Dandelion Blows Lid On
World's Biggest Bank Heist

From Carol Adler
Dandelion Books

TEMPE, AZ -- Dandelion Books, an independent Arizona based publishing company rapidly becoming known for its gutsy "Uncensored Wake-Up Books" is sitting on a powder keg.
Recently, Dandelion obtained publishing rights for a book that threatens to blow the whistle on the world's biggest bank robbery--and coverup.
On December 1, a former CIA contract agent will go on trial in the Southern District Court of New York State, charged with attempting to negotiate a fictitious 100 million dollar note when in fact documents show it was submitted for due diligence only.
On assignment from July 1995, the accused former CIA contract agent, whose name cannot be disclosed at this time, was instructed to find and recover Morgenthau bonds, Federal Reserve Notes and currencies--and bring back these assets to the US.
He is among several former CIA contract agents who successfully completed their assignment. In doing so, he worked closely with Taiwanese counterparts.
Because of the groundwork done by this former CIA contract agent, several teams are now successfully recovering these assets.
Many of these bonds and currencies are part of the Morgenthau diaries and are discussed in the book, THE BROTHERHOOD OF MONEY, by Murray Teigh Bloom [BNR Press, 1983].
The value of these assets--"an amount with so many zeros after it, it's mind-boggling even to consider that much money," states the former CIA contract agent, "would dissolve America's debt on all levels of government and abolish the need for a federal income tax."
"We're talking about more than enough money to take care of all of this country's ills: education, social welfare, employment, industry, environment/improvement of the quality of life for every US citizen," states Carol Adler, Dandelion's CEO and president.
Issued to China and other Asian countries prior to, during and after World War Two up until 1999, the instruments and commodities are worth trillions of dollars in the form of large denomination Federal Reserve Notes, bonds, gold and platinum currencies and jewels.
Even though the instruments and assets have been tested and approved forensically, the US Government claims either the assets are false or non-existent.
According to the accused former CIA contract agent, the instruments were printed by the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing and several bank note companies approved by the US President and Treasuries in the US, Canada, England and China.
"It is no longer possible for the US Government to deny either the existence or authenticity of these instruments and assets," claims the accused former CIA agent. "The volume of these commodities is so great and too many of them have proven to be authentic."
"Why the current US Government would claim these assets are fraudulent or try to deny their existence is a rhetorical question that most people who have read our other ÔAmerica, Wake Up' books wouldn't even bother to ask," states Adler. "And if none of those other hard-hitting books have opened Pandora's Box, this one surely will."
Although the former CIA contract agent who will publish his book through Dandelion Books is well aware of mainstream media's spin doctoring tactics, "we can no longer hold back this information," he said. "We must askÑplead with the American publicÑto wake up and read between the lines. I am an American patriot. I risked my life for my country, only to discover I was never to have Ôsuccessfully performed my mission' and come out alive, if the American people ever learned of these assets."
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