her "husband." According to media reports, he has moved on with his own life, he has started a new family with a "new partner," and they are expecting a second child. By his own actions, it appears that the man who has been given the right to kill her, is her "husband" only on paper.
By his own actions, it appears that at some point he apparently chose to cease being a "husband" to the woman who is lying there in bed - or sitting in her chair, incapable of protecting herself from him, from any of his personal decisions, and now from the decisions of a ragged legal system that is alive and well in Florida. With "judicial" help, a premeditated, court-approved murder-by-starvation and water deprivation is now taking place.
The "husband" states she would have wanted to die. More reasonably, were this woman able to speak on her own behalf, might she more likely choose to simply seek a divorce from the husband rather than being starved to death by him?
Even a child can see the lack of thought, wisdom and compassion in this egregious, court-approved act of murder. The care-taking and custody of this woman should be in the hands of those who know better than to deliberately starve a human being to death.
Florida is in the process of doing something that insults civilized sense and sensibility, and it further erodes what is left of human dignity and rights for all in this country.
I pray that you will be moved by compassion and wisdom to stop this act, immediately.
Mary Sparrowdancer




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