Chemtrails - More Are Waking Up
Report From Virginia
From leigh41663

They just started....again....
They just started spraying us here in Central VA. I was coming home from Charlottesville and saw 2 groups of three planes in formation laying down lines. I was in a grocery store parking lot when I noticed that.
I stood on the bumper of my car and started yelling at anyone who would listen in the lot. "LOOK at those jerks! Do you see what they are doing? Can you see it? They are laying chemtrails! Come on people, look up and see them poison you! It is called CHEMTRAILS - get off your butts and do some looking around! This is what your wonderful government is doing to you right before your blind eyes! CHEMTRAILS. LOOK IT UP!"
I was totally surprised to realize that I didn't get arrested for disturbing the peace or something like that. Who knows, I still might. I had 2 of my kids with me. My 9 year with autism hates "airplane rashes" as he calls the long trails. Which is what got me curious in the first place "airplane rashes"....
Anyway, I'm home now. There are currently 12 trails blazing a white flame of sickening glory ...and another plane on the way!



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